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Heavy Petting (and Questions, Impressions, Advice)

of the dog at UC Davis

and cats of questionable lineage everywhere

and the Vegas bird if it lived...

and then there's UC trying to bring back, from back in the day, what Johnny Gill called the "My My My" to: UC Research PR
Cold Water Segue...

Some Questions/Impressions/Advice re: UCOP presentation to L'il Hoover Commission and Testimony by UCOP to CA Leg earlier this year (see video below in a previous post, and yes, late to it)

Why is a water rights attorney in charge of messaging for UCOP? Is this why we ended up with Fiat Flush logo coming out of UCOP? (this same water rights attorney then 'suspended' the new logo with what some alums called a 'pissy acceptance letter')

Now, some impressions, advice based on what was heard at the L'il Hoover:
I- It is not helpful for that same UCOP water rights attorney to state UC faculty creation of online curriculum is like herding cats. To have him then say UC faculty salary is akin to a cat's feeding bowl and that moving the feeding bowl will give incentive to UC faculty to produce online curriculum.

II-It is not helpful to state crassly that -water will even flow upward if it's toward money- as another illustration of how some UC faculty can be made to create curriculum for online instruction. It is true-- and the fact that it is true is not something an institution of higher learning should want to brag about.

III- The water and feeding bowl analogies don't send a good message about what drives the development of UC curriculum. The suggestion that (b/c online curriculum is what certain interests/stakeholders may want) million dollar grants may flow to faculty willing to create online curriculum -- this is not a good way to sell the idea of online. No one wants a curriculum that sounds, to this listener, as if it is related to something as distasteful as 'grease the palm'.

IV- It is not good messaging for UCOP senior officials to gleefully state that some unnamed Chinese newspapers have better circulation than the San Francisco Chronicle as the main and only point about media outreach to minorities UCOP is engaged in regarding attempts to increase the numbers of minority CA students applying to UC. This is especially annoying in light of the fact that 3% acceptance rates of CA African Americans to certain UC campuses exists as a painful reality. Some UC Regents have gone on record about being seriously pissed about that fact for nearly a decade. And, the Latino population is growing in CA ...


How many students at that high school Yudof visited were actually accepted and now attend UC? That would be an important statistic to include with the folksy story.

Doesn't Yudof, as UC President, sit on a CA water or natural resources board and has the power to appoint/fill critical natural resource science committee members to drive legislation/ policy?

When Dooley gave his testimony to L'il Hoover he mentioned Yudof's trip to Bakersfield -- but he did not mention this part.
(may not necessarily agree with the author's politics in that piece- but the questions she raises deserve full answers from both the state and UCOP.)

Why didn't President Yudof make the presentation to the L'il Hoover- like Reed did? Why did he have Dooley do it instead?

Big Ag and Student Hunger-- this story highlights non UC students now use a similar program that UC students brought to UC campuses all across the state.

Anyway..there is always cat food-and potentially millions in grants- especially for the herded UC faculty who produce for online...

More Questions:

Why was it UCOP's Lawrence Pitts who responded to CA Legislature's questions on the medical effects of pepper spray? Why didn't any UC med faculty etc. do it?

Why no discussion of tasering on 'the body electric'? According to the hearing testimony in Sacramento tasering occurred at UCSC- but no UC medical faculty or UC medical personnel are willing to give in- person testimony to the CA Legislature on any of it, why?

Prof Reich (who seems to have taken a turn from his stance of a Gentle Mountain Christmas) on The Whacked Cliffs of Over (not his title)- re: DC

and Mohamed El Erian as well-- it's on "your kids may be worse off than you".

If you feel sad, like you're suffering a loss from that last link-- well, there's Wellbutrin and some folks at UCSD.

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CA Legislature Follow Up On UC, CSU Protests and more

in Sacramento--the year in review goes on...

Joint Leg. Hearing: Assembly Higher Education and Senate Education Committees May 15, 2012
2h 41m (Katehi, Reynoso, ASUC and UCSA student leadership, UCOP Gen. Counsel Robinson, Boalt's C. Edley, Lawrence Pitts. They all give extensive testimony). This meeting was scheduled and held during finals week/graduation/Mid May and did not receive much coverage.
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The Little Hoover Commission on CA Higher Education Aug. and Oct. 2012

see: Video: The Little Hoover Commission on Higher Education August 2012

- Charles Reed and UCOP's Dooley are in the first panel and give extensive comments. (Reed is on the left hand side and Dooley is on the right- their backs facing the camera.)
-Statewide online comes up at the 1:19 mark and at 1:36 mark with comments about U Maryland and CSU agreements
- Privatization of professional schools and the UVA model and U Mich model come up also a few minutes later. Interesting exchange b/ween a Boalt alum (Jonathan Shapiro?) on the commission and Dooley.
-Intellectual property, patents come up at around the 1:30 mark.
-Structural governance and Academic Senate at the 1:39 and comes up again toward end.
-The concept of sabbatical at the 1:44 mark, 'has the idea of sabbatical aged out?' is asked etc. Is sabbatical wise investment?
-Tuition subsidizing research at the 1:46 mark. Differential Tuition at 1:47 mark.
-Social engineering of degrees re: STEM at the 1:50 mark. Dooley on Humanities comes up at this point- he has a sentence about how some students are not majoring in things in order to get a job...

