Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catchin' Up

The Di Fi (her hubby the UC Regent Blum) and the Former CA AG now CA Treasurer are just now aware of this it seems... on UCRP

CalBuzz takes up the Di Fi history on the subject

more inclined to agree with Chuck Todd that Manchin or someone like him -rather than Bloomberg or Di Fi -is the best face to be out front advancing.

Hillary Clinton's State Dept and UC alum Ambassador Stevens death-- she was ill and could not testify- or reiterate that the Congress cut funding for the State Dept drastically over the last few years.

UD takes up the pills and packin' American diet- and more.
CNN's Dr. Gupta on it too. -and also callin' out UCLA basketball at Reliant

This brought a smile and sympathy.

sweet spot at the 14:00 mark to end- there's a sad UCLA tie to his dad-there are actually a lot of sad ties -but not goin' there...

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