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Ditchin' the appeal for bodyguards and...instead, Peter Taylor has written an op ed for the Daily Cal and is touting an open door policy at his office located in the fortress known as UCOP-- his piece includes some snark directed at certain UC grad students who wrote a report - one he found "scurrilous" - and obviously it got under his skin at the Nov. regents meeting and is, it seems, still under his skin.
The real problem in the dueling op eds is that Taylor sidesteps addressing the claims made about UCOP strategy (how UCOP is not seeking the same remedies as many municipalities etc.) that the students are calling out in their report. (Maybe he only wants to talk about it in Romney-esque 'quiet rooms'? btw, Taylor repeatedly referred to his imagined need for many bodyguards for implementation of many proposed initiatives at the July Regents meeting- and his comments raised some eyebrows- thus the intro for this section..)
This is a Cal-Bain-Capital-trained student's piece on payroll taxes from Economix- apparently not written by (say it to yourself with an inflected mocking, snide tone that was heard at a recent regents meeting): 'sociology' it might be more 'acceptable' to some-- or, not.
This news from Cal reminds of recent sad events at Chico- it may be nothing like Chico State or it might be the same- gonna hold off on labeling it until official confirmation. - the comments section of the story is a terribly poignant read. As a side note on some of the recent similar stories: e.g. drinking/drugging one's self to death is a form of suicide to many- so the shades of difference in such cases are hard to see.
At UCLA, Racist, Sexist Signs Called...
How the UCSD student newspaper covered the Governor and Lt Gov and Regent Zettel "no" votes at the UC Regents meeting:
"The Board of Regents voted unanimously to confirm the appointments of both Dirks and Conoley to their new positions. Confirmations regarding compensation for Dirks and Conoley also passed without significant disagreement."


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UC All Over The 'CA Rise'

“I think the state is turning a corner,” said Enrico Moretti, a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He said that the recovery was creating regional lines of economic demarcation — “We are going to see a more and more polarized state,” he said


Jerry Nickelsburg, an economics professor at the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles, said the resurgence in coastal communities was spreading, if haltingly, to struggling inland communities, creating jobs for long-distance commuters who live in places like the Inland Empire.

in the New York Times

The Magnificence of Doe Library Architecture

is not just for staging the PR welcome launch of a new UC Chancellor-
Doe is as magnificent as its collection and access.
So, take a look at this 'Commission on the Future' (ugh) treatment of Doe etc.

and here is an update from UCLA regarding the video streaming case. Much more detail on it available here. You know the one where: "UCLA argued that streaming the videos was permissible under the fair-use principle, which can allow reproductions for teaching, and the Teach Act, which allows limited use of copyrighted materials for online education."

The University expects to hire 156 positions by April 2013, and up to 500 positions when the Center is fully operational in October 2014.

see: Recruiting begins for UC Path located in UC Riverside

There's Geffen

apparently inventing himself on PBS and at Geffen UCLA Med

there's Ronald Reagan -- UCLA Med getting very bad reviews...

various rankings seem to be catching up with the scandalous UC headlines of last year...

Pretty Expensive $50,000... PR-wise

we already pointed to Sac Bee and other coverage - and Davis Vanguard is also covering it

but the SF Chron puts the Dirks Cal raise in full context- as it appears in the eyes of non UC Californians perhaps:

Brown Slams Regents Over Cal Head's Pay

"Earlier this month, UC leaders demanded that the state add $126.5 million to their annual funding of more than $2 billion and threatened to raise tuition if the governor and Legislature do not comply.
Brown said UC leaders are assuming a future level of state funding and tuition increases "that I think are not acceptable. We are a public university."
Dirks' benefits include an extra $30,425 a year for four years as a "relocation allowance," a yearly car allowance of $8,916, a house, and eligibility for retiree health care in five years instead of the usual 10.
Dirks' wife, Janaki Bakhle, an associate professor of history at Columbia, will also be considered for a faculty job at Cal."


PS SF Chron confirms that Zettel voted against compensation along with Brown and Newsom. fyi- Daily Cal had it wrong when they reported it was only Brown and Newsom.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board has determined that OccupyCal is dead based on their comparison with last year's activities of Occupy Cal
but they have not given their senior editorial final decision on barricading...
so there's this: Eshelman Hall Barricaded perhaps this form of 'new activism' has Daily Cal's seal of approval...

(It is funny... if we do a comparison between Daily Cal's excellent,extensive and timely reportage last year -which was en fuego (in a good way)- as compared with Daily Cal reportage this year...well, one might say that Daily Cal has gone the way of Occu--... oh we'll leave it there.)

Perhaps it is best to keep Prof. Reich's comments regarding the ebb and flow of movements in mind before deeming any movement 'dead' or using an editorial board to try to sanction some new more acceptable activism. It is very difficult to do that with movements, particularly leaderless movements.

Thought about (at 1:30 mark) Jeffrey Skoller's comments during the welcoming of Dirks today.

An extensive video collection of interviews with Dirks has been assembled by Cal. and OP has this info.

Oh Canada--Ian D. Clark: Looking to California for higher-education policy inspiration

Cal's Prop 30 Moves Prove and Grover - When Talk Was Of Investing In Public Good

Governor Brown Votes NO on Dirks Compensation

Sac Bee: Jerry Brown criticizes UC for raising new chancellor's pay
Gov. Jerry Brown returns to chide UC regents over new Cal chancellor's pay
breaking- at 11:53am
Brown will NOT vote yes because of the $50,000 salary increase for the Cal Chancellor package for Dirks.

