Friday, June 29, 2012

Reconciliation- the 1% way

Dragas goes back for more-- McDonnell and Kaine of like minds it seems...hard to tell one party from the other sometimes, esp. in the higher ed schemes.

Reconciliation as a way to push back on SCOTUS healthcare ruling- John Heileman explains it.

If it had gone the other way- Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research gave some thoughts in advance of decision. $15 Billion for CA?!

Scotusblog founder Tom Goldstein shoots down Roberts' previous health issues as a reason for his decision -- calls it silly on CNN-- agree, esp the way some have chosen to use it (shock jocks) but do still think that it plays a part (small) consciously, subconsciously even for a Chief Justice.

are the guarantees of no tuition hike and student loan rate compromise and ACA decision ways to neutralize the liberal, Dem base, vote?

Students Should Get ‘As Much Education As They Can Afford’

do you see Cesar Chavez or field worker experience in this piece? and more here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

$6.7 million here,$6.7 million there...

"As a founding partner, the campus helped finance and also allowed its staff members to work on the project. The total cost of the campus’s commitment to Kuali Student adds up to approximately $6.7 million,"
more chump change at UC Berkeley...

Campus withdraws from Kuali Student software project
New California budget crafted to influence voters

California's Republicans- The Economist

California governor signs budget relying on taxes-USA TODAY

Why Californian Gov.Brown's budget may backfire with voters

Some UC Regents call it "ObamaCare"

they can't be troubled to look up the wording...

Maybe the Chief Justice has a strong private view based on this personal experience...
-- this is also about Bush: "Roberts was originally nominated to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who announced in July 2005 that she was retiring. But upon Rehnquist's death, Bush decided to make Roberts his nominee for chief justice and later nominated Samuel A. Alito Jr. to replace O'Connor."- Bush could have picked Alito as Chief, but he didn't. Present day Congress has a 14% approval rating- SCOTUS has a 50% approval rating. And, half of Romney has been for it and half of Romney has been against it...

UCLA Prof. Winkler has this take.

Justice Kennedy is an SF Giants fan- big time-- and an enigma today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update-Names Can Be Released- in UCD Pepper

Davis Vanguard has much more detail on: Judge Orders UC To Turn Over Names of Pepper Spray Officers

and Davis Enterprise coverage: here.

and SF Chron coverage on the release of names and an update on a controversial CSU story.

Complete Sac Bee story here

LA Times has: the latest. and Sac Bee coverage on this issue.

The times are more Silkwood and less You've Got Mail- rest in peace.

just to finish out the thought on Silkwood: "Arthur Hirsch and Larry Cano were the producers of the film and ultimately received Executive Producer credits. They began working on the movie while graduate film students at UCLA. Their involvement in the making of Silkwood set a precedent in the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the protection of confidential sources for film-makers under the First Amendment."

and this:

"Silkwood's organs were analyzed as part of the Los Alamos Tissue Analysis Program by request of the Atomic Energy Commission and the State Medical Examiner. Much of the radiation was in her lungs, suggesting that the plutonium had been inhaled. When her tissues were further examined, the second highest deposits were found in her gastrointestinal organs."

June 19 UC Regents Meeting

Guess David Crane is still on the Investment Advisory Group and here are the docs

compensation also met to handle the new provost hire.

UC Regents meet July 17-19 at UCSF Mission Bay.

Dragas Malfoy

Update- Sullivan Reinstated (Sullivan is not a panacea- and they've got a lot of work to do to reclaim their public university- but you know this already.) Sullivan said she would be back if Dragas was out - we assume some agreement that Dragas will not be reappointed and her term will end June 30- thus making her "out" but will try to confirm. IHE coverage of meeting. Bloomberg says "The board also expressed a vote of confidence in its leader, Rector Helen Dragas, who led the drive to oust Sullivan." hhhmmm.
It could be said sometimes Cloudminder is Tom Riddle's diary- but mostly an effort to be a pensieve... everywhere seems to be Hogwarts -- and we know how Hogwarts looked in the final scene...
What are those protection spells Hermione recites under her breath while waving her wand in the air? and grab your patronus charm. Anyway...
If there is interesting stuff to highlight from U Va today - it will be updated in this post.
So far:
The Cavalier Daily has : this piece out.

