Friday, November 9, 2012

Updated: Cal's Bob Baer mentions

Update: word is (from Slate) her name is Paula (that name again) and it all started with her...dissertation- Princeton dodged a hot mess. And, if true, there is all sorts of irony in reading the LinkedIn profile and more here.

Original Post:
that Sept story about Princeton President role for Patraeus --but now Baer mentions/highlights it (to CNN) as maybe an exit strategy for him over Benghazi- but Baer is also thinking about it in retrospect given this breaking news today.

'The Princetonian article, by Teddy Schleifer, a junior politics major from Delaware, was based in part on the views of Princeton-connected friends of the C.I.A. director who believe that his ultimate interest in the job is real."

Of Note: Student newspapers gettin' the skinny...higher ed leadership positions as an exit strategy for so many in other sectors... a presidency here, a chancellor position there...-- but what about understanding the mission of higher ed?

Bob Baer tells CNN it is a larger story...alludes to the Princeton job as perhaps an exit plan over Benghazi blame. Patraeus went through confirmation pretty easily- he was well liked by both sides.

Strangely enough, it does not require much to pivot from Generals in higher ed and former CIA Cal alums to: this post from Reclaim UC, a pretty moving speech given by Professor Geoffrey O'Brien on Sproul Plaza, during the walkout on November 8 yesterday
-- at Cal that pivot is not too difficult to make, it is part of the Berkeley jazz that frequently comes as a surprise to many.

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