Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Having 10 Boards of Regents plus the Big Regents would be an obvious act of administrative insanity."

(fit of giggles- Birgeneau's 'best ideas' are apparently not having intended effect.)
Reframing the Doomsday Budget Discussion

How to Make All Public Higher Ed Free in America (Version 2)

Lights, Camera, Action - the stagecraft of the UC Regents Chaired by Lansing includes well calculated news stories out on the possibility of 6% tuition increase and the MSM is eating it up and pumping it out (too bad Lansing was not available as lighting and audio consultant on the UCLA/Block townhall- it's LA people!)

Will the Gov or others pop into the meeting?

Hopefully the next UC Regents meeting is not just a one day stunt- need a vision.

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