Brown makes extensive comments on 'the new paradigm' to be created at the university at a lower cost ratio, he talks about replacing the term austerity with other terms and he says he has a special responsibility to care for $$$$ that citizens who have agreed to support Brown's measures have placed in Governor Brown.

Newsom is associating himself with Brown's comments and both say they value the quality of the candidate but that the action of the salary increase is a separate action and Newsom asks questions with regard to how these actions occur, the ins and outs of "the process".
Newsom recognizes Birgeneau and thanks him for service.

They are all referring to things they want to take on further in closed session which occurs in a few moments and then they open the meeting again. See previous post for links to listen to the meeting and view agenda.

Now, Kiefer is talking about this compensation for Cal Chancellor is comparatively lower but that he understands the politics behind the Governor's and Lt Gov.'s positions on voting.

Varner talks about private sector, foundation funds being used for the salary increase as though this is a good thing...

Yudof says he may not see eye to eye on this with Governor but says e learning, tuition levels and other issues they do see eye to eye, agrees the funding UC model is broken. Yudof says he is trying his best to find the best candidates for the job in this very very complicated and in some ways broken university.

Zettel asks for further clarification on how the process works and Gen Counsel is answering her questions on how the votes today occur and how the discussion occurs and whether or not votes will be combined.

They move on to UC Riverside Interim Chancellor compensation discussion and vote.

Brown votes yes on this compensation package (because no salary increase like the Cal Chancellor position.)

Brown and Newsom vote YES for the appointment of Dirks. They are two separate motions.

Brown, Newsom, and Zettel vote NO on the compensation of Dirks.

Appointment and compensation pass.

Yudof introduces Cal's new chancellor

Brown makes comments welcoming and harkens back to Kroeber and Quinn and his recollection of their appointments. Lansing makes comments including a comment that some UC Regents have not met Dirks yet.

Dirks makes comments - he is deeply honored etc. He says he first met Yudof on Skype over the summer when Yudof hurt his shoulder.
He talks about UC being a public institution with a public mission, highlights teaching and highlights research.
Talks of his father's work at UCSC.
He says he sees the challenges before him.
Example of UC is an example to all in higher ed nationally and internationally.
Each UC campus has different activities.
UC service to public, engage the public in UC mission is a special and important feature of UC.
He talks about Prop 30 and he praises the public for voting for it.
He also talks about being a steward of public funds and that we are all called to be excellent and accountable and keeping the public trust alive at all points.
He thanks everyone for their work in the process of his appointment
He thanks Birgeneau.
He says he is thankful and honored.
Lansing thanks him and ends the meeting.
audio ends at 12:21PM
This meeting continued to post a start time of 11am or 11:15am but it did not actually start until approx 11:45am so many may not have heard it. When/if the audio of the above becomes available it will be posted here. In the first round of Governor Brown's comments- when he explains why he is voting no- he talks at length about how UC needs to change, how it needs to strive to become more elegant. He is talking about a more elegant design of process, business, admin, educational - you need to hear it for yourself.

Brown (at the Regents meeting regular session) said he wants an 'aggressive' exchange of ideas from big thinkers during the online presentation.

...(As a side note/suggestion-if the faculty are not allowed to provide him with that during the scheduled UC Regents meeting then they should hold their own panel discussion and invite him to it.)

But it looks like there are a few willing to openly dialogue about it with him:

The Governor’s Thinking Has Become Very Uptight

and give this a close read:

Online Instruction, Budget Transparency, and the Cost of Education

tweezers, threading, waxing, plucking

it is wrong to think on these things while this is going on - which you can watch live later today.

UC Regents begin meeting in a few minutes to discuss his appointment, compensation etc.

fyi: the UC Regents page to listen to the meeting (when the 'in progress button appears') is still listing: "Upcoming Events Special Meeting: UC Board of Regents November 27, 2012 - 11:15 AM " -- but the meeting has not started yet or no audio has transmitted on it and it is now 11:40am.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"fallen under a cloud"

Daily Cal has this story where UC Berkeley and UCLA are ranked in the top five of most dangerous college campuses.

They don't mention some key background and a very specific stance regarding the Occupy movement that is held by that publication's founder -- could UC's placement in the rankings of that 'publication' perhaps be linked to UCLA and UC Berkeley's participation in Occupy etc.?
at UC Davis - is this one of those 'put out to pasture at UCOP' migrations?? where those "amid controversy"- so to speak- can claim larger roles like "represent the UC health systems in Washington, D.C., playing a role in helping define health care during this incredibly exciting moment in history."
"Some of that research has fallen under a cloud as Pomeroy's neurological surgery department became the focus of multiple investigations over the past 18 months."

- or is it another one thrown under the bus-???
Jerry Brown, Vanguard of the Digital Revolution: He Googled It by Toby Higbie, Prof. of History, UCLA

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Occupy Cal, Faces of Occupy

Anniversary reflections from Daily Cal

re: the 'hot news' today --how is it all just Tedford's fault?...

"At the University of California, the state’s real-dollar investment per student has fallen from $17,200 in 1991 to $6,100 next year. Even as real-dollar tuition has increased by a factor of seven, overall expenditures per student are down 25 percent."

Democrats Need a Huge Push to Fix Public Higher Education

it includes: "Unequal financing between private and public colleges and within the public-university systems is the major reason the United States has fallen to 16th in international comparisons of bachelor’s-degree attainment."

and "the UC Regents are considering where Proposition 30’s win will lead concretely. The most likely formula is “6+6″—that is, 6-percent increases in state financing coupled with 6-percent annual increases in tuition each year. That means next year’s budget will return one-fifth of last year’s $750-million cut. Political and academic leadership seem to have accepted the bizarre principle that, with the public sector, it is OK to cut massively but rebuild slowly."

see also this post and scroll to the the audio link and listen at the 6:00 mark.

