Monday, May 14, 2012

'Spark'-lers or Fireworks?

King, Wilton, Birgeneau respond to LAT editorial on their 'best ideas conversation starter' they are proud, very proud to have sparked the discussion...ahem.
"A.S. Council passed a resolution on May 9 that alleges using campus-based fees to pay for a UC Office of the President system-wide service tax is illegal.
The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will be responsible for collecting $1.375 million of the proposed $43 million UCSD owes UCOP. According to A.S. President Meggie Le, the VCSA plans to charge all Student Affairs units, including collecting a small percentage from campus-based referenda income, in order to pay the $1.375 million.

The Funding Streams Initiative, which the UC Board of Regents passed in July 2011 in response to reduced funding from the state, imposes a 1.69 percent flat tax on all UC campuses.
According to former Vice President of External Affairs Samer Naji, money for referenda are specifically allocated for its entailed projects.

“The problem is that when the referendum was passed by students, the language is very specific,” Naji said. “Nowhere did it say that this money could be used to fund UCOP activities — that’s what makes this tax completely illegal; the referenda language does not allow that money to be reallocated to UCOP.”

Everyone is talking about the May Revise whopper but -- the story around the CSU "Revitalized MBA," is fascinating on a smaller scale.
all kinds of UC folk are in Yes on 29 commercials and UC Regent Blum no doubt wants a vote for Di Fi
UC advice all over the June CA ballot...
what to do? what to do?
Campbell Hall is toast.
Millenials poll optimistic- in fact push optimism for everyone (easy to be optimistic with billion dollar pay days coming up)
Be Optimistic

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