Lingering thoughts from a few days ago:
Dragas PR consultant hire goes to six figures and growing: "She's burnishing her image," says a source familiar with the hire, estimating the firm, which specializes in crisis management– New York City-based Hill & Knowlton Strategies– will carry a pricetag of $50,000-$100,000 to be paid out of a UVA-affiliated foundation.
"Think how many students that could help," says the source."
and more U Va clarification on the PR firm --

Also- Dragas' Dad was stuck in Greece with relatives during the war - which some say formed a certain resolve/stubbornness in him and his daughter...thought of Katehi and the peppa-blame it on Greece, how convenient. Will there ever be an administrator who grew up in south central LA or SouthSide Chicago and gets to use that upbringing as an acceptable excuse for bad management in the future?

Mostly thought of this piece's moving passage: "Rector Dragas in particular seems to have confused chairing the board for being in charge. UVA’s most important assets aren’t in the bank, but in the minds of students, citizens, and scholars who collectively hold the university’s reputation and vision of itself. They’re the University of Virginia’s real shareholders and can’t be ignored without consequence. Most university trustees are bright enough to understand this. The fact that Dragas didn’t anticipate the current, entirely predictable P.R. debacle speaks volumes about her judgment in firing Sullivan in the first place." Let UC Regents be bright enough to understand this pls.

The Malfoys

Monday, June 25, 2012

Goin' To The Dawgs

At Cal?!: “We’re elite but not privileged,”-- PR folks talk about going to the dogs and fighting the narrative cuz 'we are invincible'....uugghh

this on Higher Ed COOs and communication
Higher Ed CFO's communication and the unspeakable

on this next--WTH was goin' on prior to this point?
take: a look at this latest $10 million "savings"-- and see if you aren't asking the same questions... what do you call this "cost" in prior years before it was caught? it is confusing, were people just listing anyone? --SCOTUS rules on the Healthcare Affordability Act on Thurs.

UCSF has a study on living with dogs

Snoop's son offered athletic scholarship to UCLA


Big Bang Theory

See this from Sac Bee:
The UC Students Association made the announcement on its Facebook page this evening: "UCSA just got the word that Speaker Perez was able to secure a tuition freeze for UC and CSU in the budget deal funded by an additional $120 million for each segment. HUGE. This means NO TUITION INCREASE in 2012-2013. This was a top priority for students and students helped make it happen."

LA Times has more. -- and Daily Cal.

University Of California Police Seeking Funding For Armored Vehicle, Despite Opposition

Take a look at this one. - on big bang theory-
ah, Sheldon.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The UC 3 and the B of V

Wonder if CA Gov. Brown is following the U Va Board of Visitors story closely- wonder if he is considering his three appointments to the UC Regents more carefully (the tabs with asterisks above indicate the 'still-vacant' seats).

It is possible to hold both the stance that higher ed should be properly funded and also the belief that compensation in higher ed needs to be scrutinized: UC, CSU Student Groups Do Disservice

Academical Village People...

is a group at U Va? Yes, it is...Livin La Vita Loca (yeah, sp like that)
and- on theme with SF this week- here is a selection
UVA Teresa Sullivan Ouster Reveals Corporate Control Of Public Education
UC Davis, Tahoe and the Asian clam.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

LAT, Sac Bee and UC Davis Peppa, 'n more

Judge Will Hear Evidence to See if Public Records Act Compels University to Release Officer Names

Daily Cal takes up Anti SLAPP- but only a limited way--a big part of the history of UC and SLAPP and Anti SLAPP is missing from the story. (If memory recalls - it was recently used against a UCPD member at UC Davis too.)

and this latest from SF Chron on UC and CSU and online instruction.

chump change- $175,000 here $175,000 there:
"Additional Funding for Berkeley Operating Principles Project
OE Program Office Decision
At its meeting on Thursday, June 7, 2012, the OE Program Office notified the OE Executive committee of additional funding of $175,000 for the implementation of the Berkeley Operating Principles project. The additional expense reflect the costs associated with the in-person and online ideation events this fall, as well as activities to successfully embed the principles into the Berkeley administrative culture.

This amount of the funding request fell below the spending authorization threshold of the OE Program Office. The OE Executive Committee agreed with the funding approval by the OE Program Office"

Friday, June 22, 2012

academical village, dynamic newknowledge

Read this: latest from Dragas

Complete with "academical village"

"the bottom line is the days of incremental decision-making in higher education are over, or should be."

"dynamic newknowledge"

Is Rector Dragas gonna include this on the pamphlets to future applicants?: "the University of Virginia will continue to drift in yesterday."

There is this: "noted our relatively poor performance vis-à-vis key public competitors such as UCLA, Berkeley, Michigan, and UNC."

