Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fees, What Fees?

The Governor wishes to come to CSU Trustees and UC Regents meetings without all the drama

Cal State and UC fee hikes off the table, for now

also see At Guv's Request UC Delays Plans To Raise Fees
he wishes to condole with Trustees, Regents over state disinvestment in public higher ed --
oh, yeah, and he also wants to take a victory lap for himself on Prop 30 at the Trustee and Regent tables...

Fees talk yanked for his visit-- when does it come back as an agenda item for the Regents meeting?

but remember: "the regents are not expected to delay voting on a budget proposal for next year that includes a provision to raise tuition across UC unless the state allocates $126.5 million in 2013-14 on top of other expected increases from the state."

here is the statement from OP- btw, they updated their site - the pastels at the top of the page, not so hot-- but check it out.

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