Sunday, July 29, 2012

Op Ex of Bain Report on Higher Ed

UC Campuses deemed at risk of financial unsustainability--UCOP questions the Operational Excellence of the Bain report on higher ed

London isn't or is ready for the Olympics- a Bain guy says

Reich on Libor Scandal and other things.

Moodys on Higher Ed

notice some patterns?
Earl's Court
but not for the Olympics...and not the Moody Blues.

Like That Monopoly Game Card...

-- UC Regents play it- in your name:

"Collateral Consequences. The effect of a criminal conviction would negatively impact the University of California as a whole, including the campuses of UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Merced, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, and many thousands of students, employees, and indirectly, the public, including potentially debarment, loss of funding, loss of licenses and of research vital to public health, public safety, and national security. Based upon a totality of the circumstances as articulated in this Agreement, and reviewing the potential collateral consequences, enforcement of this Agreement (including the terms set forth in Appendix A), best serves the interests of justice."

-but, what would have happened if they couldn't play that card? really, what would have happened? are "UC Regents" people or campuses both in and out of Appendix A? also, note how 'the power of ten' is backed out in the footnote: " Excluding the clinical enterprises comprising the five health systems at UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Francisco"
more here:
University Of California Reaches Agreement In Connection With Charges In Lab Researcher’s Death

and there is this: “the UC Regents got a good deal. The monetary penalties are extremely modest; the biggest impact is from the admission of guilt,”

here's: another wild read.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Prop 30, Missing Billions, Kremlin tactics,iwannafixsh!t, 'n uber cherry...universities?

a round up of sorts, maybe call it mashup now:
a $2.3 billion accounting gap also being called a $37 billion special accounts set up based on 'honor system?' --mess
seems this is the modus operandi in public ed at all levels in CA:

In November 2011, the San Rafael-based First Amendment Coalition also made a Public Records Act request for the information. There was no response – just “a total, Kremlin-like institutional silence,” said Executive Director Peter Scheer. That’s very unusual, he said.

State law requires all public agencies to respond to a records request within 10 days, either making the requested information public, providing an estimate of how long it will take to provide information or citing a legal reason for keeping it secret.

"The kindest explanation is that the school district is so disorganized and incompetent that public records requests simply fall through the cracks again and again,” Scheer said. “A less charitable explanation would be that they've simply adopted as internal policy a strategy of ignoring legal requests for records."

Jerry: iwannafixsh!t and more here.
what do public universities have in common with taxi drivers and uber car service and personalized car wash services?

update on the UCLA Hannah Carter Garden case and the lab fire case

My Sweet Lord

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flourishing in New Normal


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Bain's Higher Ed Funding Report

Planning for Bain does not literally mean budget cuts with the goal of competing on low costs."..."Planning means having real educational strategies, cutting admin and support costs, and spending money on core innovation rather than on full-service expansion. Planning means administrative restructuring that deals with fragmentation, redundancy, unneeded hierarchy, budgetary opacity (not their term), and excessive complexity. Planning also means that you don't just dive into a new initiative without knowing what you are trying to do with it.
UC Irvine's new school of education.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UC Student Employment

covered in these two stories:
Bain Start Up Academy involves UC student employment...
Daily Cal used to have Bain ads for career fairs all the time- during the late 80's and 90's big time... but it also used to be that the university would assist directly in helping with job placement, much like private colleges- it created even greater allegiance of alumni-- Now, the university will facilitate a student allegiance to... Bain?! for job placement??

AP very short story pitting students against unions in fighting for jobs
- why so few details on this story?!

ACLU-- Is the FBI performing espionage against Occupy UC Davis students?

Davis Vanguard has this piece on it.
it just goes higher and higher for UC students
Dept of Ed and Shopping Sheets
“All of the principles that edX announced exactly matched ours,” Birgeneau said by phone, such as a deep commitment to research. He also cited the fact that edX is a not-for-profit enterprise; Coursera is a for-profit venture.

“This was a very natural way for us to move forward,” he said.
-- funny how the Boston Globe got that story first-- Bain is 'based'- well, anyway, Bain has a Boston headquarters...
UCLA has this bit on online initiatives-- could it be the same Lansing online initiative?-see her tab above and look at the links toward the end there if you need more background- lots of celebrities like Cuba Gooding, Sally Field, Rita Wilson, etc. trying to sell it...
the press don't talk about how FERPA etc plays into this - it would help if they would.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Like Steve McQueen...

