Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"California Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled his proposed spending plan Monday, a document that signaled strong support for public higher education. It trimmed spending for UC by roughly $38 million from his January proposal. It also called for a mid-year ‘trigger' cut of $250 million, unless voters support Brown's temporary tax measure on the November ballot. "

that is some interesting 'content strategy'- you can read it: here.
Shades of Gray -- Davis on CA
and more on perfectly stupid strategy
and Keep California's Promise has this:"UC President Mark Yudof and Governor Jerry Brown are working out a deal behind closed doors that will loosen the most important ties between the university and the state.

Although they will both praise the deal by saying that it “stabilizes” funding while granting greater “flexibility,” its essence is that each will let the other off the hook: UC will mute complaints that it does not get enough money from the state and the state will stop holding UC accountable for the money it still gets."

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