Friday, November 30, 2012


Ditchin' the appeal for bodyguards and...instead, Peter Taylor has written an op ed for the Daily Cal and is touting an open door policy at his office located in the fortress known as UCOP-- his piece includes some snark directed at certain UC grad students who wrote a report - one he found "scurrilous" - and obviously it got under his skin at the Nov. regents meeting and is, it seems, still under his skin.
The real problem in the dueling op eds is that Taylor sidesteps addressing the claims made about UCOP strategy (how UCOP is not seeking the same remedies as many municipalities etc.) that the students are calling out in their report. (Maybe he only wants to talk about it in Romney-esque 'quiet rooms'? btw, Taylor repeatedly referred to his imagined need for many bodyguards for implementation of many proposed initiatives at the July Regents meeting- and his comments raised some eyebrows- thus the intro for this section..)
This is a Cal-Bain-Capital-trained student's piece on payroll taxes from Economix- apparently not written by (say it to yourself with an inflected mocking, snide tone that was heard at a recent regents meeting): 'sociology' it might be more 'acceptable' to some-- or, not.
This news from Cal reminds of recent sad events at Chico- it may be nothing like Chico State or it might be the same- gonna hold off on labeling it until official confirmation. - the comments section of the story is a terribly poignant read. As a side note on some of the recent similar stories: e.g. drinking/drugging one's self to death is a form of suicide to many- so the shades of difference in such cases are hard to see.
At UCLA, Racist, Sexist Signs Called...
How the UCSD student newspaper covered the Governor and Lt Gov and Regent Zettel "no" votes at the UC Regents meeting:
"The Board of Regents voted unanimously to confirm the appointments of both Dirks and Conoley to their new positions. Confirmations regarding compensation for Dirks and Conoley also passed without significant disagreement."


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