Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Peeps

(it isn't just about religion-- just think of it as 'Christmas for the Anglophile' or somethin'):

Discovered Dean Emeritus of Grace Cathedral Alan Jones is now blogging at Huffington Post. Fond memories of his almost midnight Christmas sermons-- it was kinda like listening to David Niven or Cary Grant, as an extra cast member in The Bishop's Wife... he would turn to each section of the congregation packed in and would say "you are loved, you are loved, you are loved"... (and, yes, his talk w/ Christopher Hitchens from years ago- it was wild- he blogs on Hitchens at HuffPo, too.) Check him out: Christmas is Weird.

The ecumenical Michael Moore says it well: Have a wonderful Christmas or a beautiful December 25th!
Neil D T- feelin' it
(meant to post this earlier, like during T Day, but...) in the Spirit of the Season
maybe donate your unwanted but gently used coats
clean up your pantry- think about the stuff you don't plan to use donate it to your food bank
or, random acts of kindness (if you're from Cal, you know the deal...hopefully you do)
The Greatest Gift

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