Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Crisis

on the Cal campus.
There are resources-- and they are not cookie cutter resources-- and, yet, the latest victim likely was well aware of the public health resources available. In SF there is this event coming up to help.
A Cal Bear valedictorian sang it well:
"I wish you would step back from that..."
In other moments, as ever, there is Bonnie Raitt.

Dirty $, Coming Home

post Mem Day round up:
PDiddy, football scholarships, and UCLA being talked up a lot

UCOP Greenstein and Gates Foundation rumour

Tuition- Scholarship/Tuition initiative (hush money?)-- will it stop tuition from rising or encourage it to rise higher and higher? more here

h8 the whole in threes thing- but,- sad - sad - sad- drive/ride carefully.

Cal officer cleared- thought that already happened long ago...

CA Textbooks ideas get a green light

Gill Tract developments today

Diddy style CSU Chancellor Home story:

(P) Diddy: Dirty $ Coming Home
PS why did UC Regent Gavin Newsom say at the regents table at the May meeting that the front page of the news paper was the first time he started hearing about an upcoming 6% tuition increase? was it his way of saying the UC Regents are kept out of the loop? that comment still in mind- more important than his flip comment on Sacto.

and Mitt Romney just jumped out of his car and did a live shot/speech from in front of Prof. Chu's Solyndra....oy.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"when university officials agreed in a court settlement last month to redact all but two names, they "failed to represent the interests of the press and public," leaving the newspapers with "no choice but to bring this petition to protect the public’s right of access to this important information.""

see: 2 newspapers sue to get officers’ names in UC Davis pepper spraying
there is so much from March and May regents meetings that is important to review-- go back and look at the agenda items and accompanying links

of particular interest is the audio from the audit and compliance comm meeting in March. go check it out.

also, the insurance discussion at the May finance meeting-esp the exchange between Taylor and Island- was interesting - in both tone and content- check that out too

UCLA Fac Blog posts the audio, you can find it there.

You gotta see dis:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cal Staff "Self Select Out"?!

It's like Bain um Romney 'self deportation' -see: UC Berkeley staff members to move to new off-site center
"The shared services project budget was approved March 8 by the Operational Excellence Executive Committee and estimated total expenses to range from $18.62 million to $20.72 million. However, the budget did not include the cost of the ten-year lease arrangement, which will total an additional $26.2 million and include building amenities and improvements, shared services implementation team communications manager Sybil Wartenberg said in an email.

“Given the importance of the project, the campus will pay for the lease as an investment in the initiative,” Wartenberg said.

The center will have a shuttle service, gym, showers, new technology and bike storage for staff. Staff members will transition into the building in phases — about 170 staff will begin working at the center in 2012, and 500 to 625 staff will eventually work there over the next 24 to 30 months, according to the shared services website. But the building’s distance from the campus and the impacts of reorganization have caused concern for staff members.

At a Friday shared services update meeting for staff, Wartenberg and project manager David Declercq fielded inquiries from staff members who questioned the decision to establish the center off-campus.

“In terms of whether or not there was space on campus… what we were told was no, there was not,” Wartenberg said.

Staff members also raised concerns over how their jobs would be impacted by the new center.

Staff who are not supervisors and spend more than half their time on “shareable work” will be reassigned to the center, according to the April shared services Workforce Planning Recommendations Summary. “Shareable work” refers to services that staff carry out in separate departments that have enough similarities to become centralized. Wartenberg said in an email that some department jobs that involve both “shareable” and not shareable work will need to be restructured.

“In terms of the fractional work — the hybrid positions — it’ll be a case by case basis of what that will look like,” she said at the meeting. “Obviously we think over time there will be people who self-select out of shared services … but there is not a plan to do a mass layoff.”

read the full story: here.
on the brighter side: a resource.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gotta Have A Gimmick UC Regents Meeting Wed., May 16, 2012

You can listen to it: here (note: once you are at this spot you have to see the "in progress" link and click on it, keep refreshing the page until you see the in progress link during the meeting times listed in the agenda.)

and here is some coverage

Gotta Have A Gimmick
Latest from: Davis Enterprise on UC Davis and from Davis Vanguard on Katehi and Pepper here and

Here is the CA Joint Legislative Hearing on Higher Ed from yesterday video -- it is the follow up Sacto meeting on the pepper, the batons, the all of it... Cruz Reynoso and Katehi and others give testimony.

