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Void Of Leadership At UC Davis

Oh gawd, it's Davis --again

The "void of leadership" ...

Davis Enterprise has their take

This also is covered in Chron Higher Ed and Inside Higher Ed and all of the Bee's syndication partners. Lots of coverage. So, either Davis already has a replacement in mind who has said yes- or, the pool of potential candidates to fill the job just got to see how they too might also be treated in a future employment relationship with UC...

There isn't enough UC Davis olive oil around to make this go down smoothly--
what a mess.
an earlier article from the Bee on the above -when it was just the Dean who resigned- includes this comment:
"Katehi has never been a solid administrator. She was a political hack at the University of Illinois in charge of special admissions for relatives of politicians and connected individuals. Katehi was spirited out of Illinois as the scandal threatened to envelop most of the state's high level politicians and possibly a board member that went on to become the First Lady. Hired by the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein to run UC Davis she has overseen scandals and now runs off the best of the best.It's time for some change."

-there are a few bits in that comment that can be argued against with some facts- doubt Blum is solely to blame for Katehi etc. ... but, this is the kind of stuff to consider when this is what is currently going on with the Chancellor position search at Cal. Are the Regents and other leadership getting it right when they wield their power in filling these positions? If they are routinely getting it wrong- how is that ameliorated, corrected, mitigated?

One of the Highest Paid UC Employees...

Cal Bears Coach Jeff Tedford has listed his home: check out the pix

h/t Daily Cal

Armando Fox Named Academic Director of Online Ed Resource Center At Cal

Daily Cal takes on a Schrag Op Ed about affirmative action at UC

this piece on students subsidizing other students degrees

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dubi Dubi Dubious..."What's wrong with these college rankings?"

the rest of the title on the google includes: "Schools in the University of California system score highly in The Washington Monthly's list -- here's why that's dubious."

"To their credit, the University of California campuses do accept a large percentage of low-income students. Certainly, the school is far more inclusive than the vast majority of research universities. But as a Californian, what bothers me about these schools is the price that impoverished students must pay to attend.

Want to guess what the cost for one year at U. of California, San Diego, is for a student whose parents make a meager $20,000 a year in income? Roughly $27,858. After subtracting grants, an impoverished California student would have to borrow more than $9,000 just to pay for one year of schooling. I find this tragic."

First, much of the rest of the country is gonna have a hard time putting their heads around the idea that any Californian can make just $20,000 and keep living in Cali - but it is true. Then, one might say...
'Ah, but the blue and gold program -and the skies part and choirs of angels descend from heaven and make it all better'- or somethin' like that - right??

Monday, August 27, 2012

Katrina, Isaac, Campbell, and Washington Monthly(?)

Reich talks about it: George W. Bush As Hurricane Isaac

Remember Katrina-never forget.

another interesting compare and contrast story might be one about health disparities: Ann Romney's MS care compared to Michelle Obama's Dad's MS care and outcomes -more complicated- the spouses are supposed to be off limits, yet they are front and center at the conventions and on the trail...

there is this on Joseph Campbell from Minding the Workplace (the Star Wars archetypes- Campbell also talked about how Lucas used it)

this on UCSD - a positive write up - in Washington Monthly.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

UC Davis Grand Slam

like Denny's --eggs,potatoes, pancakes,links, links and more links ...
At: this UD post on multiple med school fiascos at Davis- involving university seminars, PSA tests, program funding and the brain stuff and more and more.
The links embedded in the Forbes story - not to miss. Yes, Forbes has that annoying commercial first-- but endure it and read the story.