(and it gives more detail to some news coverage that came out awhile back on how disparities between UC campuses $ for student instruction occurs-- re: the CA State Auditors findings in their report on UC) pay attention at the 16:00 mark and the UC Regent Strategic Stratification talk at the 23:00 mark and ends at the 30:00 mark.

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Is Iowa The Same As Peoria?

(as in 'will it play in...')

the folks in Iowa would freak over this detail in this letter to the editor at Daily Cal-- and it relates to the non spam comments in this post as well:

Tuition supports financial aid

The Daily Californian’s Nov. 13 op-ed“Tuition Rollbacks Will Not Hurt Financial Aid” presents an inaccurate impression of financial aid assistance provided by UC Berkeley. A review of the facts makes clear that funds from tuition provide a critical source of funding for students receiving financial aid.

While federal Pell Grants and state Cal Grants do provide important sources of financial assistance, they are not our largest source of grant funding provided to students. Last year, UC Berkeley distributed approximately $40 million in Pell Grants and $72 million in state-funded Cal Grants to our students. However, the University Student Aid Program, funded entirely through tuition and fees, provided $85 million to make UC Berkeley accessible for our neediest students. Together, these three sources of aid mean that our lowest-income students pay less to attend in 2012 than they would have in 1992 (when fewer of our students qualified for Pell Grants and when the University Student Aid Program was much smaller).

If tuition charges decreased, the above-referenced pool of $85 million would also decrease, reducing the amount of support available to provide in future years.

Tuition and fees also support our new Middle Class Access plan, which caps parental contributions for a Berkeley education at 15% of annual income in the $80,000 to $140,000 range. This fall, nearly 1,500 additional undergraduates are receiving grant aid for the first time at UC Berkeley, with an average award of $3,223.

Also of note, the figures regarding enrollment of California resident freshmen were erroneous. In Fall 2009, 3,753 new Californians were freshmen on campus, not 4,879. That number has decreased to 2,932 for Fall 2012, but the overall number of Californians who are undergraduates is actually 1,000 more than when the Chancellor took office: 21,450 total this year.

- Anne De Luca
UC Berkeley associate vice chancellor of admissions and enrollment

Thursday, November 15, 2012

OMFG David Bowie's Is There Life On Mars at UC Regents Meeting...

is playing at the UC Regents Meeting- after a presentation by the Fed mixed with LLC Labs gave a presentation on Mars Curiosity rover-- protestors began to chant "No Cuts, No Peace, Education Must be Free" --officer came on mic at around 10:11am to tell them to disperse or else (part of the new policy as a result of the events last year resulting in the crunchy and fried)-- earlier, public comment was not handled well, nurses showed up to talk and they would not allow them, they said they were jumping around on the speakers list because of time constraints, real bad form. There was a pay raise for the Lab director and Yudof interjected that the raise really should not matter to the protestors cuz it was the fed that made em do it and not CA funds...then they want reverance and silence (which the presentation got, until the protest at the very end)

this is... first the presentation on Curiosity and then David Bowie Is There Life On Mars over the UC Regent Meeting microphones--Heaven.

"Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?"

Update: Lansing comes back on to open meeting at 10:23am and apologizes for disruption- but Gov. Brown said he wanted more disruption yesterday ;-)

Regents are now back in session Finance Committee is up for discussion now...

Oh Haas....

Tech Transfer/Patents discussion - 'Regent M- Blum, Lansing, Regent M will know the outside people to talk to'
Yudof: not imperialism, colonialism
this exchange is something to listen closely to...

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Grounded In Disruption

Regents meeting will start in a few minutes, you can listen in here. and Daily Cal is live blogging the meeting.

Remaking the University has a post in response to yesterday's UC Regents Meeting
Changing Universities also has this post: The UC Regents, Governor Brown, and the Online Hail Mary

Ironic: Exactly One Year After Coming Together- UC Pushes For Online Interactions
Updated with more links and coverage:
Governor Brown called him a 'fast talker' today, also said he will be picking his brain as he(Brown) reviews UC reports etc in the coming months-- but what was most notable was how worked up Peter Taylor was today- he said the students' report was 'scurrilous' etc. and Blum tried to help him vent. Anyway, Taylor has written a response op ed in the SF Chronicle, it includes this:

As much as I love Shakespeare, I don't pretend to be qualified to teach a class on his works. Similarly, the students who have criticized the university's policies should understand that just because they are in graduate school doesn't mean they are experts in everything. Their miscalculations are outrageous. Indeed, if this level of "research" were produced for a class on finance, it would merit an "F."

Here is the report he is responding to and the op ed that the students wrote.
Taylor took umbridge at the grad students not running their findings by him or his office to get a response in advance of publishing the report or op-ed...valid point, if true.
Perhaps if there wasn't such an air of -- contempt-- there might be more of an exchange of information, ideas and explanations from UCOP to engaged students. Taylor spent a bunch of time talking about how he needed body guards in order to conduct aspects of his job at the last UC Regents meeting-- unnecessary hyperbole, hysteria interjected into a meeting that is already fraught with anxiety of students and employees and parents etc.
There is a Slumber Party at Mission Bay tonight
and Here is more coverage of the Governor's attendance at the UC Regents meeting today and LA Times Larry Gordon's UC, Calstate approve budgets that seek more state funding--Buoyed by the passage of Prop. 30, the university systems ask for the funds to boost enrollment and maintain other programs. Gov. Brown warns them to control costs.