She is worried about Hennessy Tsunami Prophecy (HTP)--She also does not recognize that she created her own tsunami- not just a "wave" for the university.
Oh, those "headwinds"
Earlier in her piece she threw "shoals" in to add a flavor of the region... nice -- or, she still had her beach condo developments in mind.
Va Gov will ask for the resignation of entire U Va BoV if they don't make a decision at Tuesday's meeting.
a question for someone like Drew Gilpin Faust, re: U Va - Sullivan
How do you monitor if you're angular enough? online-y enough?
Asking based on this and early musings on the U Va drama.
If one is more online-y do they get to be less angular? Where did Larry Summers fall on the spectrum?
btw, Cal is currently conducting a Chancellor search so the answers are important --need to have the specs on correct height,weight, gender, angles etc. (if one follows that article's insinuations and one looks out at world population-- it seems the Germans, among others, would have the angular features-- but U Va BoV is not so hot on their language, and there is Angela Merkel so)...

What's this about the UC Irvine Foundation member?

have to check out this UC Irvine connection -- baseball, leakers, apple pie and UC??!!
(btw, updated the FAQ tab (above) to include links to the UC foundations - trustee listings.)
the interim pres at UVa stepped down (was it cuz he said he did not approve of the Sullivan removal in the first place?) -- but now Education Management Corporation is coming up in the story-- always get confused on EMC -- is that the one US Sen Difi's hubby UC Regent Blum is in on?? or is it the one US Senator Olympia Snowe's hubby runs?
Is that the one US Sen Grassley or US Senator Harkin has issues with or CA AG Harris has issues with or??
see headline list below at 'wall of text' or in side right column to get up to speed if you are not following... or read this thing.

(Calbuzz had this to say recently about DiFi and leakers)

there is a meeting at U Va set for next Tuesday and it is gonna be a dooozy...
...10 of the 11 U Va Deans were not on board with the BoV
- that is a huge statement in and of itself. Gender comes up in these links- we also mentioned it in our first scribbles on the breaking news-it would be very interesting to see a one on one conversation between Sullivan and Drew Gilpin Faust on this latest after the drama plays out, whenever that is... would love to hear their take directly.

we were just gonna mention:

More OE flailing

what happens if this is not dealt with?
it seems many, many aspects of U Va latest news are connected to UC.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gill Tract Update

Daily Cal has a: new layout and an update on :the farm

Jefferson in Paris, Jefferson Embarrassed

One of the things to h8 about Huffpo now is that they give aol weird news stories front page space-- one hundred pound scrotum man yesterday, bubble man the day before-- and they have relegated the higher ed section to a buried education section. But the great Jason Linkins has taken up the U Va story and it made the front page of HuffPo with the title "Political Donors With No Academic Experience Overthrow University Leadership"- he gets right to it - cuz that is what really happened.
"Hey"--One of the things to love about the Low Country, the Piedmont and N. Va region is the ability to say "Hey" as a greeting anywhere- it just cuts to it- friendly and undemanding. (All the beautiful 15-5-01 UNC folk esp. use it!)

Another thing to love is a visit to Berkeley Plantation- cuz it's called Berkeley and cuz Taps was created there --and rum(?) or bourbon(?)...not big on the 'plantation' term, (unless it is the RP 'plantations'), but very big on the Berkeley- for obvious reasons.

Another reason to love visits to Va and the surrounding terrain is b/c later, after many visits,-- you can create/hear in your mind the certain drawl Jefferson might have had reciting aloud this wonderful piece on behalf of the BoV of U Va...(maybe they can get the guy who plays Jefferson at Williamsburg to do it?!) --oh, lawd that was good stuff!
h/t UD.

Take Heed UC.
Also, read this on Universities RCM and Profit Centers-- read the comments too!
-- the pension drum beat is beating and beating-- as the pension drum beat is ratcheted up the push to online and mass enrollment to pay the pensions follows-- but eventually the pension costs will once again become manageable b/c they are supposedly now planned and budgeted for going forward, right? - at that point when pensions costs are known and planned for,budgeted, manageable- will there be a backtrack on the prestige of the online degrees handed out? and will there be a return to the practice of branding prestige for institutions providing in person face to face instruction? will the online degree holders be screwed at that point- even the ones holding online degrees from established public and private higher ed institutions? Is this the next market set up?
and there's a Berklee Music connection too, sadly:

" Jeffrey C. Walker, a Board Member of UVA's McIntire School, wrote to Kington:

"Check out the video that Berklee College of Music is having its board (of which I am a member) watch with regard to the hugely successful online course at Stanford that is being used by Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Southern New Hampshire University ... and many other universities,"
from this post

just one favorite alum - the wonderful Paula Cole-- she does not seem like the online instruction type...

