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Cal's UCPD Chief Celaya Retiring in December '12

a few weeks after Birgeneau's last day as Chancellor? Or, does their last day fall on the same day?
It is a shame that there are not greater numbers participating in this dialogue.
Yep- Be One, Bring One
so, UC Regent Newsom and UC Regent Blum rode in the SF Giant parade today up Market St to Civic Center and sat on the stage at City Hall...


See: Private Provider To Manage University Child Care Program

"The campus originally hired Bain & Company at the cost of $7.5 million" --DailyCal does not even cite its own updated stories with much higher figures on that initial number, why?

"While the two have the same roots, Bain Capital and Bain & Company are distinct companies and do not share ownership, governance or employees." -- does DailyCal provide proof of that in its story? Here is a place to start looking at some facts.
and this latest on the out of state anti Prop 30 efforts,funding
MickeyVader - we'll see.

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Did CSU Tactics Turn Off Voters On Prop 30?

Update: UCLA Fac blog has a take on this too
There also is this analysis of Prop 30 by Mike Rosenberg
and a couple of letters on Prop 30 from San Diego area. There is even a StopProp30 site. If you want to see where the Pro and Con Prop 30 money is coming from there is this resource to view that information.
Original Post:
still a week away, consider some of the assertions in this piece:
Walters: State university system plunges into politics:

"Politically, CSU exploited its one advantage over UC -- a direct connection to the Legislature as a dependent system with campuses in virtually every corner of the state. And it developed a political swagger that in the past only UC could wield.

There is, however, a downside to that more aggressive CSU posture: an arrogance that could, and should, backfire.

One indication of that downside is the degree to which some CSU faculty members baldly used their positions to campaign for Proposition 30, the Nov. 6 tax measure that Gov. Jerry Brown is sponsoring. If it fails, he and the Legislature have decreed, K-12 schools and the state's four-year colleges would feel the financial pain.

The blatant campaigning for Proposition 30 on some campuses clearly violated state law. When Proposition 30 opponents began hammering on it, CSU officials were compelled to curtail it.

However, that didn't deter Reed, as a final gesture before retiring, from issuing a "legislative scorecard" rating all 120 members of the Legislature on how well they supported CSU and its agenda during the 2011-12 biennial session, declaring that "the university also holds the state's elected officials accountable to support the CSU in achieving its mission and goals."

Like all such "scorecards" issued by special interests, CSU's version is highly selective on the issues it grades. Not surprisingly, Democrats score highly while Republicans are given low marks -- the ratings are reduced to A-to-F letter grades -- because the system's biggest interest is getting more tax money.

It's an arrogant act that even the University of California, renowned for its haughtiness, would not dare perform, and it's completely and utterly wrong for a tax-supported state agency to engage in what is nothing more than rank political and partisan propaganda.

If CSU can get away with this, what prevents any state agency from doing the same with our money?"

but why doesn't Walters discuss the Arizona and other super PAC outside money coming into California to try to influence the votes on a number of propositions during this voting period?! And, did this piece originally appear at Sac Bee or just in this out of state (Columbus,Indiana) post? Answer: looks like the Sac Bee and Modesto Bee also ran it.

W(H)ITHER PRO 30 from Remaking the University
UC, with its politically appointed Regents and CA govt official ex officio regents has always, always been political- just in a different way- it goes way back:
"the president of the UC was Robert Gordon Sproul, a politically connected Republican with a legendary ability to marshal alumni support at the merest hint of funding cuts. As a 1947 Time magazine article jovially described,

a pack of onetime Berkeley campus big shots come out of hibernation whenever Golden Bear Sproul cries for help. In less than 24 hours as many as 70 bank presidents, manufacturers, brokers, lawyers, and physicians have assembled on call. Once briefed on the crisis, the Bears go back to their plush-carpeted lairs, pick up their telephones and growl at their senators and assemblymen."

but, the agendas are coming under more scrutiny now...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

UC Regent Russell Gould

makes an appearance in this- " I think the university is at risk in terms of its quality" at the 6:50 mark- but what is his position on Prop 30? Higher ed is covered starting at the 5:00, including comments from the incoming head of the CA Community Colleges:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Prop 30,38 discussion-You don't have to read, just watch

from KQED, watch:
"This Week in Northern California Special Edition: California Schools in the Crosshairs"

There's a lot riding on the November 6 election for California's once prized public education system. With $6 billion in trigger cuts looming due to the state budget deficit, two competing tax measures on the ballot propose to temporarily help fill the gap. Gov. Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 would raise the state sales tax a quarter cent and income tax on those earning more than $250,000 annually. Competing Proposition 38, sponsored by millionaire attorney Molly Munger, would increase income tax on a sliding scale for those earning at least $7,316 a year.