The story coming out on UC Davis Med today (more below) has us wondering if Dr. Chang vs. UC Regents caused UC Davis to self report or...what?
"Instead, he insists, the suspension culminates a series of actions in retaliation for his allegations -- starting in early 2006 -- of malpractice and illegal practice on the part of Dr. Jan Paul Muizelaar, chairman of neurological surgery at the medical center and Chang's immediate supervisor.

"In truth ... as the statistics and other meaningful, visible indicators ... clearly show, at various points in time, Dr. Chang had a zero death rate as compared to Dr. Muizelaar, who had the highest mortality rate among all five neurosurgeons," the suit says.

It says, while "Dr. Muizelaar has been the subject of multiple (in excess of 10) medical malpractice lawsuits and many other breaches of ... standards of care, Dr. Chang has not been sued for malpractice" during the comparable period."

and today's story brings reminders of Ted Kennedy- what if Teddy went to UC Davis, would they have done this to him?
Mostly, wonder about that $billion dollar$ Katehi fundraising effort-- what value does that have in light of this story and the likely consequences/fallout?:

2 UC Davis neurosurgeons accused of experimental surgery are banned from human research
What if Teddy Kennedy or Steve McQueen was one of these patients.
Ted Kennedy died from the glioblastoma and-- McQueen died getting controversial treatment outside the US.

another clue on how the UC Academic Senate works:
"Despite the disciplinary action imposed last fall, Muizelaar was honored this spring with an additional academic role at UC Davis. He was named the first holder of the Julian R. Youmans endowed chair in the department of neurological surgery, according to an April 19 news release from the UCD School of Medicine.

He told The Bee that he plans to funnel endowment dollars into further research on the procedure that led to the ban."

Arthur Caplan's comments should be read in full, it starts off like this:
"Arthur Caplan, director of medical ethics at New York University's Langone Medical Center, said that desperate people are especially vulnerable and need added protections."

"If you're dying, you're kind of like reaching out to anything that anybody throws in front of you," said Caplan, who recently left the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics to assume the New York post

Like Steve McQueen

Sunday Sounds of Aurora

MSM has an oft repeated formula for how they cover it-
but they were people with full lives- more than just...


feel like a child on a dark night
wishing there were

some kind of Heaven:Sounds Of The Aurora
that year+ after graduating UCR is going to -hopefully- fill in some of the pieces.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Waters Of The UC Academic Senate...

are like the Bering Sea...icebergs and chilling silence -or silencing- everywhere:

Asking the Chancellor-- about middle class and minority student enrollments among other things.

UCLA Committee on Academic Freedom Supports Professor Against Allegations of Political Bias

Detail on UCLA Faculty Leader Found to Have Wronged Professor to Appease Jewish Group.

Here is background:
(An academic senate version of SLAPP, Anti SLAPP at UC?)
UCLA Professor Told Not To Link Class Material To Anti-Israel Campaign -- seems once a story like that comes out it is no longer an informal behind the scenes- 'just told the Dept Chair to give him a talking to' kinda thing, jus' sayin'.

and then this happened the other day:

UCLA professor wins fight over academic freedom
there is this section:
"whether the university's ethics code should allow professors to advocate on behalf of a boycott of Israel. She said her group had never asked for Mr. Shorter to be investigated or disciplined. "There are many Shorters," she said. "This particular incident was just an example we have brought. It is a huge issue. It is not just about a Web site. It is about what is happening in the classroom."

But-once you begin to try to answer that question- you have to answer many other questions about university ethics and academic senate operations as well. One question that immediately comes to mind: can a group directly ask the academic senate for an investigation? discipline?

Is Shorter getting a sorta 'Professor Huma Abedin' treatment at UCLA? and were the UCLA Academic Senate's actions Bachmannesque?
Sig, Phil, our favs on the Bering Sea-- on hot summer days.

