Monday, May 14, 2012

Yudof, OP Powers... and more.

Folks from Bakersfield have: questions for Yudof about UCOP powers to nominate to various water, air quality boards etc.:
"the Scientific Review Panel is a state board that has provided the underpinning for much of California's air pollution regulation by declaring which substances are toxic air contaminants.

It consists of nine scientists who are supposed to provide a strictly scientific basis for the regulations. No politics allowed, or at least that was the intent of the original law under which it was created. Which is why nominations have to come from Yudof's office, supposedly beyond the reach of politics."

but they got the brush much for his 'myth busting' tour.

Here is: the latest on Occupy the Farm

and more in the realm/fringe of agri:

This guy was involved in pepper report
he also heads up the systemwide UC whistleblower program and has deep ag ties

Led to find out about that after reading these posts from UC Davis folk-and Davis Enterprise has more here- you can read an excerpt from her latest book here, just click the "look inside" feature-about a whistleblower case that involves USDA or HHS or whatever it is now called,too- it is just a really wild read.

Finally, meant to post this link to how CA pays for CA students to attend universities out of state...Program gives college students a break on out-of-state tuition The little-known Western Undergraduate Exchange offers discounts at public colleges and universities to students from 15 states.

Seems we have taken food based things and weaponized them (pepper etc) against protestors,hungry fellow citizens.
and we have created public universities only to deny our fellow citizens/residents access to them and instead offer the opportunities to other institutions, nations etc.
American, Californian ingenuity is better than this...isn't it? Or, missing something here?

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