UC B Schools and Haas Changes

UC business schools try to ease reliance on state
it starts off like this "And who better to lead the way than the system's business schools?"

Haas school of business hires nine new faculty members

Haas professor to return to Canadian university as dean

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UC Irvine Prof: "Want a UC Degree? Move to Arizona. "

and "There are UC-eligible residents willing to pay higher tuition to attend the UC -- but the Regents will not let them because they are adamant about keeping tuition low for resident students.

One logical solution would be to allow resident tuition rise to the cost of education, which in the UC System is about $23,000 per year. This level is still lower than the non-resident tuitions at public universities in the other states currently drawing California students." read the full post.

all in ed is this effort

update on U Va - just noticed that Dragas is set to be out July 1-days away- according to this story - bad way for a trustee to head out esp. out of their alma mater- calls for Brooks and Dunn

Meet, Sweet, For Lovers

the latest on U VA: here, here and here

this story from CBS5 KPIX and this other story also includes Cal folk and is about places near and dear...

Birgeneau recently did a PR thing for Title IX and Yudof recently sent a tweet with a link to celebrating Civil Rights but the headlines coming out of UC don't seem to comport...

yes, paired with IT nifty gatchets, choices etc. - know your i.d.,up your ethics - so to speak etc. and ethics = protocols= $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Meet Virginia

Sweet Virginia

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UCLA Dean Dorr New UC Provost

Pitts replacement picked.

UCLA dean chosen as UC provost By Matt Krupnick

"A UCLA dean has been appointed provost of the 10-campus University of California system.

Aimée Dorr, 69, will start July 2 as the university's chief academic officer. She will be paid $350,000 a year, the same as her predecessor, Lawrence Pitts.

Dorr, who was approved by the Board of Regents on Tuesday, has been dean of UCLA's Graduate School of Education & Information Studies since 1999. She has taught education at that campus since 1981 and specializes on young people's use of electronic media.

She has a bachelor's degree in math and two graduate degrees in psychology, all from Stanford University."

LA Times also covers it mentioning her CV/background and the link to online higher ed initiatives and includes a photo.

Daily Cal has now (3pm) posted a story on Dorr - But Daily Cal has a time stamp on that story that says they posted it eight hours ago - which does not seem correct. Also, another pet peeve is the Daily Cal seems to be running on east coast time cuz if you read it at 9pm on the west coast - they already have it date stamped for the next day- why? in fact you don't have to wait til 9pm PST - it is already June 20 at Daily Cal but still 6/19 for its readers.

See "Logan Spencer, a fourth-year student at the University of Virginia, from Juneau, Alaska, sits in silent protest in the Rotunda in front of a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Spencer said the “rector and vice-rector should be run out of town on a rail.” complete with "Emperor Draga and Darth Kington don't speak for me" in front of a Jefferson statue- priceless

four resignations at U Va so far-this latest breaking news
- seems more to come-- wow the BOV seem to be working wonders there...

Summer Reading, Regent Blum and other U Va induced UC Flashbacks

Wake yourself from your mega Vitamin D water sport negative ion overdose- summer slumber-- dump the trash beach novel you're reading for a few minutes -- and closely read: this post.

scribbles:...reading the stories and back up on this whole thing- including controversial references to the mandatory vaginal probe VA governor supposed assent and complete with photos of Mark Ruffalo and poor Meryl Streep with a key figure in all this- coming off her recent bad news coverage in her role with the DC nat'l women's museum debacle--albeit with her back to Kiernan (UC Regent Lansing pls convey condolences maybe at the next Oscar gathering?) Just creeped out: "a pleasurable partner" -"well in hand" -- yuck, yuck, more yuck.

In present day-why the term Rector? In present day- why the term Board of Visitors? Jefferson surely would have evolved. Why not just call them Dragoon Squad?

Static vs Dynamic, we'll take dynamic. It's that easy. An SV term meets up with a military, management term- ah, what flair, spicy, new, important. Strategic Whatnow? is right.

(and the China Bitch book junket was a turn off in more ways than one- but the beltway and Manhattan elite pushed it anyway. it should have been a big warning.)

It is not just bumbling, not just a question of wrongful termination bungling- or making a better show of how a board treats female leaders no differently than male leaders in the land of Title IX etc.-no

Virginians have a tremendous opportunity right now- they can take back their U Va for all Virginians-- and show the other states how it is done. It would be great if the example came from... Virginia.