Aggies, wth is goin' on at Davis?!
Remaking the University also has a new post out: Back To School...If They Need You

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Updated: "University Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance John Wilton admitted during the news conference that he did not know how much money the school has in reserves. When asked to make a guess, he declined."

update the PR Cal folks are writing it kinda like this: 'Dark Days Ahead Possibly-- But Glowing And Thriving 'til I'm Out'

it includes this from leadership(some Californians who received rejection letters will find interesting): “We are continuing to grow our non-resident student population,” she said, “but not at the expense of California residents.”

other quotes: "Blinder, reminding reporters that the $3 billion Campaign for Berkeley was announced just before the nation’s financial crash in the fall of 2008, said the campus had nonetheless had just completed its second-best year of fundraising with $395 million in gifts and pledges. That, he said, represented an increase of 25 percent over the previous year."

they also talk about the buildings, the rankings, the props in Nov. etc- check it out.
and UCSA just voted in a new leader -- this year law/public pol etc grad students are taking on many of these positions, just hope the undergrad voice isn't lost in it all...
In the dark...dark days...

"Dark day" for UC Berkeley students if tax measure fails, chancellor says
"We do have sufficient reserves to sustain teaching and research, but we can't run the university on reserves," Wilton said.

Officials said donations to the university increased 25 percent in the last year to $392 million and it saved $25 million in operating efficiencies. UC Berkeley gets about 11 percent of its money from the state, which is down from about 50 percent "seven or eight years ago," Wilton said.
CNN: "The Way Up Is Known As The Stairway To Heaven"

John Zarrella...

Is TS Isaac an anar... oh, forget it...

silly stuff.

Round Up - UCD, Athletes, UCSA, Regents etc.

Admin decisions creating problems for new Chief Carmichael instead of helping-- a commentary lays it out well and asks why(?!) - a good read.
Bill seeks to reduce police, student confrontation

Associated Press-Sacramento, Calif.—California State University campuses would be required to designate liaisons between student protesters and campus law enforcement under a bill approved by the Assembly.

Lawmakers say it is a response to recent confrontations, most notably the pepper-spraying of student demonstrators at the University of California, Davis in November.

The bill does not apply to the University of California because the Legislature does not have oversight authority of that system. Instead, lawmakers urged the UC Board of Regents to require campuses to choose liaisons.
(-- why does AP say it that way?)
The action follows complaints of communication problems between students, administrators and campus police officers during protests during the last year.

AB1955 passed on a 76-2 vote Wednesday and is headed to the governor's office.

Student Athlete Bill Approved By CA Legislature: SB 1525 Would Compel Universities To Cover Injured Students
UC Student Association (UCSA) opens applications for student advocates to the UC Regents
Reminder UC Regents Meeting September 11-13th at UCSF Mission Bay

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the Exec Board U C Davis Police Officers Assn open letter to UC Regents protesting the decision to fire Lt. Pike


Police Union Complaint About Leadership Lack Of Changes At UC Davis

"There were indeed, 'substantive mistakes at the administrative level,' " they write. "The decisions made by Katehi's leadership team during the days leading up to and on November 18th have caused long-term damage to the University of California and the UC Davis Police Department."

They note, "To this day, not one University Administrator has been demoted or terminated due to their decisions, which placed our police officers and the students of this university into an unnecessary and foreseeable confrontation."

ABC Local News 10 has more on the story

the full letter:

August 21st, 2012
The Regents of the University of California
1111 Franklin St., 12th floor
Oakland, CA 94607

To The Regents of the University of California:

The Executive Board of the University of California Davis Police Officers Association submits this letter to declare our position regarding the events surrounding the termination of Lieutenant John Pike for his actions on November 18th, 2011.

While the Board fully supports the appointment of Police Chief Carmichael and the positive changes he is implementing, we do not approve of the decision to disregard the findings of the internal affairs investigation and the sufficiency review board as it relates to Lieutenant Pike's termination.

According to The Sacramento Bee's reveal of the internal affairs investigation (Sam Stanton, Aug 2, 2012), the investigation found that Lieutenant Pike was justified with his use of pepper spray under the circumstances. The internal affairs investigation did not recommend discipline for Lieutenant Pike due to the use of force issue, rather other aspects of the events that day. Additionally, the discipline recommendations did not include termination, but rather demotion or suspension. He should not have been terminated from The UC Davis Police Department.

We, the Board, agree with the Reynoso report; the KROLL Report and the Edley Robinson Report, as it relates to findings concerning Chancellor Katehi and her leadership team's decisions surrounding the events of November 18th, 2011. There were indeed, "substantive mistakes at the administrative level". The decisions made by Katehi's leadership team during the days leading up to and on November 18th have caused long-term damage to the University of California and the UC Davis Police Department.