BTO-You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Friday, July 20, 2012

Yes, a UCR Connection

has been confirmed
Remember when Nicole Kidman made that breathy "art is important" comment in her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards? --also, the type of art one accesses and that an industry puts out is important...and, yes, there are many, many , many other factors involved as well.

Hopefully, something deeper than this kind of conversation.
Sherry Lansing want to talk about any of this? Or, is it just gonna be used to order more tanks for campus? Oikos was used that way. It might be good to hold a talk on it and get her full thoughts on all of this and how she sees it.
Felicidades Carlos. (65?!)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Was that Regent Blum in a spar w/ Regent Island?

and then-- why did Regent Island direct his ire solely at Haas (B school at Cal) over the diversity issue?-- it is a problem at UC system wide...listen at the 42:50 mark for the exchange between Island and Blum(?)- it started with (an abrupt) interruption of Island's questioning of Dean Lyons from Haas.

25:00 mark Regent Stein UC's "Systemwide failure" on the issue-- "kick in the pants" needed...

38:00-'Haas ignored a key and core value of its existence-- do you have a commitment to diversity at the Haas school...'

no one talked about what is going on with the new agreement with the HBCU's and Haas- is that even anything that is up and running yet? how will that affect numbers?- worthy of discussion or no?
here is the link to listen: and
where is former Dean Campbell legacy in all of this?- how do the numbers compare?

there also is the question of where does Pitts fit in to these results?-- if Stein thinks that the new provost is soo key to fixing things, then implicit in that is...

would have liked to hear more exchange- don't mind raised voices and passionate exchange but what was said to Island was wrong: "why don't you go"... "he is already looking under trees..."-oh geez- just nonsense off topic stuff, more for the look of leaping to defense instead of actually defending-- address the topic: the bad numbers or not really a reason to interrupt. isn't that the Chair's role to correct if needed?
what is going to happen to the 150,000 sq ft of prime on campus office space that will now be available? - Szeri mentioned/advertised it as part of the benefits of the shared services initiative... he did not mention the downside of the OE lease for San Pablo not being included in the $numbers$ etc...Szeri comments are made (a bit before the Blum and Island exchange) in the finance committee.

¡No, Se Puede!?:UCOP,Edley,$7mil,Online, and lots of questions

Prof. Wendy Brown talks about it at Keep California's Promise --recall Edley gave a presentation on the online initiative at a Regents meeting and ended on a slide that claimed Si Se actually would be good to hear his impressions, thoughts on the process at this time. Institutional knowledge once again on Making Elephants Fly.

the post mentions Prof. Brown is outgoing Chair of BFA-- but they don't say who was elected to be the next Chair of BFA. Is it the current Vice Chair?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brown: "If we keep an even keel, I think we can renew the kind of support the university has long enjoyed,"

..."he said to applause." SF Chron has more. and LA Times coverage.

Nature has coverage of UCSF attempt at autonomy at the meeting: UCSF asks for its own board

Audio clips of the meeting can be found here in multiple postings.

Newsom: “We’re not having a comprehensive discussion about the future”

The ‘zombie’ theme got a lot of press---most importantly, this UC Regents meeting had powerful and substantive public comment.

Some things that stood out:

Yudof kept saying “we are officers of the University” “we, as officers of the university” “we are officers”—he said it in the context of the board needing to be responsible, but that is not repeated in other moments for some reason…

Bain was responsible for the UCSF-Stanford merger debacle fifteen years ago?

During a break Lt. Gov UC Regent Gavin Newsom told KPIX/CBS Local “We’re not having a comprehensive discussion about the future”—and expressed a desire even as a member of the board to join the protestors.

Student Regent Stein also fought for minority enrollment but haven’t gotten to that audio yet – (live output of audio was bad so…)

Veteran alum gave some powerful comments on free career counseling and outreach.

Freezing and vetting…Graduate students comments on the shortcomings of the UC admin vetting process. 10 undergrads might not be the best place to go to get student input about a graduate student experience, imagine that...

Staff association said they did not review the Munger initative b/c they knew the University was only supportive of the Brown initiative so that is the only one they reviewed—that just sounds really odd- why not review all initiatives for November if the staff assn is independent?

Nathan Brostrom recommending compensation action happen only after the November elections and votes on Gov Brown’s and other propositions take place… we all know why.