Could this be premature- Joseph Palermo in HuffPo: Kudos to California Governor Jerry Brown
and Sac Bee:
Jerry Brown tells University of California to 'get more grounded'
Gov. Jerry Brown prodded University of California regents today to pursue online course offerings to reduce costs, saying the state's premier university system must "get more grounded" in its approach to education

Jerry Brown Tells UC Regents They Need Heroic Moves To Save Money, Such As Online Courses

The Governor did not talk -at all- today about the three open UC Regent positions and if he plans on filling them or when. Recall the governor said he felt no urgency to fill these seats - he basically said that the regents are the same ol', same ol' and don't really matter, that he didn't even really know the regents, he knew of them generally like that lady who made movies etc (Lansing) -- but today it didn't appear like that is his real position on the regents. And we know he socializes with them to watch documentary on his dad with them and to go out to dinners on the eve of regents meetings etc.

UC President Thanks Governor For Prop 30 Passage
UC's Bob Meister covered in this piece:
"Perhaps in a prior decade, prior to the great financial crisis and the creeping rise of extreme inequality and economic stagnation that seems firmly set now, back in the days of Clinton maybe, maybe even the first days of Bush II, recent graduates could reasonably expect to land jobs at pay scales making growing debt burdens worth the risk. Even then, however, the burden of debt over their lives was rising fast. It’s hard to say at what point the privatization of everything and the subjugation of the so-called 99% to the rent-seeking of the 1% passed the point of no return.

Somewhere it did, and now most of us are living impossible lives, hoping something changes. Now whole cohorts of twenty year-olds and early thirty-somethings wander about the charred economic landscape with confused looks in their eyes, able to land only menial jobs, watching Fortune 500 firms laying off tens of thousands a quarter, watching their parents struggle, seeing the unemployment and food stamp rolls burgeoning, joining those rolls."

If you want a sense of how insane the differential tuition talk can get: read this
If you want to understand a bit more about the disruption online instruction talk, read this piece. and this one too.

This Inside Higher Ed post could be headlined "Dear Jerry,"
But the universities insist that reducing costs is not the impetus for Semester Online. While they hope the program will generate some extra revenue, the provosts did not seem optimistic about online courses as a significant step in defraying the cost and funding problems that have led to steep tuition rises in recent years.

But the universities insist that reducing costs is not the impetus for Semester Online. While they hope the program will generate some extra revenue, the provosts did not seem optimistic about online courses as a significant step in defraying the cost and funding problems that have led to steep tuition rises in recent years. "Do I think that having available of these types of courses will be able to allow us to lower tuition to the full Duke experience?" says Lange, the Duke provost. The answer is no. "It may slow the growth," he continued, but "I don’t think it’s going to lead to a reduction.”

This is the way Merced press cover UC capital projects funding.
Sixteen Tons or Loretta

View more videos at:

and this also is part of the story from NBC Bay Area.

Jerry and UC's Fast Talkers

Update: Audio from Morning Regents Meeting with Gov. -Here is Audio from the Afternoon Section of UC Regents Meeting -Governor Brown appears to be staying for the full day, he did not leave at the lunch break and is continuing to engage during the afternoon session. The Regents have now moved to closed session for the rest of the day. They will have their dinner tonight where they will apparently laud Tim White and schmooze. The UC Regents meet again tomorrow morning.
Original Post:
The UCOP Dog and Pony special effects show put on for the Gov.
Then, Finance Committee and then Online Instruction discussion took the whole UC system -- what's a word for it-- nuclear - that could be a word. Many, many, many, many stakeholders are going to latch on to several different exchanges that took place and included Governor Brown's comments and the Governor's inquiry as well.

e.g. one example of one exchange included the scheduling of UC Regents agenda item in the next several months where online instruction pioneers (from outside UC) will make a presentation to the regents to show how to expand UC online instruction and then a suggestion to have some professors give a counter opinion to that presentation by outside experts and an additional panel to inform on how UC is currently involved in online **for credit** courses. Loans for previous attempts at online were brushed over...Birgeneau tried to interject some comment and said that the UC Regents are in a conversation that is in a bit of a disconnect from what is happening on campuses.

Regent Pattiz wants to be considered a subject matter expert (based on his outside privately owned businesses) on this and to have a hand in picking outside experts who present.

Island warns about Regent over step into curriculum development.

Lansing claims a subject matter expert status b/c she was a (grade school) teacher but does not mention her own UC online program.
(Lansing also made comments differentiating UC faculty as UC "research faculty" from other types of UC non research faculty etc. in discussing teaching loads)
Keiffer and Blum beat the drum on online too (Blum's ownership of stock on outside online instruction businesses is not discussed as part of this either) .

Later Gov Brown links tuition buy out (a request to state) to students' pro or con positions on online instruction...(thinking on it a bit more...the gov might be operating on a faulty premise where he thinks students should take positions similar to day traders; and another faulty premise that uses that simplified 'online is disruptive, and disruptive is now' line -Brown says students should tend toward this 'disruption'- which would mean that Brown misses the fact that we -collectively- are now into creative and strategic 'disruption', not just disruption for disruption sake)

Daily Cal is live blogging - but not catching everything, cuz there is sooo much to catch. Will post audio and coverage here in this post when available, will update asap.

Too Sexy or Give It To Me Baby?

