Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"At the University of California, the state’s real-dollar investment per student has fallen from $17,200 in 1991 to $6,100 next year. Even as real-dollar tuition has increased by a factor of seven, overall expenditures per student are down 25 percent."

Democrats Need a Huge Push to Fix Public Higher Education

it includes: "Unequal financing between private and public colleges and within the public-university systems is the major reason the United States has fallen to 16th in international comparisons of bachelor’s-degree attainment."

and "the UC Regents are considering where Proposition 30’s win will lead concretely. The most likely formula is “6+6″—that is, 6-percent increases in state financing coupled with 6-percent annual increases in tuition each year. That means next year’s budget will return one-fifth of last year’s $750-million cut. Political and academic leadership seem to have accepted the bizarre principle that, with the public sector, it is OK to cut massively but rebuild slowly."

see also this post and scroll to the the audio link and listen at the 6:00 mark.

(and it gives more detail to some news coverage that came out awhile back on how disparities between UC campuses $ for student instruction occurs-- re: the CA State Auditors findings in their report on UC) pay attention at the 16:00 mark and the UC Regent Strategic Stratification talk at the 23:00 mark and ends at the 30:00 mark.

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