News Panel: California Schools in the Crosshairs

We devote the full program to looking at how public education is financed in California, and hear from educators, students, policy experts and politicians about how we got here, and what solutions might provide a way out.

Guest Host: Al Letson

Darrell Steinberg, California State Senate President pro Tem
Arun Ramanathan, The Education Trust-West
Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle
Louis Freedberg, EdSource

Halloween- UC Regents' Style

includes a compliance and audit meeting closed session (no attachments) and open session (multiple audit findings attachments on the following:
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 11, 2012
A4 Discussion Annual Report of External Auditors for the Year Ended
June 30, 2012
A5 Discussion Annual Report on Internal Audit Activities, 2011-12
A6 Discussion Campus View: Annual Report on Internal Audit Activities
A7 Discussion Internal Audit Quality Assessment Review (QAR)
A8 Discussion Ethics and Compliance Activities Report)

nothing posted yet for the: November 13-15 Regents Meeting - UCSF Mission Bay
and the level of misunderstanding in this story is very scary:
"What that means is that the University of California as an institution is not making contributions to, or spending taxpayer money on, any political candidate. It’s the UC professors, administrators and other staff members – and members of their immediate families – who are doing so individually or as members of a group."
in University of California A Big Political Donor -- but that's misleading

On the misleading--is it reading comprehension or is it about failing to write a business article correctly in the first place?

Cal Chancellor Search- Final Interview Group...

-who is in it? Some folks are concerned/worried:

"We must also be assured that minority staff members will be encouraged and nurtured to assume leadership positions on the campus. And, with respect to faculty hiring and retention, we have a long way to go in ensuring greater success in placing minority faculty across all departments and colleges, not to mention their appointment as departmental chairs, divisional deans and senior administrators. We therefore would expect that the final candidates have a clearly demonstrated commitment to and record of leadership in the hiring, promotion and administrative placement of underrepresented faculty." from: this Daily Cal post.

If you agree or disagree with the above you might want to send your own letter to the UC President or jump in and speak on what elements in the new chancellor are critically important from your perspective in your own "open letter".
Prop 30 and 32 targeted by non Californian entities- California Watch has an in depth story on it.

LIV strong(?)
Low Information Voters - The Undecided

Last night this story hit home on many fronts
- but still believe in the mission of LiveStrong.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

at Cal:"Nothing about it indicates that there would be a need for a further investigation,"

Gonna hold off on labeling it- but: Princeton had more info than Daily Cal -so sad...

Brown turns to SF business leaders, Yudof reaches out on Prop 30

latest from LA Times:Gov. Jerry Brown, appearing at the headquarters of the Bay Area Council in San Francisco on Thursday, said he was undaunted by two new surveys that show his tax proposal falling below 50% support among voters, saying he always knew the vote would be close.

“I think we have a very good chance to win, but I’m not going to let anything slow me down between now and election day,” he said.

University of California President Mark Yudof said that if the measure, Proposition 30, fails to pass, students could expect a “double-digit tuition hike” in the fall and could face increases before the current school year is over.

At the event Brown also hailed a move by the state’s campaign watchdog to try to find out who is behind an $11-million donation from an Arizona nonprofit organization to a political committee aimed at taking down his tax plan.

“This is probably the worst abuse in the history of California election law since [I was first governor],” he said. “I just hope they force these shadowy figures to comes out from under their rock or the bushes or the forest -- wherever they dwell. The fact that they're hiding is indicating perhaps some shame on their part, but the people have a right to know.”

The governor was to hold a campaign event in Salinas on Thursday afternoon and a rally on the campus of UC Santa Cruz on Friday.

Neither his official place, nor personal predilection, to suggest how others should vote. (true and right, but reaching out w/ the facts like this is good)
UC Pres Yudof also has sent out a letter on Prop 30: UC President Mark Yudof Issues Letter to UC Community About Proposition 30

How are other UC Regents who support Prop 30 advocating, reaching out?