Cal Buzz--Too Sexy-- to be true: Sexy Story, That Youth Carried Prop. 30, is a Myth

Daily Cal details the Give It To Me Baby:

The board’s Committee on Grounds and Buildings approved the university’s 2013-14 Budget for State Capital Improvements, which requests $788.5 million from the state to fund 39 capital projects across the system.

If approved by the state legislature, approximately $432.7 million would go toward designing and constructing new academic facilities at various campuses while the other $355.8 million would be allocated to improving existing campus infrastructure and to projects addressing seismic-safety issues.

Since the economic crisis in 2008, state funding for university capital projects has slowed to a trickle, halting ongoing capital planning and causing a backup of incomplete construction projects. According to UC Vice President for Budget Patrick Lenz, campuses will have to find other sources of funding for their capital projects if state support remains insufficient.

and SF Chron told us: "the regents are not expected to delay voting on a budget proposal for next year that includes a provision to raise tuition across UC unless the state allocates $126.5 million in 2013-14 on top of other expected increases from the state."

Rick James...
Regents Meeting Happening Now and agenda here.
PS Chico State's party rep used to be a running joke, but it isn't funny anymore- and points to some real pain going on in students lives.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fees, What Fees?

The Governor wishes to come to CSU Trustees and UC Regents meetings without all the drama

Cal State and UC fee hikes off the table, for now

also see At Guv's Request UC Delays Plans To Raise Fees
he wishes to condole with Trustees, Regents over state disinvestment in public higher ed --
oh, yeah, and he also wants to take a victory lap for himself on Prop 30 at the Trustee and Regent tables...

Fees talk yanked for his visit-- when does it come back as an agenda item for the Regents meeting?

but remember: "the regents are not expected to delay voting on a budget proposal for next year that includes a provision to raise tuition across UC unless the state allocates $126.5 million in 2013-14 on top of other expected increases from the state."

here is the statement from OP- btw, they updated their site - the pastels at the top of the page, not so hot-- but check it out.

Occupy Prop. 30 Passage

or somethin' like that:
Prop. 30 Funds Will Go To Wall Street

"Now these swaps have turned out to be losing bets. UC is taking huge losses because interest rates plummeted following the financial crisis of 2008 - allegedly in part because of illegal manipulation by the same banks that sold the swaps - and have stayed at record lows. Swap deals already have cost UC nearly $57 million, with $200 million more in losses anticipated. Of the $250 million UC expects to receive from Prop. 30, some $10 million a year will go to swaps payments unless the deals are ended.

In other words, the UC Regents forgot the first rule of casino gambling: The house always wins. Now the rest of us are paying the price."

Here is a direct link to the report Swapping Our Future (it runs about 11 pages) by the following authors:

Charlie Eaton is a Javits Fellow and a doctoral student in Sociology at UC Berkeley. His other research interests concern political institutions and economic inequality in the U.S.

Jacob Habinek is a PhD candidate in Sociology at UC Berkeley. He holds a Master’s in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin. His research interests include the development of the market for mortgage-backed securities.

Mukul Kumar is a doctoral student in City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley. He holds an M.Phil from the University of Cambridge and his research interests are in political economy and public finance.

Tamera Lee Stover is a PhD candidate in Sociology at UC Berkeley and a Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies Graduate Fellow. Her other research interests include ethnic boundaries and immigrant attachments.

Alexander Roehrkasse is a doctoral student in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. His current research focuses on the development of credit markets and inequality in the United States.

and Remaking the University has The UC Regents' Budget: The Trouble with the Prop 30 Norm:
"What we have had for years, and what we will continue to have with the Prop 30 track, is de facto privatization. It is privatization American style, will a hefty dose of public subsidy, but however much we don't like to say it, that is what it is.

This won't work, it sticks us with a new normal of assured mediocrity, its coping mechanisms will suppress new state investment, and it guarantees that students and faculty will gradually seek and find better venues than UC for that unique prerequisite to a non-plutocratic society that we call public higher ed. We now need to fight the Prop 30 norm as hard as we worked to install it. "

Friday, November 9, 2012

Updated: Cal's Bob Baer mentions

Update: word is (from Slate) her name is Paula (that name again) and it all started with her...dissertation- Princeton dodged a hot mess. And, if true, there is all sorts of irony in reading the LinkedIn profile and more here.

Original Post:
that Sept story about Princeton President role for Patraeus --but now Baer mentions/highlights it (to CNN) as maybe an exit strategy for him over Benghazi- but Baer is also thinking about it in retrospect given this breaking news today.

'The Princetonian article, by Teddy Schleifer, a junior politics major from Delaware, was based in part on the views of Princeton-connected friends of the C.I.A. director who believe that his ultimate interest in the job is real."

Of Note: Student newspapers gettin' the skinny...higher ed leadership positions as an exit strategy for so many in other sectors... a presidency here, a chancellor position there...-- but what about understanding the mission of higher ed?

Bob Baer tells CNN it is a larger story...alludes to the Princeton job as perhaps an exit plan over Benghazi blame. Patraeus went through confirmation pretty easily- he was well liked by both sides.

Strangely enough, it does not require much to pivot from Generals in higher ed and former CIA Cal alums to: this post from Reclaim UC, a pretty moving speech given by Professor Geoffrey O'Brien on Sproul Plaza, during the walkout on November 8 yesterday
-- at Cal that pivot is not too difficult to make, it is part of the Berkeley jazz that frequently comes as a surprise to many.


yes, getting soaked in a number of ways- see:
life is not rosy after 30 (prop 30, that is)
a pretty good crowd given that it was pouring:
see photos here

ABC Local coverage on it

CBS Local coverage on it

SF Chron coverage on it

Inside Bay Area coverage

Daily Cal coverage

yes, next week is, indeed, UC Regents meeting-- discussion of the raising of fees...

important to remember the graduate student dynamic
questions for the day:
is it “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” or, is it- 'damn kids, get off my lawn'?

and, is it fiscal cliff or gentle mountain?
Birgeneau talks smelling of grandmothers’ underwear lavender. (just watch)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nicholas Dirks- Cal's New Chancellor?

