Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty Expensive $50,000... PR-wise

we already pointed to Sac Bee and other coverage - and Davis Vanguard is also covering it

but the SF Chron puts the Dirks Cal raise in full context- as it appears in the eyes of non UC Californians perhaps:

Brown Slams Regents Over Cal Head's Pay

"Earlier this month, UC leaders demanded that the state add $126.5 million to their annual funding of more than $2 billion and threatened to raise tuition if the governor and Legislature do not comply.
Brown said UC leaders are assuming a future level of state funding and tuition increases "that I think are not acceptable. We are a public university."
Dirks' benefits include an extra $30,425 a year for four years as a "relocation allowance," a yearly car allowance of $8,916, a house, and eligibility for retiree health care in five years instead of the usual 10.
Dirks' wife, Janaki Bakhle, an associate professor of history at Columbia, will also be considered for a faculty job at Cal."


PS SF Chron confirms that Zettel voted against compensation along with Brown and Newsom. fyi- Daily Cal had it wrong when they reported it was only Brown and Newsom.

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