Friday, November 2, 2012

Updated: Chat today-but Don't Chew (or smoke)-with Mark Yudof

President Yudof to hold live web chat for UC faculty and staff Friday, Nov. 2

UCLA To Become First Tobacco-Free UC Campus

Could this play into Prop 30?: LA Loses $40 Million Of Race To The Top Funds Because Of Teachers' Union Resistance To Evaluations

Low income voters may save Gov. Gandalf's ass(Brown)

Video streaming by Ustream
on the chat here are some highlight bits of info:

Chancellor search for UC Berkeley- Yudof will announce the name of his pick late next week likely.

Yudof says Birgeneau will likely need to stay on into 2013 b/c the nominee will not be able to start in Jan 2013 (the nominee has a two career family and children)- Yudof says that this pick is a consensus pick, everyone liked this candidate.

Interim UC Riverside Chancellor will be hired as interim for UCR while doing a search for who to permanently replace White.

(btw Yudof is wearing an arm brace, he turned 68 on Oct 30- he wanted to ask the staff advisors questions too but they said it was against the rules)

these are the questions being sent in so far- previous chats have not archived the on line chat so we are copy and pasting here fyi:
11:55 segaman098-1: Cool thanks!
11:58 uclabruin77: hi
11:58 egran001-1: Hello uclabruin77
12:00 egran001-1: We're starting in just a minute
12:00 segaman098-1: Huzzah!
12:02 egran001-1: Please feel free to type in your questions here
12:05 egran001-1: Hello everyone, during the chat, feel free to ask a question in this chat window, and our moderators on screen will ask President Yudof.
12:05 egran001-1: We will try to answer everyone’s questions during the time we have.
12:07 robinlt: as an employee who has received emails from both you and chancellor block, I am very upset that you are telling staff in email the negative impact to the UC's by Prop 30
12:07 robinlt: you say then "we can't tell you how to vote" but of course the email is widely seen as a vote YES to Prop 30.
12:08 robinlt: Given that the state funds us, why are you even allowed to support a proposition that benefits the UC?
12:08 robinlt: That is obviously a biased support position.
12:14 pmeagher: How is UC doing as far as hiring world class faculty--will a failure of Prop 30 make it more difficult for UC to keep faculty salaries competitive?
12:14 csmac: Have the UC unions agreed to the new pension tier?
12:15 gailford: represented staff are getting increases ... why should non-represented staff take 100% of the hit?
Now Yudof is talking about climate surveys etc

Yudof says he will uphold the First amendment and it sometimes affects climate etc

UC so driven by labor costs
12:18 csmac: Also... what is the status of UC's efforts to get a multi-year deal with the state?
12:19 segaman098-1: I feel like he's said one more question a couple of times haha
12:20 uclabruin77-1: Recently more info about the new retirement tier came out and is now approved by the regents. I want to know what the UC will do for younger long-term employees in terms of retention or moral building
12:20 uclabruin77-1: Could there be something like a buyback plan for long term employees (say at least 10 years with UC) to be “grandfathered” into the current retiree health plan?
12:20 uclabruin77-1: I am a 35 year old employee with 12.5 years of UC credit, but because my age plus UC credit JUST BARELY fell short of the “50” requirement.
12:20 uclabruin77-1: I will not be able to get my 100% health benefit unless I stay at the university for 43 years (until I’m 65… I started when I was 22!), MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount of years if I was grandfathered.
12:21 uclabruin77-1: On the flip side a colleague of mine has only been with UCLA for 5 years, and is now 45 years old will be grandfathered. This seems to be discriminatory because of ones age.
12:22 jmpham: will subsidized loans return for grad students or future grad students if prop 30 passes?
12:23 egran001-1: Just a reminder to our 197 guests - if anyone would like to ask a question, you need to create and/or sign in to create a ustream account
12:23 gailford: the humanities need the facilities too -- libraries and library resources
12:23 segaman098-1: Agreed gailford!
12:23 egran001-1: Hi jmpham - could you clarify your question or give us an example?
12:24 jmpham: i believe all subsidized loans are cut for grad students
12:24 jmpham: will these loans return?
12:25 egran001-1: Thanks jmpham -
12:26 jmpham: i understand the emphasis to have people at least get an undergrad degree

Yudof is now talking tuition and tuition increase process and budget process

preposed questions "why has not more been done to put importance on all levels of education" or something like that

UC achieves research breakthroughs routinely but within current economic climate

Yudof says people don't want to pay for it

staff represented by unions have received increases but non represented have not -- this issue comes up again as another question - important to note that the staff advisors MUST be non represented so the represented staff are not allowed to pick the questions in this "chat"

