Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here’s the story...

Update: Daily Cal has now posted some coverage on it. (Daily Cal makes his departure sound mysterious- but it is not- Regent M, in the audio clip further down in this post, says clearly that he- the employee, not the regent- is retiring.)

More background: It looks like some UC stakeholders gave some warnings early on to UC and the FPPC also has no enforcement power over UC but: "Still, the auditor sent information on Ernst's relationship with PeopleSoft to the Fair Political Practices Commission, and the Legislature held hearings to investigate CSU's computer deal. UC spokesman Montiel said Ernst is a good employee." (the story is from the Sac Bee - but you can't find it at Sac Bee for some reason, and can't find coverage of the legislative hearings mentioned. And, PeopleSoft is now Oracle -think many UC enterprise systems.)
Original post:
(this only works if you hum the Brady Bunch theme to yourself):
Here’s the story
Of a busy lady
Whose been bringing up three very troubling reports (2003, 2008, 2012)
Each one of them had questionable travel practices (and questionable CSU IT cost over-runs)
Just like the other
The latest one makes you want to hurl (ok, now stop humming, at this link scroll to scribd-start at page 49)

In the report there is talk about supervisors-this might help.

A flashback to a few months back in Sept: listen to how the UC Regents, namely Regent M, bids adieu at the 44:00 mark in Part 1 of the audio posted here- the risk of the loss of confidence irony and the 'leader not the follower' comments... (But maybe Regent M did it b/c it was directed at a UC Davis alum, or he didn't know.) UCOP- which houses/supports the Regents- was apparently aware of the state auditor's work at the time of that exchange.

We're told the State Auditor of California has zero enforcement power over UC…

And wonder who is doing the recruiting at UCOP?

What to do, what to do?

Is everyone treated this way? --well, there's...

Guess it's how you play it.
Why is there so much space for the logo/monogram in the press-- but no coverage of the above?
Opinion pieces of note:
One that makes you ask: Did UC Regent Blum bring Bain to UC?

and one that makes you say 'yes, the Governor asked for modesty from UC and this was what he was talking about.'

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