To this day, not one University Administrator has been demoted or terminated due to their decisions, which placed our police officers and the students of this university into an unnecessary and foreseeable confrontation.

What is troubling and ironic is that Lieutenant Pike had tried harder than anyone to prevent this confrontation from occurring, as evidenced from the investigations.

The Executive Board also finds it ironic that President Yudof had publicly condemned the actions of the UC Davis Police Officers until he himself was surrounded by protestors at a Regents Meeting on January 19th, 2012 at UC Riverside. President Yudof eloquently described (in an open letter to Professor Charles Thorpe from UC San Diego):

"The old adage, there are two sides to every story, holds true, and the videos you saw may not have told the entire story. In my view, it was far less than the peaceful protest you have characterized and the actions of some of the demonstrators provoked the response from the police".

President Yudof was now speaking from the perspective of a man who had been at an event surrounded by a large angry mob, and experienced firsthand the potential perils therein. Trapped by heated protestors, the Regents and their staff were in fear for their safety and required police escort to be freed. Yet, Yudof and other University Administrators still stand in judgment of Lieutenant Pike who was faced with a similar situation, trying to protect and remove his officers (and arrestees) from the quad at UC Davis on November 18th, 2011.

This Board looks forward to intelligent, productive change as we all learn from what occurred on November 18th 2011 and the events in its wake. Addressing the injustices associated with the events that day would be an excellent start towards not letting this portion of history repeat itself.


The Executive Board of the UC Davis Police Officer Association

/s/ David Kidd___________________
Officer David Kidd, President

_/s/ Robert A. Sotelo______________

Officer Robert A. Sotelo, Vice President

source: News10/KXTV
Alive and Tweeting - and about Star Wars no less!- Mark G. YudofVerified ‏@mark_yudof

"New hover vehicle reminiscent of #StarWars."

-folks seem to be making it back from summer vacay

Simple Minds

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FSM and FBI Flashbacks

covered in this new book and interview.
including an excerpt

also check out their story on Anderson (B School at UCLA) while there.

"private donors have pledged about $19 million under the condition that Anderson adopts this new model."
would that be more Milken money?
It is a bell weather for what the med and law schools might do-the piece does not include details on UCSF's recent moves in this same direction. It mentions UCLA may be using the model of the (existential) U Va (crisis) outfit...

What is really going on here?

If you've been negatively impacted by UC's Op Ex

or other similarly titled Bain rooted initiatives at other institutions --
there is a space for you to vent/share your experience:

more info here.

Just Play

$10 M donation to Cal Memorial Hayward Fault Stadium for what may become retail space. Important to consider given that these are philanthropic dollars that could well have gone to other charity work in SF.
This follows on the hills of giddy confirmation that the $321 million plus retrofit of the earth quake prone stadium is complete; and the completion of the $150 million dollar 'high performance' center; oh, the 'quadruple pay raises' also came out at the same time too; along with the angry tuition paying parents during tearful, emotional moves to campus, and many headlines on increasing non resident acceptance rates attending UC that have been around for a while...

In light of Props 30 and 38-- gotta think about how this group of stories look to majority of Californians across the state.
The local news coverage on the stadium is all giddy and effusive- esp on the FOX local KTVU and the ABC local KGO- many alumni 'journalists' -- but, wonder what the majority of Californians think of the headlines coming out around this and what they plan to do in November(?)...

Oh yeah, and there are the dismal graduation rates for football athletes that came out a bit back -but who cares about that?!- no one wants to talk about that either.
Just play.
pride in PAC12 and Olympics

and wistful desire for tradition:
KPIX CBSLocal on the cancelled bonfire-- onaccounta Bob Dylan

dynamic pricing of football tix
provide the dollars to fix it all- get the academic high performance of athletes up and pay for any future retrofits of stadium etc etc?

recall this September 2007 appeal for the Memorial Hayward Fault Stadium? and many others that followed-- anyway, read it now in retrospect with the other cuts around UC going on:
CAA supports Memorial Stadium Campaign

A message from CAA President Darek DeFreece

Today, the Board of Directors of the California Alumni Association unanimously passed a resolution in support of the University regarding the Memorial Stadium Campaign. The campaign is ambitious. It will retrofit and enhance an historic structure, it will build a state-of-the-art training facility for student-athletes from thirteen different disciplines and it will set forth a plan to completely change the face of the south-east quadrant of the University campus.

