Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Even Stanford Is Warning Cal...

Update- the video of the news story is now available in link below -see mid page there, worth watching the five minute segment. a commercial at the beginning and they misspell Mogulof's name as "Mogul",ha ha- but worth watching.
sigh. (Inside higher ed and WSJ also covered some of this recently)
Barsky, Moodys, Hayward Fault Memorial Stadium and UC PR practices all are covered in this story from CBS5's Alan Martin:
Concerns Mount Over Financing Of Cal Stadium Project

Some folks "in the know" at Stanford also are saying they are concerned for the 'great plan' that may not be so great a few years down the road...transpartisan concern.
and there is this excerpt:
"Barsky, who has taken much of his personal time to investigate the project, believes the university has been less than transparent. He points to what he believes are attempts made by officials to rewrite history.

The video, which just last year said that the stadium had been financed by private donations, has been removed from the campus website and replaced with a similar one omitting any reference to money.

“I don’t know anything about that video,” said Mogulof who heads the school’s department of public affairs.

When CBS 5 reminded him that his department created and posted the video, he dismissed the video’s message on financing. “It was a poor choice of words,” he said."

for some reason CBS5/KPIX does not have the video up for this story- check for that, b/c it is worth watching the whole report.

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