12:27 jmpham: but the more educated the people are the better. And we shouldn't just forget those who want to strive to say become a doctor or a pharmacist but can't afford it w/o subsidized loans
12:28 segaman098-1: Due to the economy the UC's are becoming more privatised. Is anything being done to combat the negative effects of privatisation as discovered by many researchs in the UC system?
12:28 segaman098-1: *privatized
12:28 segaman098-1: and *privitization
12:28 segaman098-1: and *researchers >_>
12:29 segaman098-1: Let's pretend I know how to spell... *privatization
12:29 egran001-1: In case anyone need sto create an account - you can at
12:29 robinlt: what is your plan to encourage the unions to support the retirement plan and/or to reduce the increases to represented staff so that there are funds available for non-represented staff?
12:31 VeroB19-1: If UC Employees can’t get raises, can we get easier policies that make it easy for staff to go back to school, preferably at the very UCS we work at, discounts, flexible scheduling, etc.
12:32 uclabruin77-1: So can there be something like a buyback plan for long term employees (say at least 10 years with UC) to be “grandfathered” into the current retiree health plan?
12:33 csmac: Why is UC increasing out-of-state enrollments? Aren't we taking spots from California students? Seems like that makes it harder to get state support.
12:35 uclabruin77-1: Hi Kathy, I want to clarify that this is abuot people who are just barely falling short from qualifying for the old retirement health plan

Yudof says he is not inclined to give up character of UC or to give furloughs again
Yudof says he is not planning to sell any campuses right now (hyperbole/alarmist?)
Yudof says he is not hostile to Prop 38 but when he looks at the budget impact the UC would fair better under Prop 30
Yudof believes leadership programs should be available widely - shame on UC if that is not done
He earlier said his first concern is getting unrepresented staff merit increase/raises
12:37 robinlt: what are your views on proposition 32?
12:40 jmpham: Have we made any headwind to utilize online classes as a means to educate students and provide them credit towards a UC Degree in the future
12:41 jmpham: Per the last webcast i believe that we were behind on this idea.
Yudof says it may be that UC has fewer employees with better compensation as the new model

Yudof says if CA is willing to pay for CA residents to attend UC then UC will accept them but the state does not pay for them right now - in response to the rise in out of state students being enrolled at UC
12:42 emb03: work at home for those of us who can to save time and gas money
12:42 emb03: 2 days a week
12:42 emb03: make it mandatory
12:43 robinlt: isn't the reason we lose money on each california student because of the huge shortfall in pension funds that need to be made up? employees and the UC didn't contribute to the pension for 20+ years..
12:43 davisalum09: Can the UC save money by concentrating subjects/majors at a fewer number of campuses thereby creating campuses that "specialize" in certain subjects instead of having each campus do everything.
12:44 emb03: work at home allows staff to save money if raises are not possible
12:44 emb03: and time
12:44 davisalum09: in the absence of state support, how can we increase private support of the UC system on the scale and magnitude of private universities that have significantly larger endowments but smaller populatio
12:45 davisalum09: how can the UC better work with the CSU and community college levels to share resources, buying power and save both students and the system money?
12:47 emb03: what is all that noise in the background?
12:47 emb03: nevermind

Yudof takes umbridge to the characterization of the -'UC online debacle'- he says it is not a debacle and Yudof is most concerned with making online for credit and possibly also available to CSU students as well he talks MOOCS, Carnegie, USC etc models for compare contrast

Yudof disagrees with question on the privatization of UC - he says the price can't deem it to be privatized- he says Stanford serves a public interest-
12:48 VeroB19: UC Prop 30 is only valid until about 2016 for sales tax and 2018 for the increase for indivudal taxes for certain people, does UC have a longer term plan?
12:53 davisalum09: beyond tuition, a huge cost of attending college are living expenses. HOw can the UC either directly or working with others do to help reduce those living costs
12:54 studentparent: How can we ensure a world quality faculty, when tenured professors, upon retirement, are being replaced by non-tenure track lecturers? What are the incentives for desirable candidates to join us here?
12:56 Gemaqi: Even with the new tiered retirement benefits, are our pensions vulnerable given the regular attacks on government pension programs.
12:56 jmpham: What is being done to attract Grad students. Since there are no longer subsidized loans. How can we make Grad Education a bigger priority>

Yudof:we need to emphasize the need for unrestricted gifts, corporate scholarship campaign for middle class youngsters- -but may not be able to ever compete with Harvard Princeton for the same $$ in donations

Yudof:Have to be more responsible for how we handle peaceful protests, better training for chancellors and police chiefs - he thinks CSU and UC should pay for it together rather than make the systems pay twice for the same training

Yudof:solidify position with state possible UC's own proposition necessary

in what looks like a preplanned closing question - Yudof is asked to riff on 1960 and master plan

Yudof says he thought CA master plan was brilliant, tiered good - but not funded

Yudof mentions conversation with Peter Schrag about master plan origins

one last question on pensions - he says "i think we're okay" - but need larger contributions
1:02 egran001-1: Thank you all for your questions!

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