The timing of the CAA resolution is important. Tomorrow, in an Alameda Superior Court Room, a judge will preside over a hearing pitting the Berkeley City Council against the University and its plans for Memorial Stadium. The Berkeley City Council rebuffed numerous attempts by the University to settle the issue short of this hearing date. Alongside of this hearing occurs another trial of sorts—the continued occupation of a grove of oak trees by Berkeley residents in front of the stadium. While as the occupation of the trees makes for an interesting, and media-friendly, circus in effect it has sidetracked the real issue. Lost in the headlines is the University's consistent proposal to replace trees planted mostly during a 1923 landscaping project on a three-to-one ratio. Arguments for and against the trees have replaced the question of seismic safety for hundreds of student-athletes and conceivably, thousands of spectators.

The larger issue of course is of the future of the stadium. The Memorial Stadium Campaign must continue and must succeed. Our beloved stadium, while majestic and arguably one of the most beautiful contest fields in all of collegiate sports, is aging. Seismically suspect, its facilities are comfortably at the bottom of the Pacific-10 conference. In order for Memorial Stadium to receive its much-needed facelift, student-athletes and staff must safely relocate to another location. The opportunity to build the training center for the first phase of the campaign is therefore present and makes unarguable sense.

Alumni from all over have already spoken on this issue. They believe in the diligent work that the University has done to show that its proposal is sound and principled. It is with the voice of the alumni firmly backing the Board that the Board passes and introduces its resolution is support of the University. The CAA urges the Berkeley City Council to come to the table for meaningful settlement discussions. The CAA urges our 424,000 alumni to raise its collective voice in support of our beloved alma mater.

Fiat Lux,

Darek DeFreece '93
California Alumni Association

tangled up in Blue and Gold

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Number Of UC Officials Making Over $1 Million Per Year Quadruples

This just screams 'what MFin crisis?!': Number Of UC Officials Making Over $1 Million Per Year Quadruples

but move along peeps- don't pay attention- it's just a li'l factoid
move along
it only accounts for some paltry percentage of overall operating budget - so there- that makes it okay, right?

Quadrophenia no more #nbcfail on Olympics closing ceremony/concert.

'You're No Steve Jobs' other words--love it!

Why Do We Idolize Jerks Geoffrey Nunberg

Minding the Workplace has thoughts on it.

Latest on the new? Haas Exec MBA.

A good rule: Don't Be Cruel - RIP the King.

(Rockstars and Silverbacks chest beating-- one could say the a-hole behavior goes waay back.)

and there is this on Over Confidence --could put in a link to Sound of Music - J Andrews Confidence but really - over confidence just brings about Suspicious Minds.

and, yes- there is this...

Indy or (is it sp.) Indie?

More from HuffPo on how Brian Nestande R-Palm Desert pays a price in the CA Legislature and more on Prop 30, Prop 38 etc..

Guess what is the theme musicfor the tv series Boss (Republican Kelsey Grammer stars)

Monday, August 13, 2012

“The Limited and Disappointing Results of the University’s Race-Neutral Admissions Initiatives,”

UCOP in on UT biz:

The UC brief may be accessed at

UT-Austin's brief may be accessed at

UCOP press release on it

and Daily Cal coverage.

Missing It

See: UC Administrators Not Highest Paid Employees The title does not convey the real issue. For many, it is not that the administrators are the highest paid -it is common knowledge that the coaches and med are at the top of the list individually. What is troubling to many about compensation at UC is that the administrators are widely viewed as the most grossly over compensated based on the results of their work for the UC system-- and a widely held view that many profs, adjuncts and other lower level staff do far more effective work for UC and receive far less compensation.