Justice Reynoso:
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UCD Academic Senate President Linda Bisson:
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UC Davis Chancellor Katehi:
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the full video runs almost three hours and many important exchanges.
Last night a UCLA fac member used a funny metaphor --cheeseburgers and orgasms-- with regard to addiction here - great research, important.
and Mort Zuckerberg referenced "UC and U. of Chicago reports" on 'regulatory uncertainty' has the reason trillions are being held back and jobs are not created-- he was on a li'l morning talk show that mostly east coast folk think is important-- what specific UC report was he referring to?

Monday, May 14, 2012

'Spark'-lers or Fireworks?

King, Wilton, Birgeneau respond to LAT editorial on their 'best ideas conversation starter' they are proud, very proud to have sparked the discussion...ahem.
"A.S. Council passed a resolution on May 9 that alleges using campus-based fees to pay for a UC Office of the President system-wide service tax is illegal.
The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will be responsible for collecting $1.375 million of the proposed $43 million UCSD owes UCOP. According to A.S. President Meggie Le, the VCSA plans to charge all Student Affairs units, including collecting a small percentage from campus-based referenda income, in order to pay the $1.375 million.

The Funding Streams Initiative, which the UC Board of Regents passed in July 2011 in response to reduced funding from the state, imposes a 1.69 percent flat tax on all UC campuses.
According to former Vice President of External Affairs Samer Naji, money for referenda are specifically allocated for its entailed projects.

“The problem is that when the referendum was passed by students, the language is very specific,” Naji said. “Nowhere did it say that this money could be used to fund UCOP activities — that’s what makes this tax completely illegal; the referenda language does not allow that money to be reallocated to UCOP.”

Everyone is talking about the May Revise whopper but -- the story around the CSU "Revitalized MBA," is fascinating on a smaller scale.
all kinds of UC folk are in Yes on 29 commercials and UC Regent Blum no doubt wants a vote for Di Fi
UC advice all over the June CA ballot...
what to do? what to do?
Campbell Hall is toast.
Millenials poll optimistic- in fact push optimism for everyone (easy to be optimistic with billion dollar pay days coming up)
Be Optimistic

Yudof, OP Powers... and more.

Folks from Bakersfield have: questions for Yudof about UCOP powers to nominate to various water, air quality boards etc.:
"the Scientific Review Panel is a state board that has provided the underpinning for much of California's air pollution regulation by declaring which substances are toxic air contaminants.

It consists of nine scientists who are supposed to provide a strictly scientific basis for the regulations. No politics allowed, or at least that was the intent of the original law under which it was created. Which is why nominations have to come from Yudof's office, supposedly beyond the reach of politics."

but they got the brush much for his 'myth busting' tour.

Here is: the latest on Occupy the Farm

and more in the realm/fringe of agri:

This guy was involved in pepper report
he also heads up the systemwide UC whistleblower program and has deep ag ties

Led to find out about that after reading these posts from UC Davis folk-and Davis Enterprise has more here- you can read an excerpt from her latest book here, just click the "look inside" feature-about a whistleblower case that involves USDA or HHS or whatever it is now called,too- it is just a really wild read.

Finally, meant to post this link to how CA pays for CA students to attend universities out of state...Program gives college students a break on out-of-state tuition The little-known Western Undergraduate Exchange offers discounts at public colleges and universities to students from 15 states.

Seems we have taken food based things and weaponized them (pepper etc) against protestors,hungry fellow citizens.
and we have created public universities only to deny our fellow citizens/residents access to them and instead offer the opportunities to other institutions, nations etc.
American, Californian ingenuity is better than this...isn't it? Or, missing something here?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Even Stanford Is Warning Cal...

Update- the video of the news story is now available in link below -see mid page there, worth watching the five minute segment. a commercial at the beginning and they misspell Mogulof's name as "Mogul",ha ha- but worth watching.
sigh. (Inside higher ed and WSJ also covered some of this recently)
Barsky, Moodys, Hayward Fault Memorial Stadium and UC PR practices all are covered in this story from CBS5's Alan Martin:
Concerns Mount Over Financing Of Cal Stadium Project

Some folks "in the know" at Stanford also are saying they are concerned for the 'great plan' that may not be so great a few years down the road...transpartisan concern.
and there is this excerpt:
"Barsky, who has taken much of his personal time to investigate the project, believes the university has been less than transparent. He points to what he believes are attempts made by officials to rewrite history.

The video, which just last year said that the stadium had been financed by private donations, has been removed from the campus website and replaced with a similar one omitting any reference to money.

“I don’t know anything about that video,” said Mogulof who heads the school’s department of public affairs.

