Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cal held back this news til after the Prop 30 vote?

looks like it- see: Campus Launches Partnership with Tsinghua University

“As a public university, we see the Tsinghua-Berkeley partnership representing our first major international commitment in China,” said Birgeneau at the signing ceremony held in Beijing. “With it, we would like to initiate a new pattern of American university presence in China. This presence will be about the pragmatic creation of common educational benefits for the students of Berkeley and Tsinghua. It will also be about the incremental enhancement of opportunities for trans-national and cross-cultural research and learning.”
"UC Berkeley has also established the Tsinghua-Berkeley Fund to receive donations to support activities in the partnership."

this happened several days back-if you go to Tsinghua site it is confirmed- but it looks like UC Berkeley waited 'til the day after Prop 30 passed to release this news... Wouldn't it be better to address it head on so that more supporters of Cal get a fuller understanding of: why, strategy, curriculum? Some have world views of their own- where developments like this make them question- to put it kindly. In order for bipartisanship, cooperation, support of UC to occur there has to be transparency, real dialogue on such developments.
A while back Cal's SPH Donor Li Ka-shing was briefly mentioned in this story. Some wonder did these sorts of investments pay for any part of that Cal building? Some will never know.
As a counter on the above melange, take a look at this recent Daily Cal story on former Cal Chancellor Chang Lin Tien history...
Yudof and Lansing give comments on the outcome of Prop 30 and Birgeneau gives his own comments.
and Davis Vanguard gives some breakdown from last night -- and mentions connection to Rep Lois Capps (she is also UCOP's Nathan Brostrom's mom in law from his first marriage to Lisa Capps, an asst prof from Cal who passed away).

The Vanguard piece touches on a number of state races - which calls to mind the race to replace Dreier, the Lundgren race - so much of note...state assembly super-majority-- what results from that something good, bad, unchecked? Prudence of Joseph-- austerity?
Robert Reich told CNN's Suzanne Malveaux yesterday that he is willing to serve in President Obama's second term administration/cabinet if called to serve - Malveaux asked him to weigh in on potential new secretary of treasury nominees and then she asked if he was willing to fill a position if asked- he said yes. (What about Cal?) Good for him.

Old Europe, New Europe (remember that?) and bearish Apple bumped the market the day after the election- just to make it even more interesting.
In case you, for some reason, don't know it yet-(unlikely) - there is going to be a push to talk Benghazi 24/7 to muddy the waters for POTUS and Secretary Clinton of 2016 fame- it will be Benghazi all the time. It will be unrelenting and it will be about the dirtiest kind of politics and not much about any real concern for the life of UC's Chris Stevens and his colleagues who died in service alongside him that horrible night.

Bipartisanship (in the midst of fiscal cliffs) should start with removing the politics of that investigation - but that is just

wishful, wishful thinking.
Former SF Mayor -Da Mayor- Willie Brown talked with Lawrence Kudlow about "a blessing by the people" and sunsets on Prop 30...Willie said he would like to help Munger go after the folks who led her down the path of Prop 38.
(fyi Kudlow hated on Amtrak in the midst of Hurricane Sandy coverage to get a sense of that show's content.)
Predicting the UC Tuition Rates- take a look at how the headlines are reading:

Huffington Post
"After Prop 30 Passes, California State Universities Plan To Roll Back Tuition"

San Francisco Chronicle
"Despite Prop. 30, student fees may rise"

A few days before the election, Nate Silver told Maria Bartiromo that he is a gambler-analyst not a journalist in the traditional sense-- that brought great comfort in his predictions...haha
PS - have to agree this is dead space but there are signs of life here.

and- an update this failed - Investor Nicolas Berggruen was Prop. 31's most influential financial backer, -background: Berggruen's backing and policy analysts included former CA governors and some UC faculty- including some high profile B School faculty-- but we don't hear a peep on this effort.

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