Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UPDATED: UC Davis Reynoso Pepper Spray Task Force Report

Kroll Report Page 47: "Having said that, our key finding bears repeating. While the deployment of the pepper spray on the Quad at UC Davis on November 18, 2011 was flawed, it was the systemic and repeated failures in the civilian, UC Davis Administration decision-making process that put the officers in the unfortunate situation in which they found themselves shortly after 3 p.m. that day"
Coverage of UC Davis Webcast
Editorial: UC Davis Pepper Spray Debacle Belongs to Katehi

The Reynoso Report: A Portrait of Administrative Malice, Stupidity, Incompetence, and Immaturity

Report: Pepper-spray incident at UC Davis was a result of 'systemic and repeated failures'

Reaction to Report: Lack of Public Comment By Local Public Officials

Task force slams pepper-spray actions

The Aggie

Chron Higher Ed

Is UC Attempting to Criminalize Dissent?
Gender, Sexuality, and the Kroll/Reynoso Report -this post mainly highlights the comments made by an AVC and Katehi about unknown perils for young female students out in the world/quad--but have a slightly different take on this topic as it relates to the report: esp since Katehi's testimony to the state legislature in Sacto-- Katehi's comments and insinuations about Spicuzza (and who she found easy or easier to work with) since the beginning have been disturbing,troubling and the comments Katehi made comparing Spicuzza to the male officer who replaced Spicuzza sounded like red flags vis a vis a female leader discussing another female leader and how that plays/played out, there also were previous LGBT issues mentioned occurring at UCDPD and they seemed so surreal but now not so surreal in light of the recent reports. Also where are Katehi's results/follow up for female students (if this is truly her great concern) in this story or in this story, or this story or this story or this story or this story- or this story- not to mention the U of Illinois trail of stories on admissions practices that keeps following her.
Update: Webcast of pepper spray report release meeting happening now, view it here
can be read: here

other background available: here (see blue box)

So many sections to highlight- basically it shows operational failures at every level of the Katehi administration-The Kroll Report is contained within the Reynoso Report starting on around page 36- and Kroll makes a point of saying it is primarily an ADMINSTRATIVE failure not primarily a police failure- - yet, Yudof does not seem to get it-or??!! he says he has not read the report yet, but he is ready to say that he is going to work with Katehi to implement change- that's a mistake- he needs to read the whole report asap in a really quiet room and think about how this Chancellor has run or failed to run things at Davis.

some other coverage:

State report blasts UC-Davis over pepper spray incident

and California University and Police Faulted In Pepper Spraying

Task force report blasts police pepper-spraying of student protesters at California university

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