Nicholas Dirks selected as next UC Berkeley chancellor

Cal held back this news til after the Prop 30 vote?

looks like it- see: Campus Launches Partnership with Tsinghua University

“As a public university, we see the Tsinghua-Berkeley partnership representing our first major international commitment in China,” said Birgeneau at the signing ceremony held in Beijing. “With it, we would like to initiate a new pattern of American university presence in China. This presence will be about the pragmatic creation of common educational benefits for the students of Berkeley and Tsinghua. It will also be about the incremental enhancement of opportunities for trans-national and cross-cultural research and learning.”
"UC Berkeley has also established the Tsinghua-Berkeley Fund to receive donations to support activities in the partnership."

this happened several days back-if you go to Tsinghua site it is confirmed- but it looks like UC Berkeley waited 'til the day after Prop 30 passed to release this news... Wouldn't it be better to address it head on so that more supporters of Cal get a fuller understanding of: why, strategy, curriculum? Some have world views of their own- where developments like this make them question- to put it kindly. In order for bipartisanship, cooperation, support of UC to occur there has to be transparency, real dialogue on such developments.
A while back Cal's SPH Donor Li Ka-shing was briefly mentioned in this story. Some wonder did these sorts of investments pay for any part of that Cal building? Some will never know.
As a counter on the above melange, take a look at this recent Daily Cal story on former Cal Chancellor Chang Lin Tien history...
Yudof and Lansing give comments on the outcome of Prop 30 and Birgeneau gives his own comments.
and Davis Vanguard gives some breakdown from last night -- and mentions connection to Rep Lois Capps (she is also UCOP's Nathan Brostrom's mom in law from his first marriage to Lisa Capps, an asst prof from Cal who passed away).

The Vanguard piece touches on a number of state races - which calls to mind the race to replace Dreier, the Lundgren race - so much of note...state assembly super-majority-- what results from that something good, bad, unchecked? Prudence of Joseph-- austerity?
Robert Reich told CNN's Suzanne Malveaux yesterday that he is willing to serve in President Obama's second term administration/cabinet if called to serve - Malveaux asked him to weigh in on potential new secretary of treasury nominees and then she asked if he was willing to fill a position if asked- he said yes. (What about Cal?) Good for him.

Old Europe, New Europe (remember that?) and bearish Apple bumped the market the day after the election- just to make it even more interesting.
In case you, for some reason, don't know it yet-(unlikely) - there is going to be a push to talk Benghazi 24/7 to muddy the waters for POTUS and Secretary Clinton of 2016 fame- it will be Benghazi all the time. It will be unrelenting and it will be about the dirtiest kind of politics and not much about any real concern for the life of UC's Chris Stevens and his colleagues who died in service alongside him that horrible night.

Bipartisanship (in the midst of fiscal cliffs) should start with removing the politics of that investigation - but that is just

wishful, wishful thinking.
Former SF Mayor -Da Mayor- Willie Brown talked with Lawrence Kudlow about "a blessing by the people" and sunsets on Prop 30...Willie said he would like to help Munger go after the folks who led her down the path of Prop 38.
(fyi Kudlow hated on Amtrak in the midst of Hurricane Sandy coverage to get a sense of that show's content.)
Predicting the UC Tuition Rates- take a look at how the headlines are reading:

Huffington Post
"After Prop 30 Passes, California State Universities Plan To Roll Back Tuition"

San Francisco Chronicle
"Despite Prop. 30, student fees may rise"

A few days before the election, Nate Silver told Maria Bartiromo that he is a gambler-analyst not a journalist in the traditional sense-- that brought great comfort in his predictions...haha
PS - have to agree this is dead space but there are signs of life here.

and- an update this failed - Investor Nicolas Berggruen was Prop. 31's most influential financial backer, -background: Berggruen's backing and policy analysts included former CA governors and some UC faculty- including some high profile B School faculty-- but we don't hear a peep on this effort.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

UC: "Our Public Character"

the immediate crisis averted on Prop 30-- but still have to figure out the answers to the questions on the Public Character of UC- do we need a new UC for a "New" America?

Election will have powerful impact on UC-Cuts in state funding have taken toll on public education By John Wilton and George Breslauer
"We believe it is our responsibility to both inform and engage the campus on what the future may hold, and to explain the steps we are taking to ensure that we protect, as best we can, our public character and our standards of access and excellence. That is why we are trying to reach out to as many students, faculty and staff as we can to discuss important issues, answer questions and address concerns. Every member of our senior management team has been reaching out to groups that they serve to engage in a dialogue. For example, our colleagues in Student Affairs are helping to organize forums around important issues."

is this real? are they listening system-wide?:

University Probe wants to talk about the Hewlett Chairs - and what the Hewlett Chairs portend...
- better than buildings?! see UCLA Fac blog.

-- Remaking the University also has a new post.

Recalling Last November(?)-- A WalkOut

Maybe, think about YOUR next four years and beyond, good stuff -- as the economy improves folks will be rethinking their workplaces, including at Cal.

PS-- the youth vote actually might be larger than 2008-- keep checking the updated facts on that...