More on the topic, see: Report:If You Teach At A UC School, You're Probably Underpaid for more coverage.
And, The Atlantic has an article on one part of one report released -but The Atlantic article does not discuss both reports - remember, there are two reports.
Professional Schools As Incubators For Bullying
check it out.

medal count is good!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Seat Is A Seat

Seems like if a resident Californian's arse is not sitting in it-- then it has been cut or given to or converted into a non resident seat ...

Witness the CSU double speak where:
"University leaders need to let Californians know that nonresident students are not taking seats where residents would ordinarily sit, said Diana Wright Guerin, a Cal State Fullerton professor and chairwoman of the systemwide Academic Senate.

"We have not done a very good job of communicating with the public," said Wright Guerin, who supports the admission of nonresident students. "Yeah, I would be upset if I heard they were accepting students from New York or Illinois but turning away California residents. We need to explain why that is."

California State University departments rebel over resident enrollment dilemma


"As the previous head of contractor-operated laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Secretary Chu made clear his disdain for federal oversight, DOE insiders told...."

see POGO: Where's the Oversight at Nuclear Labs? Hands-Off Approach is Recipe for Disaster
and this: "Now the people being axed are lower-level employees rather than those who have allowed the security standards to fall far below acceptable levels,"

oh, geez. (If you don't understand how the labs are connected to UC - see FAQ tab above.)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

'A Report To Fight' and UC Payroll Report

Should a "report" be "to fight"

Shouldn't a report just report?
Like the Kroll, Reynoso etc. efforts were described?
Just report.
and, then, based on findings, you act/fight whatever, right?

A Report To Fight... is creating drama at a time when the system is saying it needs to be in dialogue with Californians about so many other things- ugh, the timing.
See how this report isn't called something like "Report to Fight to Compensate Our Employees Fairly", nope it is just titled: 2011 Annual Report on Employee Compensation --covered also by Daily Cal

“We’re hardly at death’s door,” says Mr Yudof

see:Higher education in California-One state, two systems
As public universities struggle, some private ones thrive
has some quotes from President Yudof

and notable for this: "for the first time in the history of modern California, the state’s best-educated citizens are the 50-somethings rather than the 20- or 30-somethings."

it also mentions USC in the piece as a contrast to UC financial woes...but does not get into the 'civic leader vs. gentrification' town gown issues they face or the online empire issues, or the crime students have to deal with in the surrounding neighborhood and recent high profile stories on that front.
Rob Kardashian might or might not go to USC (guess it depends on if his sock line takes off lol) to be taught by... Professor Schwarzenegger (Maria gave the speech for their daughter's graduation from USC in June btw)-- the school was quick to clarify Kardashian is not attending but you never know when a reality show story line needs a change.
and Rubicon and Fiefdoms in university research discussed here:
“The Rubicon has been crossed,” says Harry Elston, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, in an interview with Science Careers. “We’ve never seen the academy held to the same standard as industry, and now we have.” This change, he believes, will be “highly significant in the long run.” The settlement requires an academic institution, for the first time, to adopt the safety management model long prevalent in industry research, where lab safety is a well-recognized and legally imposed responsibility of leadership, enforced in organizations from the top down.
Universities have traditionally run on what a report by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board terms a “fiefdom system,” with principal investigators (PIs) who “in practice do pretty much whatever they want” and often view "laboratory inspections by an outside entity as infringing upon their academic freedom.”

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bloody Excellence

"On March 24, 1980, Oscar Romero, the archbishop of San Salvador and an advocate of the poor, was celebrating Mass at a chapel in a small hospital when he was assassinated on D'Aubuisson's orders, according to a person involved in the murder who later came forward."

-- 'cold blooded', no?

Earlier in the piece:

"In 1983, Bill Bain asked Mitt Romney to launch Bain Capital, a private equity offshoot of the successful consulting firm Bain & Company. After some initial reluctance, Romney agreed. The new job came with a stipulation: Romney couldn't raise money from any current clients, Bain said, because if the private equity venture failed, he didn't want it taking the consulting firm down with it."

