Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Governor Brown Votes NO on Dirks Compensation

Sac Bee: Jerry Brown criticizes UC for raising new chancellor's pay
Gov. Jerry Brown returns to chide UC regents over new Cal chancellor's pay
breaking- at 11:53am
Brown will NOT vote yes because of the $50,000 salary increase for the Cal Chancellor package for Dirks.

Brown makes extensive comments on 'the new paradigm' to be created at the university at a lower cost ratio, he talks about replacing the term austerity with other terms and he says he has a special responsibility to care for $$$$ that citizens who have agreed to support Brown's measures have placed in Governor Brown.

Newsom is associating himself with Brown's comments and both say they value the quality of the candidate but that the action of the salary increase is a separate action and Newsom asks questions with regard to how these actions occur, the ins and outs of "the process".
Newsom recognizes Birgeneau and thanks him for service.

They are all referring to things they want to take on further in closed session which occurs in a few moments and then they open the meeting again. See previous post for links to listen to the meeting and view agenda.

Now, Kiefer is talking about this compensation for Cal Chancellor is comparatively lower but that he understands the politics behind the Governor's and Lt Gov.'s positions on voting.

Varner talks about private sector, foundation funds being used for the salary increase as though this is a good thing...

Yudof says he may not see eye to eye on this with Governor but says e learning, tuition levels and other issues they do see eye to eye, agrees the funding UC model is broken. Yudof says he is trying his best to find the best candidates for the job in this very very complicated and in some ways broken university.

Zettel asks for further clarification on how the process works and Gen Counsel is answering her questions on how the votes today occur and how the discussion occurs and whether or not votes will be combined.

They move on to UC Riverside Interim Chancellor compensation discussion and vote.

Brown votes yes on this compensation package (because no salary increase like the Cal Chancellor position.)

Brown and Newsom vote YES for the appointment of Dirks. They are two separate motions.

Brown, Newsom, and Zettel vote NO on the compensation of Dirks.

Appointment and compensation pass.

Yudof introduces Cal's new chancellor

Brown makes comments welcoming and harkens back to Kroeber and Quinn and his recollection of their appointments. Lansing makes comments including a comment that some UC Regents have not met Dirks yet.

Dirks makes comments - he is deeply honored etc. He says he first met Yudof on Skype over the summer when Yudof hurt his shoulder.
He talks about UC being a public institution with a public mission, highlights teaching and highlights research.
Talks of his father's work at UCSC.
He says he sees the challenges before him.
Example of UC is an example to all in higher ed nationally and internationally.
Each UC campus has different activities.
UC service to public, engage the public in UC mission is a special and important feature of UC.
He talks about Prop 30 and he praises the public for voting for it.
He also talks about being a steward of public funds and that we are all called to be excellent and accountable and keeping the public trust alive at all points.
He thanks everyone for their work in the process of his appointment
He thanks Birgeneau.
He says he is thankful and honored.
Lansing thanks him and ends the meeting.
audio ends at 12:21PM
This meeting continued to post a start time of 11am or 11:15am but it did not actually start until approx 11:45am so many may not have heard it. When/if the audio of the above becomes available it will be posted here. In the first round of Governor Brown's comments- when he explains why he is voting no- he talks at length about how UC needs to change, how it needs to strive to become more elegant. He is talking about a more elegant design of process, business, admin, educational - you need to hear it for yourself.

Brown (at the Regents meeting regular session) said he wants an 'aggressive' exchange of ideas from big thinkers during the online presentation.

...(As a side note/suggestion-if the faculty are not allowed to provide him with that during the scheduled UC Regents meeting then they should hold their own panel discussion and invite him to it.)

But it looks like there are a few willing to openly dialogue about it with him:

The Governor’s Thinking Has Become Very Uptight

and give this a close read:

Online Instruction, Budget Transparency, and the Cost of Education

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