Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board has determined that OccupyCal is dead based on their comparison with last year's activities of Occupy Cal
but they have not given their senior editorial final decision on barricading...
so there's this: Eshelman Hall Barricaded perhaps this form of 'new activism' has Daily Cal's seal of approval...

(It is funny... if we do a comparison between Daily Cal's excellent,extensive and timely reportage last year -which was en fuego (in a good way)- as compared with Daily Cal reportage this year...well, one might say that Daily Cal has gone the way of Occu--... oh we'll leave it there.)

Perhaps it is best to keep Prof. Reich's comments regarding the ebb and flow of movements in mind before deeming any movement 'dead' or using an editorial board to try to sanction some new more acceptable activism. It is very difficult to do that with movements, particularly leaderless movements.

Thought about (at 1:30 mark) Jeffrey Skoller's comments during the welcoming of Dirks today.

An extensive video collection of interviews with Dirks has been assembled by Cal. and OP has this info.

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