Here is the audio for this morning and here is the audio for the afternoon.

Also, while there read: Making Elephants Fly —it cracks the code for how ‘officers of the university’ operate-- for those who have not caught on yet.

Once again, Daily Cal live blogged the meeting.

Local Media covered it: ABC local coverage KTVU and CBS Local and NBC local on CSU and on Gov and Exploiting the Initiative process

Bright Horizons, Bain and UC

see this article:
"I have given a couple of paid speeches for Bain dinners, as I have for many other groups. I was on the board of a for-profit childcare company, Bright Horizons, that was purchased by Bain Capital. It was a transaction with financial benefits for all board members and shareholders, including me."

now recall how Bright Horizons is all over UC:here, here, here, just to start-- what other services at UC are connected to Bain?
Are University employees offered boardmemberships with financial benefits if they bring this stuff to their campuses? How does that affect the consulting work? We asked these questions in 2011 in this post.

Check out this four page list of articles Salon has done on student loans.

Student Loans and Robbing Retirees

but then go back to Salon and read about who benefits from the student loan racket...

also, UCLA Fac Blog and Sac Bee mention the UC professional schools hike happening. The students 'want to pay' it?!
mmm...if the Olympics is a sign of statesmanship -- then, can we get Peter Uberoth to run afterall? remember that?
and why is Ben Stein (of Ferris Bueller) on CNN talking about Romney funding kids tuition by increasing endowments? where is the proof of it? details? Romney helps students when?
While Gergen didn't mention his own relationship to Bain during that May appearance, he suggested that investors in private-equity firms like Bain aren't all Gordon Gekko-types.

"Many of them are foundations," he said. "They're pension funds. They're university endowments. Those are not just a lot of fat cats."

And some of them may even be TV pundits.

The higher ed foundations help out administrators to grease the wheel, give raises etc. -- they don't first and foremost help students pay for college in public higher ed. See what Cal State system did yesterday for an example- they gave raises using foundation money...and talked about increasing tuition 20% if Gov. Brown's prop fails in November.
Further examples: here is video and audio of the UC Regents meeting today. and Daily Cal is live blogging the meeting - most of the UC Regents meeting is closed and the audio that the regents provide has been very poor and intermittent yesterday and today...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carter v. Luskins at UC Regents meeting today...

the way the Carter (as in Hannah 'Japanese Garden' Carter)family is having their donation treated by UCLA is significantly different from the way the Luskin donation to UCLA was treated today at the UC Regents meeting. Why? Yudof did a call that he wants all to know he greatly enjoyed with Mr. Luskin - he brought a Luskin letter to the regents meeting and wanted everyone to take note of it... but the Carters can &%$# it. why? (- see background on the garden issue in right hand column list)

Daily Cal covers the UC Regents and they are taking questions if you have any.

If you want to shut down democratic exchange and suppress dissent - an example of it- listen to the questions and answers (particularly from Lt. Gov. Newsom) to the UCLA folks on the proposed Luskin center today. It was clear that certain marching orders were given. Feels less like California every day.

Note:UC Regents meeting again tomorrow at 8:30am PST - see link in previous post to agenda, access etc.
and the Cal State system says it is going down the path to be the next San Bernardino, Vallejo, Stockton-- but CSU is still giving out raises, but no one should pay attention to that cuz the money for the raises is coming from CSU "$foundation$" money

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some UC Alums...

have some thoughts on UC:

Education Reform Must Tackle College Affordability for UC Schools written by UCLA alum

Sunday Commentary: Students on November 18 Exposed Police Corruption on UCD Campus written by UC Davis alum
just remember, UC alumni are considered "outsiders"- "non affiliates"- "others" by some UC administrators...but they don't put that in the donation literature they send to the alumni.
There is this piece on lessons from Penn State-from UCLA Fac Blog. They highlight that the janitors reference POTUSlike deference- why is that presidential level deference showing up?
b/c higher ed leadership view themselves that way-and the institution reinforces it-- chief of staff here, chief of staff there. Recall a certain university president saying 'will you throw in Air Force One and the White House?'-- All the Greek column buildings on campus have them confused or somethin'... and the pols are only too happy to have a revolving door between higher ed and gov't positions- who cares about the rest. The crazy calculation of the 1% in higher ed.

