Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's just a spring clean for the May Queen...

Winning friends and influencing people: "Gesturing toward the Capitol, Yudof said, "The problem lies in this building, not at the Board of Regents."

Yudof comments on tuition hikes, salaries, pepper spray report, legislature: here in audio clip of radio interview.

btw, some UC Regents attended: this meeting and there were many speakers with harsh opinions on teachers, unions, mothers/, women etc. (See Niall Ferguson, Chas Murray presentations if you can. h/t Jessica Pressler) Deeply disturbing the number of 1% libs present who are participating in this stuff...
UC Hastings makes some serious cutbacks on enrollment --many, many quotes about the over enrollment of law schools etc. caliber of students etc. job market for law school grads etc. UC Hastings receives no money from UC and does not give any back, that is what the story says, is it true? -wow-
The Dangers of UC autonomy
Might want to remember :this UCLA folk when you read: this latest from Remaking the University - perhaps if she spoke out on the Apple/Higher Ed in CA issues it might get some good/extensive coverage for UC on it, she is quite eloquent and moving to read. - it is also just as much about the Reno aspect as anything else in the story.
And, some are annoyed by the
oh no, oh my
, eeegggaaadddsss, sacre bleu,mon dieu, be afraid, be very afraid
some coverage here and here, and here
You walkin'? If so, congrats! -- take your pick: this, this, or enjoy this!

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