Prop 30 Polling Under 50%

see: "While it clung to a narrow majority for months, Prop. 30 – after being attacked on TV –has fallen to 48-44% in the latest survey from the Public Policy Institute of California, down from 52-40% last month in the same poll." from CalBuzz-How Governor Brown might save Prop 30 and also UCLA Fac Blog has more

Perhaps if Gov. Brown filled those three UC Regents seats there might be three more high profile advocates of prop 30 -- but then again maybe not- some UC Regents don't support Prop 30 but they are flying under the radar about it, or are being allowed to fly under the radar about it.

how much do two UC Davis studies being cited for the anti Prop 37 side play into things? for more detail see this article and the comments section as well:
Why labeling of GMOs is actually bad for people and the environment David Zilberman, professor of agriculture and resource economics

Occupy Oakland anniversary today...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5000 Altered Votes, Plausible Deniability, Orwellian Propaganda

see - AP Exclusive: CA Lawmakers Altered 5000 Votes
"My guess in reading the Inside Higher Ed report and the Reuters report on which it is based is that the University asked the funds not to give it more than summary information on a collective return on various funds so it could say it didn’t have the detailed info. Or it may be that the funds told UC that it couldn’t invest with them absent an agreement not to receive the detailed info. The court, however, seems to be saying that if UC could have the info as an investor in the funds, it must ask for it and disclose it. So there may yet be an argument over what info UC can receive." in Court Decision: UC Must Disclose Detailed Venture Capital Fund Returns and: here is a direct link to the Reuters story.

Gov. Brown accuses Proposition 30 foes of 'Orwellian propaganda'
um, two more: “If Romney were only to replace Ginsburg, the impact on the law would be enormous,” UCLA law professor Adam Winkler wrote the other day. “Even though the Court, which splits five to four on the most divisive issues, already leans right, the liberal justices have won important victories thanks to Kennedy, who occasionally swings to their side. A conservative replacement for Ginsburg would give the Scalia bloc on the Court a solid five votes, even without Kennedy.”

Roy Ulrich from Cal's GSPP has a piece out:The Subversion of Direct Democracy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

on UCLA Admissions Controversy, Prop 30 and Student Loans

Infographic: Obama and Romney on student loans
and a longer piece on Prop 30 politics in CA
an opposing view;
Brown’s sketchy proposition manipulates students’ fears
it might be helpful to talk about other places the money would also go-- social programs - women, children, elderly...
UCLA Admissions controversy continues on with a Daily Bruin story: Findings by law professor suggest that UCLA Admissions may be violating Prop 209 - also see this PDF of the 17 page Sanders report and also see this for more background -UPDATE- here is the new link Daily Bruin is providing in its story.
'hugging' POTUS positions Shapeshifting indeed -- "yep, what he said...." approach to foreign policy
Let's Go Giants! (although we have a deep affection for Detroit- love it way more than Mittens does)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Berkeley launches faculty plagiarism investigation in light of public nature of complaints

See: Publicizing (Alleged) Plagiarism

An investigation based on "to clear the air"...
"Devil in the details"- "there is a current through this that I can't pin down"...

'the shine is off of it'

recall someone saying that about higher ed in an interview with NYT?- there are many similarities in the behavior/comments of two leaders with regard to the ability to innovate in higher ed at UC or in California...

Remaking the University has thoughts on Brown's approach to Higher Ed in CA: The Election and Higher Education

--whaddaya do when the leaders have already embraced the doomsday scenario?

If Brown is incoherent, what is Yudof? (not even a tweet these days from the UC Prez, the UC Regents will not say how they plan to vote, and the shared governance academic senate is ...)
If CA is ungovernable, lotsa coverage of the ungovernable CA talk-- does that make constitutionally autonomous UC ungovernable?

Stuff to ponder at: events like these.

The wonderful Daily Cal folks wrote a transcript of Governor Brown's responses - the audio of the interview given at UCLA (which at times is difficult to hear), you can read or listen here:

Gov. Brown Discusses Prop. 30, Answers Questions From UC student Media

@cnewf pointed to this 'tired,cooked' article where it ends: "If there is a message to current universities and their presidents, it is that the public and the opinion leaders alike view them as more of a problem than a solution. That's a warning, not their destiny."

and also this article a while back: Obama's Loan-Repayment Plan Will Be 'Windfall' for Wealthy, Report Says

leaders and the limits of their staffers and administration... all around.
and re: 'the image' UD/MS said: "I hope that the willingness of American university professors to do free MOOC's will enhance the image of universities among Americans, many of whom think of tenured university professors as people always looking to get out of teaching, always obsessed with their own research. I hope that watching us teach simply because we're passionate about conveying our subject matter will start to weaken this view of the professoriate.

But of course the view has some legitimacy to it;"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Opening Up

Tim White does--a bit anyway in SF Chron- it's his appeal for funding for higher ed, (of course he does not talk about his work with UCOP on moving staff off campuses via shared services to UCR; or the handling of protests at UC Riverside under his leadership.)