When CBS 5 reminded him that his department created and posted the video, he dismissed the video’s message on financing. “It was a poor choice of words,” he said."

for some reason CBS5/KPIX does not have the video up for this story- check for that, b/c it is worth watching the whole report.

"Chancellor Charles Reed immediately ruled out closing a campus, but indicated he would support asking employees to pay 20 percent of their health care premiums to save $70 million a year. "Mostly, where we're going to end up is collective bargaining," Reed said. "It's going to be a shared set of hurt.""

see more on that quote and several comments from Patrick Lentz in: University of California weighs more tuition hikes

latest on Occupy the Farm and some thoughts on it. and Berkeley Patch brings up pepper.

To boldly go... to LLNL?!

that's lawrence livermore nat'l lab- some have apparently moved from the sf hq to pleasanton and livermore - east bay
(does Regent Pattiz get a walk on?)
and a word on education from 'the creator'

O, Henry

Tend to stay away from: this type of story- a sad story from Daily Cal.
Not the focus here- but it-and other early departures- have come up a lot this year at Cal.
UD covers it in higher ed.
there is: something that can be done in SF in June about it
- so, in support of a good cause and as a resource
check it out.

Recently read this again:
Continuities - Whitman
Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost,
No birth, identity, form--no object of the world.
Nor life, nor force, nor any visible thing;
Appearance must not foil, nor shifted sphere confuse thy brain.
Ample are time and space--ample the fields of Nature.
The body, sluggish, aged, cold--the embers left from earlier fires,
The light in the eye grown dim, shall duly flame again;
The sun now low in the west rises for mornings and for noons continual;
To frozen clods ever the spring's invisible law returns,
With grass and flowers and summer fruits and corn.

"Having 10 Boards of Regents plus the Big Regents would be an obvious act of administrative insanity."

(fit of giggles- Birgeneau's 'best ideas' are apparently not having intended effect.)
Reframing the Doomsday Budget Discussion

How to Make All Public Higher Ed Free in America (Version 2)

Lights, Camera, Action - the stagecraft of the UC Regents Chaired by Lansing includes well calculated news stories out on the possibility of 6% tuition increase and the MSM is eating it up and pumping it out (too bad Lansing was not available as lighting and audio consultant on the UCLA/Block townhall- it's LA people!)

Will the Gov or others pop into the meeting?

Hopefully the next UC Regents meeting is not just a one day stunt- need a vision.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Op Ex Has A Book Coming Out

read all about it: here

“a dysfunctional organizational structure that values public relations over candor and its own self-interest over the interests of the campus community or the reputation of the institution.”

“Specifically, we are concerned with the professionalization of the administrative group, which has produced a deep divide between the administration and the rest of the campus.”

yep, that is how it reads, here is: Davis Enterprise coverage
More on UC Hastings
great concerns of CSU expressed at NPR and here at SF Chron

UCD Acad Senate Calls For Censure of Katehi

BREAKING NEWS: Academic Senate Calls For Censure of Katehi the censure is just one part of many other important statements and findings of the executive council and special committee. read: the whole thing.

University Diaries has this post on a UCSD student who went through something really horrifying.

and Bloomberg has this latest on UC-- related to the above.

also, this latest about a Cal Prof

Much Love to USC Trojans and Junior Seau family, cannot believe it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's just a spring clean for the May Queen...

Winning friends and influencing people: "Gesturing toward the Capitol, Yudof said, "The problem lies in this building, not at the Board of Regents."

Yudof comments on tuition hikes, salaries, pepper spray report, legislature: here in audio clip of radio interview.

btw, some UC Regents attended: this meeting and there were many speakers with harsh opinions on teachers, unions, mothers/, women etc. (See Niall Ferguson, Chas Murray presentations if you can. h/t Jessica Pressler) Deeply disturbing the number of 1% libs present who are participating in this stuff...
UC Hastings makes some serious cutbacks on enrollment --many, many quotes about the over enrollment of law schools etc. caliber of students etc. job market for law school grads etc. UC Hastings receives no money from UC and does not give any back, that is what the story says, is it true? -wow-
The Dangers of UC autonomy
Might want to remember :this UCLA folk when you read: this latest from Remaking the University - perhaps if she spoke out on the Apple/Higher Ed in CA issues it might get some good/extensive coverage for UC on it, she is quite eloquent and moving to read. - it is also just as much about the Reno aspect as anything else in the story.
And, some are annoyed by the
oh no, oh my
, eeegggaaadddsss, sacre bleu,mon dieu, be afraid, be very afraid
some coverage here and here, and here
You walkin'? If so, congrats! -- take your pick: this, this, or enjoy this!