This first panel runs until the 1:53 mark.
The whole thing runs almost 4 hours, maybe take it in pieces- several important areas.
and: Here is the second set of video of Little Hoover Commission October 2012

Here also is the agenda with several electronic format items also in it, including:

New Approaches to Higher Education in California John Aubrey Douglass, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley


A Regional Look: The Long beach College Promise Program Robert Tagorda, Assistant to the Superintendent, Long Beach Unified School District; Eloy Ortiz Oakley, Superintendent and President, Long Beach Community College District;
F. King Alexander, President, California State University, Long Beach

Setting Goals, Fostering Accountability and Transparency, Implementing Outcomes-Based Funding Dennis Jones, President, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems Brenda Bautsch, Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State

On a side note (that really should not be a side note): The lack of diversity re: commission members in the video etc. should be noted and addressed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CA Legislature Higher Ed Video 2012

knock yourself out:

Assembly Appropriations Committee Aug 8, 2012 01h 14m
Item: SB-259 Higher education: employees. Hancock at the 35:00 mark - it is about GSI and GSR positions. also 47:00 mark.

Assembly Higher Education Committee Jul 3, 2012

Assembly Higher Education Committee Jun 19, 2012 3h 50m

Assembly Higher Education Committee May 1, 2012 41 m

Assembly Higher Education Committee Apr 17, 2012 4h 52m

Assembly Higher Education Committee Mar 27, 2012 04h 29m

Assembly Joint Hearing: Accountability &Administrative Review and Higher Education Committees May 9, 2012 2h 36m (on diploma mills and the bad side of internet courses)
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Revisiting I

Revisiting: UC Berkeley Students Drop Out To Start Tech Companies -includes "recipient of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel’s 20 Under 20 Fellowship, a program that pays teens $100,000 over two years to leave school or quit work to focus on projects like starting a company or conducting research." Also, see the related posts on this same topic while there.

More info on Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Skydeck news pieces.
There is also this new post on how ironclad is UC pension guarantee?.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Peeps

(it isn't just about religion-- just think of it as 'Christmas for the Anglophile' or somethin'):

Discovered Dean Emeritus of Grace Cathedral Alan Jones is now blogging at Huffington Post. Fond memories of his almost midnight Christmas sermons-- it was kinda like listening to David Niven or Cary Grant, as an extra cast member in The Bishop's Wife... he would turn to each section of the congregation packed in and would say "you are loved, you are loved, you are loved"... (and, yes, his talk w/ Christopher Hitchens from years ago- it was wild- he blogs on Hitchens at HuffPo, too.) Check him out: Christmas is Weird.

The ecumenical Michael Moore says it well: Have a wonderful Christmas or a beautiful December 25th!
Neil D T- feelin' it
(meant to post this earlier, like during T Day, but...) in the Spirit of the Season
maybe donate your unwanted but gently used coats
clean up your pantry- think about the stuff you don't plan to use donate it to your food bank
or, random acts of kindness (if you're from Cal, you know the deal...hopefully you do)
The Greatest Gift

Sunday, December 23, 2012

"The three cases, which involved two neurosurgeons implanting bowel bacteria into patients' brains, received so little scrutiny that the agency concluded all UC Davis hospital patients were at increased risk for infections and even death."

this might be why UCSF wants to stand alone as much as possible, Sac Bee:

Evaluation of UC Davis Medical Center's handling of neurosurgeons is scathing

The university has not identified the three patients, but The Bee has learned that at least two of the families are pursuing legal action over their loved ones' unsuccessful treatments. Those families have not agreed to speak publicly about their cases.

The patients' unorthodox treatments might have remained an internal matter for the university if not for a complaint received by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The agency regulates health care facilities and controls Medicare and other federal funding.

In late August, a team of investigators from the California Department of Public Health descended on the hospital at the request of the federal agency. A team returned to the hospital earlier this month for a survey of the entire hospital operation.
The actions and inactions of hospital staff are spelled out in an unredacted version of the report released to The Bee by federal officials. UC Davis previously had provided a version that had been redacted, shielding some details about the patients and their care.

Read the bullet point list at Sac Bee but this stands out "At least four nurses involved with the surgeries said they couldn't recall getting any information about "probiotics" or the wound-contaminating procedures. The chief of nursing services told investigators there was no need for the nurses to question the procedures because "nurses are not 'whistle-blowers.'"
In a one-hour meeting in November 2011, a committee of top leaders reviewed more than 200 patient complaints and competency concerns raised by other medical staff regarding Muizelaar.

"No action plan was documented," the report stated, noting that no plans were made to monitor Muizelaar's and Schrot's activities to "verify compliance."

"In November, Dr. Claire Pomeroy, dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine, announced she would be stepping down. Her boss, UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, made no link between Pomeroy's departure and the investigation into the neurosurgeons, and praised Pomeroy for her "many contributions."

However, the federal watchdog agency came down hard on Pomeroy, stating that she and other top leaders had failed to hold medical staff accountable – and had thus placed all patients at increased risk.

In her interview with investigators, Pomeroy "acknowledged there had been no evaluation of the system that failed," according to the report.

out of respect to patients ... did not title this post 'Shit for Brains' but someone likely will- even the 'best of us' will try a new controversial treatment if given hope. Here is an earlier post on this issue when it first broke.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

“For someone so connected to family and Grandma and the tamales, I wondered if she feared that graduating would alienate her.”