POTUS:"The Best Is Yet To Come"- finish that off with- your pick- a question mark or an exclamation point

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dirty Money Reveal in CA

It does not matter if CA is a swing state or not- CA elections are as much at risk as other states currently experiencing voter suppression:
'Dark Money' Group In Arizona Discloses Donors As Other 'Dark Money' Groups

Friday, November 2, 2012

Updated: Chat today-but Don't Chew (or smoke)-with Mark Yudof

President Yudof to hold live web chat for UC faculty and staff Friday, Nov. 2

UCLA To Become First Tobacco-Free UC Campus

Could this play into Prop 30?: LA Loses $40 Million Of Race To The Top Funds Because Of Teachers' Union Resistance To Evaluations

Low income voters may save Gov. Gandalf's ass(Brown)

Video streaming by Ustream
on the chat here are some highlight bits of info:

Chancellor search for UC Berkeley- Yudof will announce the name of his pick late next week likely.

Yudof says Birgeneau will likely need to stay on into 2013 b/c the nominee will not be able to start in Jan 2013 (the nominee has a two career family and children)- Yudof says that this pick is a consensus pick, everyone liked this candidate.

Interim UC Riverside Chancellor will be hired as interim for UCR while doing a search for who to permanently replace White.

(btw Yudof is wearing an arm brace, he turned 68 on Oct 30- he wanted to ask the staff advisors questions too but they said it was against the rules)

these are the questions being sent in so far- previous chats have not archived the on line chat so we are copy and pasting here fyi:
11:55 segaman098-1: Cool thanks!
11:58 uclabruin77: hi
11:58 egran001-1: Hello uclabruin77
12:00 egran001-1: We're starting in just a minute
12:00 segaman098-1: Huzzah!
12:02 egran001-1: Please feel free to type in your questions here
12:05 egran001-1: Hello everyone, during the chat, feel free to ask a question in this chat window, and our moderators on screen will ask President Yudof.
12:05 egran001-1: We will try to answer everyone’s questions during the time we have.
12:07 robinlt: as an employee who has received emails from both you and chancellor block, I am very upset that you are telling staff in email the negative impact to the UC's by Prop 30
12:07 robinlt: you say then "we can't tell you how to vote" but of course the email is widely seen as a vote YES to Prop 30.
12:08 robinlt: Given that the state funds us, why are you even allowed to support a proposition that benefits the UC?
12:08 robinlt: That is obviously a biased support position.
12:14 pmeagher: How is UC doing as far as hiring world class faculty--will a failure of Prop 30 make it more difficult for UC to keep faculty salaries competitive?
12:14 csmac: Have the UC unions agreed to the new pension tier?
12:15 gailford: represented staff are getting increases ... why should non-represented staff take 100% of the hit?
Now Yudof is talking about climate surveys etc

Yudof says he will uphold the First amendment and it sometimes affects climate etc

UC so driven by labor costs
12:18 csmac: Also... what is the status of UC's efforts to get a multi-year deal with the state?
12:19 segaman098-1: I feel like he's said one more question a couple of times haha
12:20 uclabruin77-1: Recently more info about the new retirement tier came out and is now approved by the regents. I want to know what the UC will do for younger long-term employees in terms of retention or moral building
12:20 uclabruin77-1: Could there be something like a buyback plan for long term employees (say at least 10 years with UC) to be “grandfathered” into the current retiree health plan?
12:20 uclabruin77-1: I am a 35 year old employee with 12.5 years of UC credit, but because my age plus UC credit JUST BARELY fell short of the “50” requirement.
12:20 uclabruin77-1: I will not be able to get my 100% health benefit unless I stay at the university for 43 years (until I’m 65… I started when I was 22!), MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount of years if I was grandfathered.
12:21 uclabruin77-1: On the flip side a colleague of mine has only been with UCLA for 5 years, and is now 45 years old will be grandfathered. This seems to be discriminatory because of ones age.
12:22 jmpham: will subsidized loans return for grad students or future grad students if prop 30 passes?
12:23 egran001-1: Just a reminder to our 197 guests - if anyone would like to ask a question, you need to create and/or sign in to create a ustream account
12:23 gailford: the humanities need the facilities too -- libraries and library resources
12:23 segaman098-1: Agreed gailford!
12:23 egran001-1: Hi jmpham - could you clarify your question or give us an example?
12:24 jmpham: i believe all subsidized loans are cut for grad students
12:24 jmpham: will these loans return?
12:25 egran001-1: Thanks jmpham -
12:26 jmpham: i understand the emphasis to have people at least get an undergrad degree

Yudof is now talking tuition and tuition increase process and budget process

preposed questions "why has not more been done to put importance on all levels of education" or something like that

UC achieves research breakthroughs routinely but within current economic climate

Yudof says people don't want to pay for it

staff represented by unions have received increases but non represented have not -- this issue comes up again as another question - important to note that the staff advisors MUST be non represented so the represented staff are not allowed to pick the questions in this "chat"

