Friday, December 14, 2012

Mostly today

just annoyed by the continued coverage of the logo and whoever it was who put a thumbnail of it at homepage.

check back in
to find out the toilet bowl logo has been removed or, check that, it is "suspended" according to the petition site

but what also creeps out
is Dooley's part in it
he is all over everything:
Big Ag, Government Relations, UC Whistleblower, Pepper investigation at UCD etc
This guy has been all over each of these lately
and he seems to keep reading the tea leaves WRONG
So why keep making him the front man?

President Yudof could have gained so much by being the one to put an end to the new logo- just a sentence: "I've decided to put the kibosh on the new logo"- and drinks and merriment ensue. Sometimes think back to that interview Yudof did with LA Times or a mag where he was asked if he would accept the job at UC all over again-knowing what he knows now- he gave a murky answer to that - personally, think the UC system and UCOP have disappointed him in many ways. So, he should step up and show that he can change things when he sees that they are goin' wrong. This was low hanging fruit in the great scheme of things. Why didn't he take the opportunity?

now a replacement monogram in the works-- could they please just STOP. Stop. Show that you all are spending the time on more important things, puhleeze.
Mostly today...just very saddened by the events at Sandy Hook
--growing to h8 the name Sandy-- for anything.

Remaking also has two new posts: "The Knowledge that Dare Not Speak Its Name"
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