The reference to tamales (especially during this time of year) and the assumptions contained in that sentence likely infuriate some folks- but, getting beyond that, other details make this an important story. It deserves a close read.
NYT follows three women through higher ed in Texas and Georgia, it centers around this:

“Everyone wants to think of education as an equalizer — the place where upward mobility gets started,” said Greg J. Duncan, an economist at the University of California, Irvine. “But on virtually every measure we have, the gaps between high- and low-income kids are widening. It’s very disheartening.”

On a related note: something from UCLA Fac Blog, watch the video.

U Mich and UC Meeting Behind Closed Doors On the Future of PUBLIC Higher Ed

oh, and some folks from The Farm too...
here is: the story from Detroit Free Press

U Mich on the down low at UCLA, and Birgeneau, Berdahl and Google along for the ride:
The University of Michigan’s Board of Regents and four top administrators will spend two days in Los Angeles next month, meeting behind closed doors with donors and a variety of experts on the future of higher education.

Also going on the trip will be U-M President Mary Sue Coleman; Provost Phil Hanlon; Sally Churchill, vice president and secretary, and development head Jerry May, for sessions with donors.

According to state law, the board is able to meet in what it calls informal sessions behind closed doors. The board is not allowed to take votes in these informal sessions. The board generally meets once a month in formal session, which is open to the public. The formal session for January has been cancelled because of this trip.

In addition to meeting with donors, the board will also meet with:

Robert Birgeneau, chancellor of the University of California-Berkeley.

John Hennessy, president of Stanford University.

Robert Berdahl, chancellor emeritus of UC-Berkeley. He also has served as president of the University of Texas, president of the University of Oregon and president of the Association of American Universities.

Dan Russell, a Google research scientist who focuses on Google Apps for education and other education issues.

“As the board looks at the major issues facing the future of higher education — issues such as affordability and access, the changing nature of how students will learn, changes in health care delivery at academic medical centers and ever-increasing competition for research dollars to name just a few — we can benefit a great deal by talking with others who are wrestling with similar issues,” Ilitch said.

Parent Matt Erickson, 48, of Farmington said he’d prefer the regents did that talking in public.

Is this some kind of Dragas behavior? Birgeneau has connection to U Mich also through his (not thoroughly talked about) Toronto days... Berdahl and Birgeneau are not exactly remembered for being IT wunderkinds at Cal re: admin ops... Hennessy is another matter. Hennessy gets the kind of press that just loves to love on him, how much of it is true/real hard to tell.

Take a look at these

a few good posts to look at:

tobacco and UC (keep in mind when reading these posts that Rob Reiner ran a campaign regarding tobacco and that some UC Regents are tied to that, and that recently UC Regents Zettel, Reis and others restated their interest in this same topic at a UC Regent meeting)- also recall that UC has banned tobacco smoking from campuses as a matter of enforced policy.

what does UC leadership have against the performing arts?

also, this is not making a blip on any radar but worth noting b/c you need to juxtapose it against all the handwringing UC Regents and other UC leadership did over whether or not they would take a position on Prop 30 or Prop 38- its politics, interesting politics.

Here we go again with Cal and UNC Chapel Hill. A new UC Berkeley CIO to replace Shel Waggoner. The Op Ex , Bain stuff also came to Cal by way of Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels are dealin' with major drama so the leadership instincts there are a bit suspect all around. We'll see how it goes...

The Christmas In Your Eyes

Thursday, December 20, 2012

UCR Chancellor Search Committee Formed

Advisory Committee Named for UC Riverside Chancellor Search

Regents serving on this committee: Island, Ruiz, Stein, Varner, Zettel

They hope to have a "recommended nominee submitted to the Board of Regents, tentatively by July 2013.

The search will be assisted by David Bellshaw and Bernie Jones of the executive search firm Isaacson, Miller."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


us- all of us- becoming desensitized to these occurrences. Research on that aspect- wonder what part of UC does it? But, for now, on the research side there is this coming into the coverage:

"To understand more about what we know and don’t know about the science of firearm violence, Slate contacted Garen Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. For over 30 years, he has studied firearm violence and published more than 100 studies in the field" read the full article...
Maddow: "Maybe instead of banning research on gun violence, maybe we could now allow or even encourage research on gun violence. Maybe we could make the data we do collect on gun violence more available and not less available."
Reminded that Julie Gerberding, of UCB School of Public Health in the 1990's, headed the CDC for much of the last decade- something to keep in mind in looking at the above. Wonder what she has to say on these stories?

Usually (as you likely notice) pull the hottest quote out of a story and make it the blog title- did not do that this time- but there are some very disturbing sections in the Slate article above that deserve care and attention from all of our leaders and concerned citizens...


UC Principles of Community and UCOP Personnel

being discussed:
Open Letter to President Yudof on UC Logo Fiasco

it involves tweet exchanges (some of them now deleted) like these from a UCOP creative director and the lack of outreach UCOP engaged in w/ regard to the UC logo:

@vanessa_correa based on your replies and tweets, I would like to give you the same advice
14 Dec what_the what_the ‏@stopthelogo

@BMadMon @vanessa_correa Why is a UC employee so rude and condescending to people? This is wrong.
15 Dec Michelle S. Michelle S. ‏@metshell

@stopthelogo @BMadMon @vanessa_correa Her earlier tweets (now deleted) were like this too. So unprofessional.