Researching the 1960s protest movement at Berkeley is not so easy sometimes when fed agencies will not open up - a story about Seth Rosenfeld's work.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Cal State and student debt rankings for CA -there is also this story.

The many faces of affirmative action
john powell, director, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Rethinking Affirmative Action NYT Capital Ideas

What Happens to Education if Prop 38 Passes and Prop 30 Fails? by David Greenwald

the Nobels - the climate- UC's online momentum-- lots of commercials for the Poizner UCLA online thing, and even for the 'UC Onward' thing but have not seen anything on UC and Prop 30 or UC and Prop 38.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sather Gate and Protest Policy

The final proposed change would add to the policy, that “Groups engaging in activities in or around Sather Gate must leave open an unobstructed path that is sufficient for pedestrian traffic to flow through Sather Gate. If emergency vehicles need to pass through Sather Gate, groups must move to allow the vehicles to do so.”

Daily Cal says they will soon post 'a full story'

recall there was a guy named Mario Savio in an 'emergency vehicle' in front of Sproul surrounded by thousands of people and....
Sather Gate with the campanile in the background is one of the top five 'money shots' of Cal that msm frequently use- Sproul is just to the side of those shots a somewhat non descript white building with several steps in front of it, those steps now called the Savio steps and markers in the pavement of the walkway marking it as a free speech zone.

The Danger of Banning Anti Zionist Protests from The Atlantic

The spin on this smells: UC changes complaint investigation procedure, cuts costs

if you have followed any of the stories from news outlets posted here- esp investigations on students- then you have seen how investigations are run at UC and...cutting costs is lower on the list of deep concerns and problems within the process. A process that system-wide and campus-wide has no uniformity or consistency...

We do need Full Stories.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"at U.C.L.A.: Are admissions officers illegally...

taking race into account — or legally going to extra lengths to reward students for having overcome disadvantage, which happens to benefit black and Latino students?"

"both Mr. Sander and U.C.L.A. argue that the Mare report is consistent with their findings."

Race, ‘Holistic Admissions’ and U.C.L.A. in NY Times

let's remember: "In 1995, black students accounted for 7.3% of admitted freshmen at Berkeley and 6.7% at UCLA; the figures today are 3.9% and 3.8%, respectively."

At UC-- it is always fascinating who gets called a conspiracy theorist and who doesn't get called a conspiracy theorist...
This alleged cruel stupidity of some Boalt students gave some flashbacks covered here by Time Magazine on an earlier far more horrible story about Cal undergrads in casinos from back in the day... - 60 Minutes' Ed Bradley covered it.
Noticed that Time mag also has this: Why College May Be Totally Free Within 10 Years with comments from Thiel and entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa.
also where Larry Summers uses the true but tired “If you think higher education is expensive, try ignorance.”
"There is a reason that people pay a lot of money to go to an event like the Super Bowl when it is free on TV, Summers offers. They get more out of it by being present."

Of course...--this at the Nantucket -à la Aspen - à la TED- blather blather with 'important thinkers' - it almost makes Davos look like...idunnowhat.

Recall that UD also recently mentioned bubble talk :"At Harvard, Bill Kristol said the bubble thing after UD pointed out – in response to a lot of doom and gloom talk among her fellow attendees – that just outside the venue of our conference masses of people from around the world were using battering rams to gain admission to"...


And, UD asks that enrollment question on the Boalt folks the same way others asked that enrollment question a few years back.

Other Daily Cal readers of the Vegas bird story decided to include Prof. John Yoo in their comments instead...
Kudos to UC Davis on the hero dog effort
wish they didn't cut all those trees for Endeavor-- seems to be a lack of ingenuity in finding a better way...

Yep, Endeavor across the GG Bridge xoxo.
It's all about the Gs -more here.

Another way to explore- so cool.

Friday, October 12, 2012

38 v 30, Yudof Chat, Bakke Anniversary, and other things.

Roundup without the chem runoff:
It would really be helpful to have a chart showing which UC Regents support prop 30 and which UC Regents support prop 38 (and why- if they want to say): surprised to read "Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson is a prominent supporter of the Munger Initiative." Torlakson is a non voting UC Regent.Also heard UC Regent Gould does not support prop 30- but would love to see this on an easy to read chart, perhaps from one of the student newspapers.

Munger goes negative on 30-- latest commercials describe 30 as giving the money back to Sacto/Pols as contrasted with 38 which they claim gives the money directly back to schools budgets.
Prop 38 is also getting a $$$ boost.

