Friday, December 28, 2012

Heavy Petting (and Questions, Impressions, Advice)

of the dog at UC Davis

and cats of questionable lineage everywhere

and the Vegas bird if it lived...

and then there's UC trying to bring back, from back in the day, what Johnny Gill called the "My My My" to: UC Research PR
Cold Water Segue...

Some Questions/Impressions/Advice re: UCOP presentation to L'il Hoover Commission and Testimony by UCOP to CA Leg earlier this year (see video below in a previous post, and yes, late to it)

Why is a water rights attorney in charge of messaging for UCOP? Is this why we ended up with Fiat Flush logo coming out of UCOP? (this same water rights attorney then 'suspended' the new logo with what some alums called a 'pissy acceptance letter')

Now, some impressions, advice based on what was heard at the L'il Hoover:
I- It is not helpful for that same UCOP water rights attorney to state UC faculty creation of online curriculum is like herding cats. To have him then say UC faculty salary is akin to a cat's feeding bowl and that moving the feeding bowl will give incentive to UC faculty to produce online curriculum.

II-It is not helpful to state crassly that -water will even flow upward if it's toward money- as another illustration of how some UC faculty can be made to create curriculum for online instruction. It is true-- and the fact that it is true is not something an institution of higher learning should want to brag about.

III- The water and feeding bowl analogies don't send a good message about what drives the development of UC curriculum. The suggestion that (b/c online curriculum is what certain interests/stakeholders may want) million dollar grants may flow to faculty willing to create online curriculum -- this is not a good way to sell the idea of online. No one wants a curriculum that sounds, to this listener, as if it is related to something as distasteful as 'grease the palm'.

IV- It is not good messaging for UCOP senior officials to gleefully state that some unnamed Chinese newspapers have better circulation than the San Francisco Chronicle as the main and only point about media outreach to minorities UCOP is engaged in regarding attempts to increase the numbers of minority CA students applying to UC. This is especially annoying in light of the fact that 3% acceptance rates of CA African Americans to certain UC campuses exists as a painful reality. Some UC Regents have gone on record about being seriously pissed about that fact for nearly a decade. And, the Latino population is growing in CA ...


How many students at that high school Yudof visited were actually accepted and now attend UC? That would be an important statistic to include with the folksy story.

Doesn't Yudof, as UC President, sit on a CA water or natural resources board and has the power to appoint/fill critical natural resource science committee members to drive legislation/ policy?

When Dooley gave his testimony to L'il Hoover he mentioned Yudof's trip to Bakersfield -- but he did not mention this part.
(may not necessarily agree with the author's politics in that piece- but the questions she raises deserve full answers from both the state and UCOP.)

Why didn't President Yudof make the presentation to the L'il Hoover- like Reed did? Why did he have Dooley do it instead?

Big Ag and Student Hunger-- this story highlights non UC students now use a similar program that UC students brought to UC campuses all across the state.

Anyway..there is always cat food-and potentially millions in grants- especially for the herded UC faculty who produce for online...

More Questions:

Why was it UCOP's Lawrence Pitts who responded to CA Legislature's questions on the medical effects of pepper spray? Why didn't any UC med faculty etc. do it?

Why no discussion of tasering on 'the body electric'? According to the hearing testimony in Sacramento tasering occurred at UCSC- but no UC medical faculty or UC medical personnel are willing to give in- person testimony to the CA Legislature on any of it, why?

Prof Reich (who seems to have taken a turn from his stance of a Gentle Mountain Christmas) on The Whacked Cliffs of Over (not his title)- re: DC

and Mohamed El Erian as well-- it's on "your kids may be worse off than you".

If you feel sad, like you're suffering a loss from that last link-- well, there's Wellbutrin and some folks at UCSD.

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