15 Dec Vanessa Correa Vanessa Correa ‏@vanessa_correa

@metshell @stopthelogo @bmadmon I think tweeting about a logo whe a national tragedy happening is something you shld think about.
Hide conversation

2 Favorites
Jeffrey Beebe Kirill Mazin

10:10 AM - 15 Dec 12 · Details
15 Dec m.l. m.l. ‏@lozano_mj

@vanessa_correa lolololololol unlike you, I attend a real UC, so I know fallacious logic when I see it, @metshell @stopthelogo @BMadMon
15 Dec ecb ecb ‏@ecb17

@vanessa_correa @metshell @stopthelogo @BMadMon You were doing that too..
15 Dec mister lister mister lister ‏@theMisterLister

you're right @vanessa_correa, what you do is unimportant and does not deserve to be discussed, will you be returning your 6 figure salary?
15 Dec Jeff Tedfurd Jeff Tedfurd ‏@jeff_tedfurd

@vanessa_correa wow that was uber- classy... invoking the massacre of kindergartners as a shield against criticism.
10:08 PM - 15 Dec 12 ·

(Heba Abedin in the mix of those tweets too- she is the sister of Huma, the wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner,recall his experiences w/ social media...)
The hard feelings might have to do with the industry's acknowledgment of how bad it all was with the new UC logo rollout , just the latest

but it also ties in to this Inside Higher Ed post: Administration and Critique
Sometimes it is best to place certain administrative work- like creative etc.- under contract, not career permanent positions. B/c the approach might need to part ways suddenly, aesthetics involved, and the temperament of designers etc.
Some Chick.

Catchin' Up

The Di Fi (her hubby the UC Regent Blum) and the Former CA AG now CA Treasurer are just now aware of this it seems... on UCRP

CalBuzz takes up the Di Fi history on the subject

more inclined to agree with Chuck Todd that Manchin or someone like him -rather than Bloomberg or Di Fi -is the best face to be out front advancing.

Hillary Clinton's State Dept and UC alum Ambassador Stevens death-- she was ill and could not testify- or reiterate that the Congress cut funding for the State Dept drastically over the last few years.

UD takes up the pills and packin' American diet- and more.
CNN's Dr. Gupta on it too. -and also callin' out UCLA basketball at Reliant

This brought a smile and sympathy.

sweet spot at the 14:00 mark to end- there's a sad UCLA tie to his dad-there are actually a lot of sad ties -but not goin' there...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Harvard For The 100%'

free or not free
and many, many other ideas covered in this talk from Spring:

it runs about two hours.
"The (Technological) University We Could Be For"
Panelists: Geof Bowker, Informatics, UC Irvine; Beth Coleman, Comparative Media Studies, MIT; Johanna Drucker, Information Studies, UCLA; Christopher Newfield, English, UC Santa Barbara; and Nishant Shah, Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Birgeneau sent this

it has a bit of cheer- so, passing it along to you:

the emailed greeting includes: "Happy Holidays To You And Your Family. Keep the love of learning burning bright throughout the longest days of the years. FIAT LUX!"

The longest days of the years?-- summertime, summer solstice. So, what to do during this winter solstice? Confused.

They include the Fiat Lux -it seems many are realizing the reason for the motto these days...
Little Benjamin Wheeler did not get to live to the ripe ol' age Benjamin Ide Wheeler did.
Who would he have grown up to be?
All that promise lost.

If this is where you are (mentally) right now- maybe this is worth a listen.

Bureaucratic Frustrations at UCSD

see "At other schools like UC Berkeley, UCLA and UCD, the student government is fully autonomous from the university and isn’t subject to the same kind of paternalistic rules from admin."

Saturday, December 15, 2012

compatible, just not super compatible

see: Higgs Hiccup

noticed this a while back - before logo drama: At the same time the company is grappling with the cost and uncertainty of changing over from paper to digital delivery of its content, which is affecting the college textbook market as well,

Bearuin? or Brear? -mance

can you feel the love?-kinda like 'bromance'
should be noted Irvine folk deserve credit for the petition anyway, but- for a hot minute- let's feel the Bear-Bruin love:

"I want to take a moment to credit California Golden Blogs for the attention that they have drawn and work they have done over the past week attacking this attempted adoption by the university. I know that some folks in the community are not big Cal supporters, but they went at this pretty hard, with a positive result."
this last part is so on point and where UC alumni have to stay committed and coordinated:
"The reality that the university's staff and much of its leadership was so clueless about a basic-level part of running the university is not encouraging."
Important to note a lot of stuff that came out of OP simply was not an honest account of what was occurring- if you want to call out false narratives:

-changing from calling it 'seal' to calling it 'logo' to suddenly calling it 'monogram'

-saying they respected the original seal while their video swiped the UC seal away

-the color scheme statements

-saying UCOP had invested in the oscar meyer weiner style UC truck that it sent around the state (but nowhere near as snazzy as that Oscar truck) and gave out stickers and stamped ink of the new logo on hands. So, on and on, they said they were committed to the new logo and could not change it- because supposedly the sticker and stamp receivers were now attached to this new logo- while at the same time saying that they plan to evolve the logo over time. btw, notice no counter petition ever cropped up from folks who could not stand to lose the new logo- b/c no one liked the new logo, no one was attached to it...

