Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spicuzza, UC Davis Police Chief, Resigning After Pepper Spray Incident

according to AP read it here

Sac Bee has: more.
Davis Vanguard has this story with this section:

"The cost just for the Kroll report is $445,879.40.

The paper reports, "Kroll's fee - about $300 per hour for the six investigators and three supervisors - is one more indication of how costly those mistakes will turn out to be, in dollars and cents alone."

The paper also reports that that money comes from insurance reserves.

That figure does not include the legal costs, the paper adds.

They write, "The Federated University Police Officers Association also forced UC into a monthlong legal fight over the Kroll and Reynoso reports. UCOP did not immediately provide a cost estimate for the legal work done by staff and outside attorneys."

It also does not include the $100,000 the university spent on a PR firm to help the campus deal with negative imagery that had arisen in the aftermath of the pepper-spray incident.

The Enterprise reports further, "The costliest bill may be yet to come: Protesters have filed suit in federal court against the university, its leadership and the Police Department."

no word on the $$$$$ for the Cal Crunchy debacle... but UD has a post on how Cal has:
"…football fuckupery. Of course you expect benighted places like Southern Illinois Carbondale to screw themselves permanently via sports spending; but Berkeley?

Yes. In the midst of hideous budget cutting from the state, Berkeley now admits its absurd projections for private donations to its expensive football stadium renovation have fallen way short."


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