Oh, jeeez, she is always tellin' us beware the B School Boyz. and, yes, at U Va there is the BP empire at work, just like at the Cal campus...

Gotta love these folks.

Don't Give Up (Sinead, Willie)

Monday, June 18, 2012

"a retired professor of dentistry and public health at UCLA, who receives an annual pension of $337,000."

it is the stuff that pisses the non UC Californians off...

"The regents made a serious error and the Legislature made a serious error by not putting money aside for 19 years while accumulating an obligation," said Bob Anderson, a UC Berkeley economist who chairs the system's Academic Senate. "Now we have to pay for it."

Don't Give Up (Kate)

U Va in CA

not really following the U Va Prez drama closely - but hear it does not seem to be subsiding...

we mostly just recall that the U Va Lumina foundation folks were in Sacto at the end of March to opine on public higher ed for a CA legislative hearing on CA public higher ed- see toward end of that post -

wonder what the Lumina folk think of the U Va Pres-Trustee drama?!
-- btw couldn't Sacto find CA higher ed folks to be on that Sacto panel?
and Mark Yudof is hooked up with Lumina Foundation too according to a tweet he sent out in early April--so...

and Yudof wants the volume turned up - but Brown is getting it from all sides
and there are questions about the section on UC Bonds proposal in the Yudof FB post...

who knows how it ends

Don't Give Up

UC Campus Libraries and Lab Libraries

While the campus libraries are getting their budgets slashed

It looks like the Lab library budget runs about $30 Million according to: this the labs have a fraction of the number of people and subscribe to the same wired and non wired journals...

Is this a "San Pablo Op Ex style" move on the libraries and access to the libraries?

KTVU had a story this morning on 'University of California faculty reject proposed library cuts'-- will post a link to that video when available. SF Chronicle covers it here: UC Berkeley's libraries next chapter may be cuts

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

there's a little black spot on the sun today- it's the same ol' thing as yesterday

yep, still thinkin' Venus transit -and Cal has more on the Nov 9th Report

reconcile this:

Notes from the Senate Chair Robert Anderson "UC is at the precipice, and we must work vigorously to gain public support for the measure if we wish to maintain our commitment to quality, access, and affordability--in short, UC as we have known it."

UC Regents Discuss Redirecting Return-to-Aid Funds
-Faced with tuition increase, regents explore alternative funding methods

There’s a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today (Or There Was Yesterday)

King of Pain apropos

UC Berkeley Police Review Board issues report on Nov 9th events

UC Berkeley public relations titles it "Police Review Board issues report on Occupy Cal Protest" -- but that title seems a badly worded even misleading one. It is a 38 page report. The above link also links to a one page response from Chancellor Birgeneau.
Our loss.

X Factor and Your PSA Screening

Again and again--UC Officer X, and UC Professor X and more and more frequently now UC Administrator X

this latest story on UC Davis Med reads like the most important only subject is Academic Freedom:

Intimidation Tactics? from Inside Higher Ed

The question over the value of PSA screenings is dropped to a lower level of importance--

and then the Pro Prop 29 folks continue scratching their heads over why the public made the Prop 29 Tobacco vote a nail biter and it failed last night...(UCSF Stanton Glantz might wanna read the tick tock detail on the UC Davis story above)-- not just big Tobacco $$$$$ to blame, unfortunately.

Research (the "funding for research" phraseology) has become a dirty suspect word-- even to non University folks.

Still wonder why?

Reports with no name stuff. Transparency and a Public Research U no longer are in a relationship it seems to the average viewer.
The Aggie now- finally- has this: Newspapers demand names of officers involved in pepper spraying incident

Some more expression of concern, frustration, dismay, grief over what looks like the loss of transparency in a public institution written here by Prof. Langan.

There are two sides on this issue - clarity sooner rather than later would be good.

Saying "yes" to this becomes more understandable with every day: Out-of-state colleges recruit more California students - it is a shame.
On other fronts: Quality Public Higher Ed: From Udacity to Theory Y
p.s. used the term "X Factor" (which UC Regent Chair Lansing and others know is a term casting directors use to describe mass market appeal)-- but in the PSA story etc. context it is really "S/He Who Is Not To Be Named Factor"- which would make it "Voldemort Factor", no?

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Streets of-- Santa Barbara

Michael Douglas gives big to his alma mater UCSB and other spots...

but he got his big break as Steve Keller on The Streets of San Francisco--

any love for UCSF or Hastings? (even though they apparently are only kinda sorta UC proper.)