-also, Daily Cal is told and they advance the statement that the logo has been out a year but LA Times ("Dooley defended the contemporary logo, which was designed by an in-house team and started appearing six months ago.") and SF Chron ("The UC Office of the President's marketing department created the logo about six months ago as a way to promote the entire organization," both say the logo was created six months ago- HuffPo gives this explanation in its coverage: "The Daily Californian, the Berkely campus newspaper, reported the school has used the logo for over a year, but it wasn't until recently, when the promotional video surfaced, that people took notice."

UCLA Fac Blog posts a suggestion that the video and all the content of the launch of the new logo be preserved so that it can be accessed in discussion about how this process went wrong and how it can be made right.

the comments at the petition facebook page capture the damage UCOP has done to itself and ask important questions:

"visual identity system" Good Goddess, I hate corporate junk speak.


I would love to know the names of the accomplished design experts who praised this. I find it hard to believe but glad of this decision.

You are my hero. Seriously, look what you did - simply awesome!!!

i like how everybody that works for the UC system has corporate sounding positions and names


Si se puede! Haha... woot woot!

Let there be Light!

lol... "design experts"

Wow, power to the people. For once in government, common sense prevailed.

UC won

Awesome. Victory.

Good job all around-- including the University, which responded to a genuine concern in a relatively timely fashion. Fiat Lux, y'all!

Fiat Lux!

We have spoken and we have been heard. Go Bears!

Man, that was the most bitter, pissy acceptance I've read in a long time. Lol! Go Bears/Bruins/Mustangs/Anteaters/Bobcats/Highlanders/Tritons/Banana Slugs/Gauchos/[UCSF's]!!!

They avoided the main issue to the very end: IT'S UGLY lol

My interpretation of the statement is basically "We will stop using the logo because everyone hates it, but since we can't admit do doing anything wrong, we'll feign reconsideration of it in the future. Of course, people will hate it just as much in the future as they do now, so in reality, the logo is as dead as Elvis and Michael Jackson."

It was a weird letter for sure.

An unfortunately unapologetic letter filled with lies,
but the result is what we wanted so hurray!

The 'false narrative' assertion is B.S.
I believe most signers weren't concerned about losing the seal. They were concerned about a poorly executed logo that the world would see and associate with UC.

This is not the first time UC students and alumni have expressed passion. The entire history of the 10 campus system is chockfull of examples of victories against the system. At every juncture the STUDENTS have risen up to defend and improve our education. What have you done?

Hurrah! Everyone who signed the petition should send $100 or more to the UC campus of his or her choice to commemorate this decision. The chief driver for the monogram seemed to be to create a brand identity for corporate fundraising. It's up to us alumni to help cover that gap and continue the legacy.

"while I believe the design element in question would win wide acceptance over time" Seriously? You're still out of touch.

"The controversy has been fueled in large part by an unfortunate and false narrative, which framed the matter as an either-or choice between a venerated UC seal and a newly designed monogram." Always nice to see a VP for the UC who thinks people with a UC education are stupid. It pains me to note that Daniel Dooley is a product of UC Davis.

I understand his complaint about the "false narrative," but their rollout failed to anticipate the potential for that to naturally arise and better educate their audience what they were really trying to do. That film they did - which they saw as showing the connection between the seal and the monogram - literally conveyed the sense that they were brushing aside the seal.

Never been more proud to be a UC alum! Great job especially to the organizers of the petition; thank you!

"I'm sorry the students and faculty are too dumb to appreciate the expert opinions of non-UC affiliates who praised the logo. The uninformed rabble of educators and students creates a distraction from our important mission of making new logos, so we will reluctantly concede to the unwashed masses and set aside our noblesse-obligé duties in this matter." Wow, not at all condescending.

I'm glad they stopped it, but man, were they condescending and self praising in the way they did it. They keep pushing the lie that this is happening because people are too dumb to realize that this is only a logo and that the seal remains for official purposes. Then they go off on how much we would have loved it if given time? Oh come on.

If that logo had been passed through, nobody would ever take the UC ssystem nearly half as seriously again! I don't care the credentials of the system, you take one look at that overly simplified, ugly as hell, even lacking any real symbol of the letter "U" (come on, could they at least given a little more of a gap in that big blue mess)... Nobody would want to even apply to those schools anymore! Bahahahahaha. That's a little of an exxageration obviously. But as an alumni of the school (no less with a degree in Art, where their goal in education with me was to try and make my eye as much of a "design expert" as possible) ... I found and find that logo completely insultiing on behalf of myself and all "desig experts" AFFILATED WITH THE SCHOOL. As well as all affiliates of the school, "design expert or not". I seriously thought that whole new logo design was literally a practical joke. I was so confused. So glad they decided to listen to our voices. I loathe the day in which they might pull some stunt like this again. And if that day ever comes, please, come up with some kind of design halfway decent, not a cheesy, uggliest in the world logo stamp that anyone in the world could design with theuir eyes closed in under one minute. So that we can reject it again, of course.

I don't mind that they are rebranding their marketing material, to be honest I do like how cohesive it all looks. I think they can still keep all the work they have done, but now that this logo has failed, can they please ask the students/alumni for feedback first. As someone suggested having a contest would be an awesome idea.

Ever read the Emperor's New Clothes


UCOP has had an identity crisis of its own- for a long time. 'We are the offices of UC System- oh no we aren't- we are just li'l ol OP, just the equivalent of a campus- we' ... and on and on with the Jekyll-Hyde split personality of UCOP.

