Monday, April 2, 2012

These are the days

Affirmative Action Ban Upheld

Stay Away - Goes Away for some

Matier and Ross cover UC politics (midpage)- is politics the right word for it?:
Occu-pressure: Political pressure is hitting Alameda County prosecutors from both sides over whether to dismiss charges against 13 students and faculty members arrested during a November incident at UC Berkeley that involved police wielding batons against Occupy protesters.

The first push came when Cal Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau sent a letter to District Attorney Nancy O'Malley stating that, while the school was not "taking a definitive position," he nonetheless urged her office "to be sensitive to the context of the campus environment and to the strong feelings this has raised on campus."

The chancellor also included a petition signed by 359 faculty members asking that all charges be dropped.

Campus police officers, who had not been consulted by the chancellor, weren't very happy when they read it.

Unlike the chancellor, they took a more private approach to get their message to the district attorney.

They called Ron Cottingham, president of the 62,000-strong Peace Officers Research Association of California, the most powerful police group in the state, and asked him to call the district attorney.

During the subsequent conversation with Chief Assistant District Attorney Kevin Dunleavy, Cottingham was told that no decision had been made, and that, yes, the police would be listened to as well.

Didja see: this companion piece to the story in previous post?:
Chancellor's office, Long Beach: Three human resources managers said they were fired after questioning CSU Chancellor Charles Reed's awarding of $2.45 million in contracts to a consulting firm without putting them out to competitive bid. Reed said they were let go in a reorganization. Joel Block settled in 2009 for $135,000. Paul Verellen settled in 2011 for $175,000. A third employee agreed to an undisclosed, out-of-court settlement that included nine months' salary. CSU spent at least $161,000 on defense.

A strange and tragic day for universities in what Birgeneau calls "Quanland"

Yes, saw the Gavin April Fool...

Yes, remembered Cesar- whose spirit transcends the years.

These are the days.

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