--wonder if any prof docs (asking for research funding or endowed chairs in their name from the patients they treat) are getting any clues on how to raise money without compromising the firm?
SF Chron UC Report On Anti Semitism Draws Ire-- see report links toward the end of the story for more info/background.
sayin' a prayer for Neil Armstrong
Aries Merritt - awesome!

Dancing In The Dark

a ping from Changing Universities:
" The State of UC
Since no one is even trying to estimate how much it actually costs to educate different types of students, it is unclear how the task force is making its calculations. While it is very possible that we will see a growing inequality of funding among the campuses, it is not clear that the campuses with more funding will increase their support for undergraduate education."

and an interesting letter to the Daily Cal editor - the second letter posted there- asks questions better suited to the UC admin but it just gets backlash.
Folks want to know how students are picked and funded- they want answers- is it too much to ask, too much to answer?

Dancing In The Dark

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leak Out at UC Davis

"Given that John Meyer's policies were implicated in the Kroll and Reynoso report, that he was transferred away from the command of the police department, the fact that he ordered a law firm noted for exonerating the university of wrongdoing and a law enforcement investigator noted for the same, the Vanguard continues to question the motivations behind the decision to bring in these firms to conduct the IA and questions the findings of the IA itself."

Yep, agree with that and ask the same.

UCD Investigating Source of Leak of Confidential Report

Why is whistleblower being used to look into it though? Does someone already know who it was?

Leak Out
Hamlisch RIP and another favorite version.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Anna Nicole, Jerry, and Marilyn

More on the UCLA thing: UCLA's Anne Nicole Smith by UD.

You might recall that current UC Regent and Governor Jerry Brown took on the Anna Nicole issue when he was AG, and the fallout from that set of cases in some circles.

You might recall that the Arnold Klein endowed chair came about like this: "A patient offered to name a building after me, but I thought a chair was more appropriate (a couch would’ve been preferred, but unfortunately, no one has that). I got the endowed chair at UCLA in 2004."

Maybe you can pick one out for yourself? Part of the biz according to Daily Bruin.

You might recall that Chancellor Block and the head of the med center-Eisenberg- also come from the psych med realm-both psychiatry profs in the school of medicine- wonder what they think of all of this pseudo Anna UCLA business?

Also wonder what Dr. Robert Modlin thinks of all of this as well? For some reason, he does not list he holds the chair here.

Maybe Block, Eisenberg, Modlin can help Klein out with this stuff.

If you get depressed about these latest headlines-- well, there's stuff to feel good about sure- there is Nathan Adrian, Curiosity,-go look 'em up- but perhaps it is time to be curious about -and look closely at- UC operations and why these stories keep coming up.

Or, do we just add the Anna Nicole-like stories to the UC litany: stolen fetuses, and the kidneys, livers, cadavers, etc. stories --and chalk it up to part of the cost of doin' business?
(The details surrounding the alleged actions of a UC Riverside alum in Aurora,CO are crying out for the biz to operate differently.
The details surrounding the alleged actions of a UC Irvine prof and issues his son faced are crying out for the biz to operate differently. Or, is the only action we're gonna get is procurement of tanks for each campus? - and not look at the larger issues?)

Anna Nicole was a version of Monroe, of sorts.

Marilyn has been in the news lately. She went out similarly - all those years ago-- all things must pass. Music and med-- what does David Geffen think about this latest from UCLA? His name is plastered on the walls...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Justice Reynoso, UCDPD Chief Carmichael on Lt Pike

read: the story from Davis Vanguard here
and this from Sac Bee:
UC Davis Chief Overrules Panel-- Katehi had high praise for Carmichael during Legislative testimony...
CORRECTED link:also take a look at this story that describes various tuition trends across US right now
A Question: what do readers and students etc. lose if Daily Cal is no longer located next to Sproul? - literally with a birds eye view of the Savio Steps FSM space.
(It is great to have Daily Cal located next to the journalism dept- but shouldn't some of their reporters etc be located in lower Sproul?)