A Question: Does UCOP have a logo? What is it? Is it the failed logo? Or something else? Or nonexistent?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mostly today

just annoyed by the continued coverage of the logo and whoever it was who put a thumbnail of it at homepage.

check back in
to find out the toilet bowl logo has been removed or, check that, it is "suspended" according to the petition site

but what also creeps out
is Dooley's part in it
he is all over everything:
Big Ag, Government Relations, UC Whistleblower, Pepper investigation at UCD etc
This guy has been all over each of these lately
and he seems to keep reading the tea leaves WRONG
So why keep making him the front man?

President Yudof could have gained so much by being the one to put an end to the new logo- just a sentence: "I've decided to put the kibosh on the new logo"- and drinks and merriment ensue. Sometimes think back to that interview Yudof did with LA Times or a mag where he was asked if he would accept the job at UC all over again-knowing what he knows now- he gave a murky answer to that - personally, think the UC system and UCOP have disappointed him in many ways. So, he should step up and show that he can change things when he sees that they are goin' wrong. This was low hanging fruit in the great scheme of things. Why didn't he take the opportunity?

now a replacement monogram in the works-- could they please just STOP. Stop. Show that you all are spending the time on more important things, puhleeze.
Mostly today...just very saddened by the events at Sandy Hook
--growing to h8 the name Sandy-- for anything.

Remaking also has two new posts: "The Knowledge that Dare Not Speak Its Name"
Humanities Infrastructure I

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here’s the story...

Update: Daily Cal has now posted some coverage on it. (Daily Cal makes his departure sound mysterious- but it is not- Regent M, in the audio clip further down in this post, says clearly that he- the employee, not the regent- is retiring.)

More background: It looks like some UC stakeholders gave some warnings early on to UC and the FPPC also has no enforcement power over UC but: "Still, the auditor sent information on Ernst's relationship with PeopleSoft to the Fair Political Practices Commission, and the Legislature held hearings to investigate CSU's computer deal. UC spokesman Montiel said Ernst is a good employee." (the story is from the Sac Bee - but you can't find it at Sac Bee for some reason, and can't find coverage of the legislative hearings mentioned. And, PeopleSoft is now Oracle -think many UC enterprise systems.)
Original post:
(this only works if you hum the Brady Bunch theme to yourself):
Here’s the story
Of a busy lady
Whose been bringing up three very troubling reports (2003, 2008, 2012)
Each one of them had questionable travel practices (and questionable CSU IT cost over-runs)
Just like the other
The latest one makes you want to hurl (ok, now stop humming, at this link scroll to scribd-start at page 49)

In the report there is talk about supervisors-this might help.

A flashback to a few months back in Sept: listen to how the UC Regents, namely Regent M, bids adieu at the 44:00 mark in Part 1 of the audio posted here- the risk of the loss of confidence irony and the 'leader not the follower' comments... (But maybe Regent M did it b/c it was directed at a UC Davis alum, or he didn't know.) UCOP- which houses/supports the Regents- was apparently aware of the state auditor's work at the time of that exchange.

We're told the State Auditor of California has zero enforcement power over UC…

And wonder who is doing the recruiting at UCOP?

What to do, what to do?

Is everyone treated this way? --well, there's...

Guess it's how you play it.
Why is there so much space for the logo/monogram in the press-- but no coverage of the above?
Opinion pieces of note:
One that makes you ask: Did UC Regent Blum bring Bain to UC?

and one that makes you say 'yes, the Governor asked for modesty from UC and this was what he was talking about.'

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

UCSF Dr Treating Gov. Brown's Prostate Cancer

read about it: here

will he be at the next UC Regents meeting

will a giant commode (or several) also be at the next Jan 15-17 UC Regents meeting re: the logo/monogram
-will there be some awkwardness?

(sending best wishes for good health to Gov. Brown- maybe he can read this while passing time during treatment, since he is interested in the subject and wants a presentation etc.)

and see:
The One-Dimensional University: The Destructive Marriage of Technology and Administration

and Chron Higher Ed makes it short and sweet and -- brutal.

Simon Says...

and a few others offer more defiant BS on the new logo/monogram...

One minute they are saying it has been in use six months, then they say a year...

Simon says there is "nothing to bring back"- but this seems disingenuous b/c no one is asking for a 'bringing back'.
Everyone is asking for a removal of the toilet flush monogram/logo designed by his team.
Thinkin' this is not what Gov. Brown meant when he spoke of UC needing to be more elegant etc.
The petition has now hit 50,000 -- (what was the number that was hit asking for the removal of Katehi after the pepper 100,000+?, 200,000+? is that count still going on?)

Defiant- it is not like defiant as in Syria, North Korea, or Michigan Governor - just UC admin defiance...
Oh, and there's something out now about UCOP shenanigans via a CA State Auditor's Report - it starts at page 49 and runs just a few pages. It leaves things "unnamed" --but it is easy to connect the dots. More later.
Updated the FAQ links (tab above) and updated the vacancy signs on the UC Regent positions - an explanation is given if you click on the 'vacant' tabs above- and yes, alphabetized, %$#& it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lt. Gov. Newsom writes to UC Pres. Yudof on logo fiasco

here is the letter

$1 million scholarship program for undocumented students at Cal from Haas Fund.

"Birgeneau...says there are about 200 undocumented students from 20 different countries at Berkeley. " see: Berkeley Receives $1M For Undocumented Students audio accompanies the story.

and Nation’s single-largest gift for scholarships to undocumented students announced

UC Regent, Purveyor of Fine Wine, and Student of 15 Minute Orgasms says...