John Chiang CA Controller makes an appearance in the latest pro prop 30 commercial

funny how the 38 commercials use the UCLA color scheme (the lighter blue and gold etc)

Mercury News has a very helpful sidebar tick tock in this story.

a Cal State student tries to counter a So Cal billionaire family...

Bakke Anniversary

a take on Fisher and Academic titles. -- sex, race...

Yudof chat w/ staff on Nov 2 (might be more interesting to hear him lecture on Bakke rather than hear another not so truly interactive chat with staff)

The one month anniversary of the attack that killed US Ambassador to Lybia and UC alum Chris Stevens and three other foreign service members was marked at the VP debate last night. Questioning and political posturing, mostly. There has also been the displaying of photos of Ambassador Stevens that night after the attack and the use of excerpts of his discovered personal diary by certain journalists. His sexuality has also been used as a topic of discussion in covering the attack. The attack is also being used as a campaign strategy. His memorial is scheduled later this month: at the rotunda San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"we've had almost a disappearance of black students here at UCLA."

UC and: The Key Question in Fisher

"In 1995, black students accounted for 7.3% of admitted freshmen at Berkeley and 6.7% at UCLA; the figures today are 3.9% and 3.8%, respectively."

and: Studies Show Race-Neutral College Admissions Could Work

Daily Cal has a four part series on this issue.
Bruce Cain has left Cal-"and there was nothing more I could do for Cal or UC,” Cain said. - he has a great relationship with many press outlets, being a go to person to analyze and speak on national and regional politics, viewers find him easy to understand- this(his leaving) is weird.

"Berkeley’s first all-funds, all-units budget

that comprehensively describes revenues and expenses in every control unit." and more info here.
the report is dedicated to Birgeneau
and here is the latest on the search for his replacement.

CSU search committee for their new chancellor (which resulted in UCR's White) should come out and speak publicly about the process --to perhaps legitimize it somewhat to the public...
Bonham died- no reunions possible. That simple.

"sometimes we were fucking awful. And sometimes we were stunning and a couple of times we tried to get together in the meantime."
-- Directions on 'Plantations': apply liberally.

Monday, October 8, 2012

UCR and Shared Services, and the Aurora shooting

links are the only things missing from: this comprehensive piece about White's move to CSU- esp. agreed with this section: "you had to ignore the condescension that permeated his interactions with staff and students, and the fundamentally corrupt premise of the show, which allowed White to dole out money and special favors to his unsuspecting interlocutors. Leaving aside the propriety of a Chancellor appearing on a reality show in the first place, the display of his selective largesse was particularly distasteful at a moment when UCR faced..."

oh yeah, and the Argentina thing not covered much anywhere...

for background on the shared services story and the aurora story (it is a surprise that he is moving on to CSU before taking on some program that UCR might create in response to the tragedy, but, indeed, he is movin' on without doing that) and the argentina thaang (sorta- never really heard him talk about it)
and a scotch if prop 30 does not pass- it is the little things...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

UCR's White To Head CSU Starting in Dec '12

Timothy P. White, chancellor of UC Riverside, was named Thursday as the next chancellor of the California State University system-you can read it at LA Times - this will be spun as 'oh-the-brain-drain' and also as 'now we have a UC ally at CSU'

CSU system has multiple presidents (one heads each campus) and one chancellor that heads the entire system-- this is the opposite title set up of UC, just so you don't get confused.
it is not difficult for a liar to win a debate- and it does not take an alpha male to fire Big Bird-- and the Big Bird thing is the only factoid from the debate occupying space in the minds of much of the electorate and msm it seems- it is a twitter world, nation.

the Big Bird thing was just a reminder of the 'ungracious' Mittens blunders throughout.
still thinking about the pepper payout and the Irvine 11- does anyone remember?
Regardless of Prop 30 results or whatever- this is where minds need to be with regard to UC. It was an important piece in this whole thing. It speaks to things in Cole's Fiat Lux effort and that are not necessarily addressed in the 'concrete mantras' bs geared mostly to staff at Cal

Even our not very 'Jesuitical' sounding Governor does not get it
(Jesuitical--remember when HRC used that term with Tim Russert on MTP?)
Maybe Matthew Fox can decipher Jerry's latest...old buds.
read Calbuzz recent take on JB- they call him ol' crusty and other things, and now maybe we understand better why-- the 'retread' thing is gaining traction - the Governor needs to take another shot at explaining that transcript of his comments esp on higher ed in that lengthy interview...just saying his focus is the community college training programs is not going to cut it. Would love to see him race Christie though.
also, this is an odd development but perhaps it opens the door for direct undergraduate representation- which is lacking in some key systemwide positions.