Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dirty $, Coming Home

post Mem Day round up:
PDiddy, football scholarships, and UCLA being talked up a lot

UCOP Greenstein and Gates Foundation rumour

Tuition- Scholarship/Tuition initiative (hush money?)-- will it stop tuition from rising or encourage it to rise higher and higher? more here

h8 the whole in threes thing- but,- sad - sad - sad- drive/ride carefully.

Cal officer cleared- thought that already happened long ago...

CA Textbooks ideas get a green light

Gill Tract developments today

Diddy style CSU Chancellor Home story:

(P) Diddy: Dirty $ Coming Home
PS why did UC Regent Gavin Newsom say at the regents table at the May meeting that the front page of the news paper was the first time he started hearing about an upcoming 6% tuition increase? was it his way of saying the UC Regents are kept out of the loop? that comment still in mind- more important than his flip comment on Sacto.

and Mitt Romney just jumped out of his car and did a live shot/speech from in front of Prof. Chu's Solyndra....oy.

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