Monday, December 10, 2012

Gratified by all the negative press

and -like any D list reality star- just hope you spell the name right, that's all:

UC's latest response to the logo outrage

'feedback, just give us feedback' -so glad you're interested- yuck.

Maybe Kris Jenner can be the next UCOP President... -can the logo do one of those tapes?

and U. Washington wants in on the action

Here are some 'best reader comments' assembled by Mercury News.

LA Times has an update
"Simon said UC has received much favorable feedback about the logo, which was developed by an in-house team of designers. There are no plans to immediately change it in response to the protests, but he suggested that the symbol might evolve over time."

they think you'll just get used to it..

"She said that people probably will come to accept the new one and "in five years, no one will care." (The she is somebody at a Pasadena art school).

and there's a guy who camped at the Lair of the Bear but did not attend UC who is (sarcastically) supporting the new logo-- so there...

Some people think folks are bored during finals??: ""During finals week, you have more people on their computers than ever looking for something to do other than study," said Bocarsly, a senior."

and, there's this puff piece from The Aggie re: UC's Creative Director

Hear in the twittersphere --she makes about $140,000.00 a year.
The division with about 35 people makes about $2.8 million in payroll each FY. But you can look it up for yourselves to double check.
Some are saying $4 million+ has gone in to this marketing campaign so far...

That's $4,000,000.00
That's a whole lotta muscle/sinew/seedcorn.
(as in 'the state cuts to UC are cutting into muscle, sinew-- taking the seed corn talking points that come out regularly)

update: the $ 4 mil seems to be coming from different places - but might not be directly on the Onward campaign-- who knows??

and Sac Bee takes a shot at the Toilet Bowl UC Logo

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