Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Provoking the CA Legislature with the Dirks compensation package

results in this: SB8 Deep Freeze- Deep freeze forecast for UC/CSU executive pay and Daily Cal also covers it: here. