Wednesday, November 7, 2012

UC: "Our Public Character"

the immediate crisis averted on Prop 30-- but still have to figure out the answers to the questions on the Public Character of UC- do we need a new UC for a "New" America?

Election will have powerful impact on UC-Cuts in state funding have taken toll on public education By John Wilton and George Breslauer
"We believe it is our responsibility to both inform and engage the campus on what the future may hold, and to explain the steps we are taking to ensure that we protect, as best we can, our public character and our standards of access and excellence. That is why we are trying to reach out to as many students, faculty and staff as we can to discuss important issues, answer questions and address concerns. Every member of our senior management team has been reaching out to groups that they serve to engage in a dialogue. For example, our colleagues in Student Affairs are helping to organize forums around important issues."

is this real? are they listening system-wide?:

University Probe wants to talk about the Hewlett Chairs - and what the Hewlett Chairs portend...
- better than buildings?! see UCLA Fac blog.

-- Remaking the University also has a new post.

Recalling Last November(?)-- A WalkOut

Maybe, think about YOUR next four years and beyond, good stuff -- as the economy improves folks will be rethinking their workplaces, including at Cal.

PS-- the youth vote actually might be larger than 2008-- keep checking the updated facts on that...

POTUS:"The Best Is Yet To Come"- finish that off with- your pick- a question mark or an exclamation point

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