Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jerry and UC's Fast Talkers

Update: Audio from Morning Regents Meeting with Gov. -Here is Audio from the Afternoon Section of UC Regents Meeting -Governor Brown appears to be staying for the full day, he did not leave at the lunch break and is continuing to engage during the afternoon session. The Regents have now moved to closed session for the rest of the day. They will have their dinner tonight where they will apparently laud Tim White and schmooze. The UC Regents meet again tomorrow morning.
Original Post:
The UCOP Dog and Pony special effects show put on for the Gov.
Then, Finance Committee and then Online Instruction discussion took the whole UC system -- what's a word for it-- nuclear - that could be a word. Many, many, many, many stakeholders are going to latch on to several different exchanges that took place and included Governor Brown's comments and the Governor's inquiry as well.

e.g. one example of one exchange included the scheduling of UC Regents agenda item in the next several months where online instruction pioneers (from outside UC) will make a presentation to the regents to show how to expand UC online instruction and then a suggestion to have some professors give a counter opinion to that presentation by outside experts and an additional panel to inform on how UC is currently involved in online **for credit** courses. Loans for previous attempts at online were brushed over...Birgeneau tried to interject some comment and said that the UC Regents are in a conversation that is in a bit of a disconnect from what is happening on campuses.

Regent Pattiz wants to be considered a subject matter expert (based on his outside privately owned businesses) on this and to have a hand in picking outside experts who present.

Island warns about Regent over step into curriculum development.

Lansing claims a subject matter expert status b/c she was a (grade school) teacher but does not mention her own UC online program.
(Lansing also made comments differentiating UC faculty as UC "research faculty" from other types of UC non research faculty etc. in discussing teaching loads)
Keiffer and Blum beat the drum on online too (Blum's ownership of stock on outside online instruction businesses is not discussed as part of this either) .

Later Gov Brown links tuition buy out (a request to state) to students' pro or con positions on online instruction...(thinking on it a bit more...the gov might be operating on a faulty premise where he thinks students should take positions similar to day traders; and another faulty premise that uses that simplified 'online is disruptive, and disruptive is now' line -Brown says students should tend toward this 'disruption'- which would mean that Brown misses the fact that we -collectively- are now into creative and strategic 'disruption', not just disruption for disruption sake)

Daily Cal is live blogging - but not catching everything, cuz there is sooo much to catch. Will post audio and coverage here in this post when available, will update asap.

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