...and, yeah, there is that 'afraid to lose their jobs' thing that those silly low wage earners always claim-- why is it that those poor people janitors can't be braver than the university president and his cabinet? --or more courageous than the university trustees? poor people have less to lose-- so, they should be braver and more courageous, right? The high wage earners should be protected, they have free housing and corp. jet services to protect. Low wage earners can afford to lose their jobs by reporting what the administration will work to deny anyway...that is the 'logic' at work.

Anyway, the Penn State folks have decided to renovate the shower area locker rooms --so all is well--nothing to see, move along folks- right? The right kind of tile job can do wonders! - and the Penn State trustees and campus prez have decided to try to loop each other in... everything will be great now - except... perhaps... maybe..., for some crazy reason, the place is going to always be haunted by a boy's face and that 'certain slapping sound' that McQueary heard as he turned the corner.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"If UCSF gains increased autonomy, Scull predicts, other campuses will want it too."

Nature has this:
Biomedical campus seeks freer rein
University of California, San Francisco, wants more control over fund-raising as state budget crisis continues.

"Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann (centre) wants her campus to find its own way out of financial straits."
“We’re seeing the beginning of a situation that I find disappointing, but that doesn’t surprise me,” says Andrew Scull, a sociologist at UC, San Diego, who believes that the UC system is incapable of coping with the fiscal crisis. In 2009, Scull wrote a letter, signed by 22 other department heads in San Diego, arguing that UC funds should be concentrated at four flagship campuses (San Diego, Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Francisco) to insulate them from cutbacks.

is that just another way of saying "Rebench that"--?...

re-read this kind of coverage for more background: State Auditor Slams UC For Secret Spending and note the table on UC students there. Many other news outlets covered it then as well.

Also check out the latest on the bank blocking UC Davis story too.

fifty forty nine days until Cal Memorial Hayward Fault Stadium has to be ready- the local news outlets cover it and wonder if the deadline will be met.

- good news for Daily Cal

The new school song for each UC campus, maybe: "On My Own"
liberté, égalité, fraternité?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whole Lotta...

see this story and then consider the latest on Molly Munger and More Here.
Won't Bruce Varner be the next Chair of the Regents replacing Lansing? Does he start his chair at the July meeting? - his tab is above.
The whole Irvine 11 thing feels like it was decades ago-before the pepper or baton vortex- but, no, really fairly recent.
Mark Yudof and SJP among others...-not Sarah Jessica Parker- SJP is not about Sex in the City in this instance.
Chron Higher Ed has the latest development on a lawsuit at Cal alleging anti-semitism.
And, it looks like July UC Regents Meetings will no longer be sleepers...
Bain Fart (that was the HuffPo headline, hysterical)--Operational Ex--- Bain Farts. Or, you could call it OE Swiss bank accts, OE Bermuda accounts, OE Cayman Islands acct, or OE "I don't care about poor people", or OE "corporations are people" or OE on and on...
To borrow a colloquialism from a Jersey housewife... "can't stomach"- the Penn State story. Try to read this in its entirety.
University Diaries covers this latest on MRC Greenwood's UofH-- recall Greenwood is also advising Katehi on the Peppa aftermath...yes, the same Greenwood of the UC Dynes years. There is this: "administration spokespeople have not responded to emails and phone calls today." yet UH's Pres. has time to advise UC Davis on how UC Davis can operate better??!!
Also recalled UD section on powerpoint- when reading this VF article: Team of Mascots by Todd Purdum (hubby to Dee Dee Meyers,former Clinton WH communications person)-this passage: "Obama's energy secretary, Steven Chu, may have a Nobel Prize in Physics, but that counted for little when he once tried to make a too elaborate visual presentation to the president. Obama said to him after the third slide, as one witness recalls, "O.K., got it. I'm done,Steve. Turn it off." -whew, how leaders use their cabinet members vs how they use their does it play out for university presidents and chancellors? (Some of them think they are akin to a POTUS.)
Purdum, btw, just wrote a new piece on Nora Ephron --the odes to Nora are sweet, 'get some style' everybody etc. but def. geared to a certain class and a certain region.Read this latest release posted at UCOP for perspective. (Yep, UCOP gives perspective on a topic, you read it right.) There also is this on the FDA and UC Davis to bring on the buzzkill, too.
-oh yeah- UD asked what goes with chlodnik?

