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Bearuin? or Brear? -mance

can you feel the love?-kinda like 'bromance'
should be noted Irvine folk deserve credit for the petition anyway, but- for a hot minute- let's feel the Bear-Bruin love:

"I want to take a moment to credit California Golden Blogs for the attention that they have drawn and work they have done over the past week attacking this attempted adoption by the university. I know that some folks in the community are not big Cal supporters, but they went at this pretty hard, with a positive result."
this last part is so on point and where UC alumni have to stay committed and coordinated:
"The reality that the university's staff and much of its leadership was so clueless about a basic-level part of running the university is not encouraging."
Important to note a lot of stuff that came out of OP simply was not an honest account of what was occurring- if you want to call out false narratives:

-changing from calling it 'seal' to calling it 'logo' to suddenly calling it 'monogram'

-saying they respected the original seal while their video swiped the UC seal away

-the color scheme statements

-saying UCOP had invested in the oscar meyer weiner style UC truck that it sent around the state (but nowhere near as snazzy as that Oscar truck) and gave out stickers and stamped ink of the new logo on hands. So, on and on, they said they were committed to the new logo and could not change it- because supposedly the sticker and stamp receivers were now attached to this new logo- while at the same time saying that they plan to evolve the logo over time. btw, notice no counter petition ever cropped up from folks who could not stand to lose the new logo- b/c no one liked the new logo, no one was attached to it...

-also, Daily Cal is told and they advance the statement that the logo has been out a year but LA Times ("Dooley defended the contemporary logo, which was designed by an in-house team and started appearing six months ago.") and SF Chron ("The UC Office of the President's marketing department created the logo about six months ago as a way to promote the entire organization," both say the logo was created six months ago- HuffPo gives this explanation in its coverage: "The Daily Californian, the Berkely campus newspaper, reported the school has used the logo for over a year, but it wasn't until recently, when the promotional video surfaced, that people took notice."

UCLA Fac Blog posts a suggestion that the video and all the content of the launch of the new logo be preserved so that it can be accessed in discussion about how this process went wrong and how it can be made right.

the comments at the petition facebook page capture the damage UCOP has done to itself and ask important questions:

"visual identity system" Good Goddess, I hate corporate junk speak.


I would love to know the names of the accomplished design experts who praised this. I find it hard to believe but glad of this decision.

You are my hero. Seriously, look what you did - simply awesome!!!

i like how everybody that works for the UC system has corporate sounding positions and names


Si se puede! Haha... woot woot!

Let there be Light!

lol... "design experts"

Wow, power to the people. For once in government, common sense prevailed.

UC won

Awesome. Victory.

Good job all around-- including the University, which responded to a genuine concern in a relatively timely fashion. Fiat Lux, y'all!

Fiat Lux!

We have spoken and we have been heard. Go Bears!

Man, that was the most bitter, pissy acceptance I've read in a long time. Lol! Go Bears/Bruins/Mustangs/Anteaters/Bobcats/Highlanders/Tritons/Banana Slugs/Gauchos/[UCSF's]!!!

They avoided the main issue to the very end: IT'S UGLY lol

My interpretation of the statement is basically "We will stop using the logo because everyone hates it, but since we can't admit do doing anything wrong, we'll feign reconsideration of it in the future. Of course, people will hate it just as much in the future as they do now, so in reality, the logo is as dead as Elvis and Michael Jackson."

It was a weird letter for sure.

An unfortunately unapologetic letter filled with lies,
but the result is what we wanted so hurray!

The 'false narrative' assertion is B.S.
I believe most signers weren't concerned about losing the seal. They were concerned about a poorly executed logo that the world would see and associate with UC.

This is not the first time UC students and alumni have expressed passion. The entire history of the 10 campus system is chockfull of examples of victories against the system. At every juncture the STUDENTS have risen up to defend and improve our education. What have you done?

Hurrah! Everyone who signed the petition should send $100 or more to the UC campus of his or her choice to commemorate this decision. The chief driver for the monogram seemed to be to create a brand identity for corporate fundraising. It's up to us alumni to help cover that gap and continue the legacy.

"while I believe the design element in question would win wide acceptance over time" Seriously? You're still out of touch.

"The controversy has been fueled in large part by an unfortunate and false narrative, which framed the matter as an either-or choice between a venerated UC seal and a newly designed monogram." Always nice to see a VP for the UC who thinks people with a UC education are stupid. It pains me to note that Daniel Dooley is a product of UC Davis.

I understand his complaint about the "false narrative," but their rollout failed to anticipate the potential for that to naturally arise and better educate their audience what they were really trying to do. That film they did - which they saw as showing the connection between the seal and the monogram - literally conveyed the sense that they were brushing aside the seal.

Never been more proud to be a UC alum! Great job especially to the organizers of the petition; thank you!

"I'm sorry the students and faculty are too dumb to appreciate the expert opinions of non-UC affiliates who praised the logo. The uninformed rabble of educators and students creates a distraction from our important mission of making new logos, so we will reluctantly concede to the unwashed masses and set aside our noblesse-obligé duties in this matter." Wow, not at all condescending.

I'm glad they stopped it, but man, were they condescending and self praising in the way they did it. They keep pushing the lie that this is happening because people are too dumb to realize that this is only a logo and that the seal remains for official purposes. Then they go off on how much we would have loved it if given time? Oh come on.

If that logo had been passed through, nobody would ever take the UC ssystem nearly half as seriously again! I don't care the credentials of the system, you take one look at that overly simplified, ugly as hell, even lacking any real symbol of the letter "U" (come on, could they at least given a little more of a gap in that big blue mess)... Nobody would want to even apply to those schools anymore! Bahahahahaha. That's a little of an exxageration obviously. But as an alumni of the school (no less with a degree in Art, where their goal in education with me was to try and make my eye as much of a "design expert" as possible) ... I found and find that logo completely insultiing on behalf of myself and all "desig experts" AFFILATED WITH THE SCHOOL. As well as all affiliates of the school, "design expert or not". I seriously thought that whole new logo design was literally a practical joke. I was so confused. So glad they decided to listen to our voices. I loathe the day in which they might pull some stunt like this again. And if that day ever comes, please, come up with some kind of design halfway decent, not a cheesy, uggliest in the world logo stamp that anyone in the world could design with theuir eyes closed in under one minute. So that we can reject it again, of course.

I don't mind that they are rebranding their marketing material, to be honest I do like how cohesive it all looks. I think they can still keep all the work they have done, but now that this logo has failed, can they please ask the students/alumni for feedback first. As someone suggested having a contest would be an awesome idea.

Ever read the Emperor's New Clothes


UCOP has had an identity crisis of its own- for a long time. 'We are the offices of UC System- oh no we aren't- we are just li'l ol OP, just the equivalent of a campus- we' ... and on and on with the Jekyll-Hyde split personality of UCOP.

A Question: Does UCOP have a logo? What is it? Is it the failed logo? Or something else? Or nonexistent?

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