Dec 11, 2012
"As member of #UC Board of Regents, I agree with petition, new logo is a disaster. Sign the petition."

on: the wine and the tantric stuff

Petition is about to hit 50,000

-- just wanna add that all of this is recalling the pepper spray at UCD and the petitions of that time, does UCOP really want to make folks recollect those memories?!

- and now there are groups of religious faith based UC community members who view the fiat lux removal as 'intolerant' and is being coupled with the Cal Salvation Army stuff

-and the colors with emphasis on UCOP using something more like/but not quite UCLA's blue rather than Cal's (described by wikipedia as Yale Blue and California Gold) just builds animosity b/ween campuses rather than unites 'the UC system'- so this is just ratcheting up, not down...

SF Chronicle has finally decided to cover it

and LA Times did a thing on it this morning.

Mockery and more mockery- how long must UC endure it?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gratified by all the negative press

and -like any D list reality star- just hope you spell the name right, that's all:

UC's latest response to the logo outrage

'feedback, just give us feedback' -so glad you're interested- yuck.

Maybe Kris Jenner can be the next UCOP President... -can the logo do one of those tapes?

and U. Washington wants in on the action

Here are some 'best reader comments' assembled by Mercury News.

LA Times has an update
"Simon said UC has received much favorable feedback about the logo, which was developed by an in-house team of designers. There are no plans to immediately change it in response to the protests, but he suggested that the symbol might evolve over time."

they think you'll just get used to it..

"She said that people probably will come to accept the new one and "in five years, no one will care." (The she is somebody at a Pasadena art school).

and there's a guy who camped at the Lair of the Bear but did not attend UC who is (sarcastically) supporting the new logo-- so there...

Some people think folks are bored during finals??: ""During finals week, you have more people on their computers than ever looking for something to do other than study," said Bocarsly, a senior."

and, there's this puff piece from The Aggie re: UC's Creative Director

Hear in the twittersphere --she makes about $140,000.00 a year.
The division with about 35 people makes about $2.8 million in payroll each FY. But you can look it up for yourselves to double check.
Some are saying $4 million+ has gone in to this marketing campaign so far...

That's $4,000,000.00
That's a whole lotta muscle/sinew/seedcorn.
(as in 'the state cuts to UC are cutting into muscle, sinew-- taking the seed corn talking points that come out regularly)

update: the $ 4 mil seems to be coming from different places - but might not be directly on the Onward campaign-- who knows??

and Sac Bee takes a shot at the Toilet Bowl UC Logo

Fiat Flush, Tales From The Shady UCOP PR Front

First, here is the active petition

and, HuffPo has assembled some links to more coverage.

NBC Bay Area's Monte Francis went around the Cal campus last night and talked to many ol' Blue and new Blue alike and the comments were all negative toward the new logo-- and they said things like "it sucks", "it does not look professional or quality" etc. (Diane Dwyer a Cal alum, I House board of directors member, and Cal lecturer introduces Monte Francis' piece)

View more videos at:

and the write up:
University of California Adopts New Logo, 144 Years Later
The new, modern logo drops the "Let there be light" script on the 1868 version

Also, there are comments from readers at the LA Times piece that make clear the PR (in house or otherwise) team at UCOP has some of their own hostility toward the 144 year old seal, the book in the seal and the current modes of instruction-- but, this same team is telling the online petition creators to 'make sure your people are nice to us, our feelings are getting hurt' kind of stuff... surreal.
Here is one reader comment from the LA Times story to note:
"Nope, I recognize the seal is still going to be in place for official documents. I am well aware of that. I recognize a potential need to have a symbol that is better for marketing. Trust me, I have worked on marketing campaigns and with graphic design. But to quote something that I saw posted on a friend's wall:

"The University of California recently changed it's logo. You can watch an advertisement about it. Here are some funny but telling moments: at one point, you can literally see a hand brushing away the book from the old fiat lux seal. It may seem like a hyperbole to suggest that this change is a reflection of a greater emphasis on marketing, branding, and business on the part of UC administrators, but it is worth noting that this change in design also came with a new statement of intent from the University of California office of the president.

The first sentence of the paragraph listing priorities under "Our Mission" says: "Our employees manage multibillion-dollar fiscal and business operations with a clear focus on strengthening the financial health of the whole system."

The word education does not show up once in said mission statement."

The new logo clearly does not embody the mission of the UCs-- or at least not the mission I thought the UCs once had"
the comment goes on with many replies to clarify on the mission on UCOP vs the mission of each campus etc. - this is precisely the issue at hand: OP management of the portfolio vs management of education -- and which side represents their management of each piece to the public, and how.

More from LA Times here.

So many alumni have also commented that they were never asked or informed- many faculty saying the same btw. Is UCOP just relying on feedback from the same old group of boosters they usually mingle with, or what?
Why is the UCOP handling of the logo important in the great scheme of things? Read on:
Changing Universities is covering another side of the not so stealth-soft launch- on the downlow PR narratives being created for (this time) a UC Online world --that does not and will not ever exist in the way UCOP is telling the tale.
UCLA Faculty Blog has an update on the UC Academic Senate's project on Rebenching. This has to do with how much $$$$$ each campus gets for students so it might be worth the while to read it - they gotta come up with some other way of describing it - rebenching...
Daily Cal on Necessary Non Residents - (they also had a news story on this same subject last night but apparently pulled it by this morning for some reason.)