Well, there is Nora's suggestion - pork roast?! (Is there a not so sweet recipe for Tzimmes? -looks like every ingredient is a sugar!)
chlodnik... borscht -- tomato - tomahhhtto

RP on it- not so long ago.
Whole Lotta Borscht.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UC Regents today on Cal Chancellor search

they met today for three hours on it.
this interesting article on the ancient native american skeletons issue -- the UCSD folks stay mum, which is just as well given how their comments earlier were received.
UCSB has a story with this section: “[The budget] does put the UC in a difficult position,” said Paul Golaszewski, a UC specialist at the Legislative Analyst’s Office, to The Daily Bruin, “in determining whether to increase tuition and give up state funding for 2013-14, or wait for November and have mid-year tuition increases if [the tax increase] fails.”

The future of UC tuition is expected to be a key component of the UC Regents meeting in July regardless of the decision on how to approach Brown’s AB 1502."

and Sac Bee has this on it.

UCSB and Ag; and Reich on LIBOR

UCSB Prof Research hits at CA Agriculture issues
UC Regents wrap around Little Leaguers and Gill Tract meetings update
So much of fin. scandal comes from London- that AIG unit, the latest LIBOR issues etc...
Cal's Prof. Reich has a take on it.
Something strange happened yesterday between Quan and Brown- both Cal alums - they had a strange exchange of comments over Oakland leadership yesterday -after a meeting they held there they were both asked about a shooting that happened outside of a Jack London movie theater-five people were shot the night before. Quan did not want to talk about it - Brown did. Apparently, there were also comments made about Brown saying he might have to come back as mayor and Quan said something like (looking at her watch) "when can you start"?- that was anecdotal-- would like to see full coverage of the exchange- if it truly played out like that?! (but the press isn't covering it- KTVU covered it live but no posted video) November may not be so one shaded Dem blue - it may have many, many different shades of blue and who knows how they will vote. Important to UC because of this story.
Speaking of different shades of blue-- Denise Rich became an... Austrian! (Reich's life long friend- former POTUS who did the Glass Steagall repeal- pardoned Denise's hubby back in the day.) and folks wonder why the Tea and the Occupy exist...
as far as counting on votes - it's all-- MAYBE

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gov. Brown Appoints Two To Cal State Board of Trustees

read about it here

one is from GAP - where Gov. Brown's wife worked for a long time.

Are UC Regent appointments -3 vacancies- not far behind?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Not Appropriate To A University Setting

um, backtracking
Maybe no armored vehicle at Cal afterall - they will just keep mooching off Oakland or as some in UC call it "Quanland"-- or something.
HuffPo covers it too.

Remaking on Gov Brown and more.

Daily Cal bad news for grad students.

Pros and Cons of cohort based tuition.

a dust up in space.

and-- this is a really tough to read piece on the Tang Center- Stafford death case.

oh... P.S

Judge Calls UC Regents Duplicitous -- the Hannah Carter Garden is not just about bonsai- or preserving tam junipers- it is about donor relations- and setting precedent on how UC interacts with donors it seems...
Government entities enjoy constitutional autonomy
Charitable trusts don't enjoy constitutional autonomy as a major characteristic/attribute

Monday, July 2, 2012


Mercury News gives it a clearer headline: Parents of former Cal student sue doctor, UC Regents over abuse they say drove son to suicide
original post
if true.
- From Daily Cal: Former Tang Center Doctor Sued For Death of UC Berkeley Graduate- Tang Center is the University Health Services center at UC Berkeley that UC Berkeley students and employees use and often are referred to-- and background here.

you may or may not be following what is happening at Penn State- CNN had a major break in the story last Friday --a side note Sandusky keeps his pension and not sure on whether or not he keeps the emeritus professor title.

Baby You're A Firework...

this is the latest on Yudof and Brown behind the curtain.

the Daily Bruin Editorial Board also none too thrilled.

dark side of wellness programs at work --how does it figure into ACA?

hope this turns out well
oops, here 'tis