12:27 jmpham: but the more educated the people are the better. And we shouldn't just forget those who want to strive to say become a doctor or a pharmacist but can't afford it w/o subsidized loans
12:28 segaman098-1: Due to the economy the UC's are becoming more privatised. Is anything being done to combat the negative effects of privatisation as discovered by many researchs in the UC system?
12:28 segaman098-1: *privatized
12:28 segaman098-1: and *privitization
12:28 segaman098-1: and *researchers >_>
12:29 segaman098-1: Let's pretend I know how to spell... *privatization
12:29 egran001-1: In case anyone need sto create an account - you can at
12:29 robinlt: what is your plan to encourage the unions to support the retirement plan and/or to reduce the increases to represented staff so that there are funds available for non-represented staff?
12:31 VeroB19-1: If UC Employees can’t get raises, can we get easier policies that make it easy for staff to go back to school, preferably at the very UCS we work at, discounts, flexible scheduling, etc.
12:32 uclabruin77-1: So can there be something like a buyback plan for long term employees (say at least 10 years with UC) to be “grandfathered” into the current retiree health plan?
12:33 csmac: Why is UC increasing out-of-state enrollments? Aren't we taking spots from California students? Seems like that makes it harder to get state support.
12:35 uclabruin77-1: Hi Kathy, I want to clarify that this is abuot people who are just barely falling short from qualifying for the old retirement health plan

Yudof says he is not inclined to give up character of UC or to give furloughs again
Yudof says he is not planning to sell any campuses right now (hyperbole/alarmist?)
Yudof says he is not hostile to Prop 38 but when he looks at the budget impact the UC would fair better under Prop 30
Yudof believes leadership programs should be available widely - shame on UC if that is not done
He earlier said his first concern is getting unrepresented staff merit increase/raises
12:37 robinlt: what are your views on proposition 32?
12:40 jmpham: Have we made any headwind to utilize online classes as a means to educate students and provide them credit towards a UC Degree in the future
12:41 jmpham: Per the last webcast i believe that we were behind on this idea.
Yudof says it may be that UC has fewer employees with better compensation as the new model

Yudof says if CA is willing to pay for CA residents to attend UC then UC will accept them but the state does not pay for them right now - in response to the rise in out of state students being enrolled at UC
12:42 emb03: work at home for those of us who can to save time and gas money
12:42 emb03: 2 days a week
12:42 emb03: make it mandatory
12:43 robinlt: isn't the reason we lose money on each california student because of the huge shortfall in pension funds that need to be made up? employees and the UC didn't contribute to the pension for 20+ years..
12:43 davisalum09: Can the UC save money by concentrating subjects/majors at a fewer number of campuses thereby creating campuses that "specialize" in certain subjects instead of having each campus do everything.
12:44 emb03: work at home allows staff to save money if raises are not possible
12:44 emb03: and time
12:44 davisalum09: in the absence of state support, how can we increase private support of the UC system on the scale and magnitude of private universities that have significantly larger endowments but smaller populatio
12:45 davisalum09: how can the UC better work with the CSU and community college levels to share resources, buying power and save both students and the system money?
12:47 emb03: what is all that noise in the background?
12:47 emb03: nevermind

Yudof takes umbridge to the characterization of the -'UC online debacle'- he says it is not a debacle and Yudof is most concerned with making online for credit and possibly also available to CSU students as well he talks MOOCS, Carnegie, USC etc models for compare contrast

Yudof disagrees with question on the privatization of UC - he says the price can't deem it to be privatized- he says Stanford serves a public interest-
12:48 VeroB19: UC Prop 30 is only valid until about 2016 for sales tax and 2018 for the increase for indivudal taxes for certain people, does UC have a longer term plan?
12:53 davisalum09: beyond tuition, a huge cost of attending college are living expenses. HOw can the UC either directly or working with others do to help reduce those living costs
12:54 studentparent: How can we ensure a world quality faculty, when tenured professors, upon retirement, are being replaced by non-tenure track lecturers? What are the incentives for desirable candidates to join us here?
12:56 Gemaqi: Even with the new tiered retirement benefits, are our pensions vulnerable given the regular attacks on government pension programs.
12:56 jmpham: What is being done to attract Grad students. Since there are no longer subsidized loans. How can we make Grad Education a bigger priority>

Yudof:we need to emphasize the need for unrestricted gifts, corporate scholarship campaign for middle class youngsters- -but may not be able to ever compete with Harvard Princeton for the same $$ in donations

Yudof:Have to be more responsible for how we handle peaceful protests, better training for chancellors and police chiefs - he thinks CSU and UC should pay for it together rather than make the systems pay twice for the same training

Yudof:solidify position with state possible UC's own proposition necessary

in what looks like a preplanned closing question - Yudof is asked to riff on 1960 and master plan

Yudof says he thought CA master plan was brilliant, tiered good - but not funded

Yudof mentions conversation with Peter Schrag about master plan origins

one last question on pensions - he says "i think we're okay" - but need larger contributions
1:02 egran001-1: Thank you all for your questions!

Dystopians, Declinists and Erring, Fabulous Cali

but first:

Controversial For-Profit College Industry Using Your Tax Dollars to Support Romney Victory

On Ex Officio, Regent Appointing Governor Brown:
Some call him incoherent, question the old guard, criticize how he campaigns - but: AUDIO here he is with remarks and coverage from his talk at the Commonwealth Club
Gov. Jerry Brown has no patience for 'dystopians and declinists'
Governor campaigns for Prop. 30, attacks critics of state
"His years at a Catholic seminary taught him to study his own flaws endlessly, he joked, but "California in addition to erring has made some fabulous decisions, and our collective will ... will not be slowed by the skeptics, the declinists and those fearful individuals who can't see where they are: the greatest place in the world."

Yes Gavin pokes at him, and yes there are other polls on Prop 30...

here is the positive in Prop 30 from Sac Bee

and there is this update on the CSU Scorecard issue

and there is this latest on UC Davis pepper spray:
“If anything happens to any student while we’re in violation of policy, it’s a very tough thing to overcome,” Katehi said in her interview.