New Motto for UC (to go along with the logo)?: 'Don't h8 the player, h8 the game.'

Saturday, December 8, 2012

"wrongly assume that UC is eliminating"

well, then don't show us a logo that looks like UC is taking a dump...

the LA Times is covering the tacky new UC logo

the petition at :

Cluster, crisis, epidemic, or...

just a very high number this year?

Recent UC Berkeley alum Xiaoqian Lim dies at 22

Police probe death of Berkeley man, 27 and Daily Cal has more detail on a recent UC alum.

There have been so many suicides and sudden unexplained deaths this year of twentysomethings at Cal- it is like no other year in memory. Students are attempting to address it but also having difficulty in doing so, understandably. It is difficult to keep track of the number of suicides this year at Cal - that is how bad it is...

(There is even one case of a potential hoax on one story adding to the count of stories on suicide or death.)

There was a piece a few months ago that a student wrote (posted in Daily Cal)-- recalling it vaguely now it was a student account of going to dinner with friends and how each of the people around the dinner table was feeling -- depressed, a sense of a malaise and they felt it all around campus. Didn't want to link to a downer post like that at the time, but it was prescient with regard to these latest developments.. will try to find it...

In the meantime: resources - it seems like the campus could do with its own chapter maybe...

but there also need to be some other UC resources for recent alumni - some of the people included in the count above.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The 'Promise' of Fewer Californians at UC Davis...

the Aggie has this: "According to Ratliff, the shortfall in the UC Davis budget has caused class sizes to increase. It has also prompted an increase in ladder faculty who are actually teaching classes.

The University has been looking into strategies to fix the budget deficit. The campus plans to try to increase the enrollment of out-of-state and international undergraduate students, as they pay nearly $7,000 more than what in-state students pay per quarter, according to the Student Fees Fact Sheet by Budget and Institutional Analysis."

Video streaming by Ustream

Daily Cal has this: "The University of California raised more than $1.56 billion in private donations during the 2011-12 fiscal year, a small drop from the $1.59 billion raised in the previous year."
"At UC Berkeley, $410.8 million was raised in the 2011-12 fiscal year, an increase from the $328.8 million raised in the 2010-11 fiscal year, according to the report. The campus raised more than any other in the UC system.

In 2008, the campus began the Campaign for Berkeley, an initiative aimed at bringing in more private money. The campus has to raise around $400 million in the next year to reach its goal of $3 billion by June 2013.

In this fiscal year, the campus completed the Hewlett Challenge, a $113 million matching grant initiated by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 2007 to endow 100 new faculty chairs. The challenge was completed in November with all chairs funded, more than two years ahead of schedule.

“The new endowed chairs will be critical in reinforcing the distinction and quality of Berkeley’s world-class faculty and graduate students,” the report states."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coursera Founder to Speak at UC Davis, and more on the UCD Foundation Matching

Davis Enterprise has this on Coursera: Online learning pioneer will speak Thursday

and this add'l info update (h/t @cnewf): Providers of Free MOOC's Now Charge Employers for Access to Student Data

there is this strangeness - this PR story that was advanced by UC Davis administration and it includes a self serving reference to administrators contributing their own dollars to a pledge matching plan, which seems somewhat inappropriate to include- 'let me call the press to tell them about our plan and that we administrators are contributing to it'-- is that really serving UC Davis? or is it self serving?

and it also has a correction...

it just reads -- odd.

6 + 6 might equal 8

as in: the latest version of SB8

Recall 6+6 is the plan being talked about to raise tuition 6% (regent vote in Spring 2013?): "The proposal is for a 6% increase in state funding, plus the equivalent of a 6% tuition increase that in a often-used ritual it asks the state to buy out."

and there is this latest from Changing Universities- Doing Online Right.

also want to point you to Davis Vanguard (run by UC alumni) on UC Davis- Who Are They Trying To Fool:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Provoking the CA Legislature with the Dirks compensation package

results in this: SB8 Deep Freeze- Deep freeze forecast for UC/CSU executive pay and Daily Cal also covers it: here. Important to keep this aspect in mind as well:
"Given all the concerns about unfunded liabilities in the retirement system – including the 100% unfunded retiree health plan – it is a bit surprising (no?) to find this item in the pay package in footnote M:

Item M. As an exception to policy, eligibility to participate in the University’s insured retiree health-care plans on an accelerated eligibility schedule (subject to changes in the law), receiving 50 percent of the maximum University contribution after completing five years of service. For each additional year of service completed, the percentage will be increased by ten percent, thereby making Mr. Dirks eligible for the maximum University contribution upon completing ten years of service."

Gov. Brown: "The University of California as a whole needs to be restructured as part of that process, he said."
see how the comments flowed

Monday, December 3, 2012

Brown on UC: "We are going to have to restrain this system in many, many of its elements and this will come with great resistance."

could say 'resistance is futile'- but there is more to this- the Governor may be directing this at all sides of UC: "Sac Bee The Buzz Jerry Brown says UC needs greater efficiency, greater elegance"

The audio has not been provided yet by UCOP in order to hear the Governor's full comments in context, but UCLA Faculty blog has: this post on Dirks benefits package and asks some key questions about the Governor's stance on it (questions the SF Chronicle also asked at the time btw).