Sunday, April 1, 2012

Was the anonymous tip Graham Fleming received...

in the Leite affair an act of whistleblowing? Does UC consider it whistleblowing?
How is whistle blowing at UC handled as compared with CSU?
These are questions in mind after reading this excellent article:

CSU Whistle-Blower Loses Job; Accused Teaches On by Nanette Asimov in SF Chronicle
-- highly recommend it!

For background on the first question above, see: this story and this and this -- where blowing the whistle terms and Title IX and Sexual Harassment are used.

"Eventually a whistle was blown, and Leite recently lost her assistant vice chancellor title, her rank was downgraded from MSP 28 to MSP 27 and she was given a 7 percent pay cut from $188,531 to $175,000. The initial judgment docked her to $173,000 and change, but she complained, and her boss Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming rounded it up to $175,000."

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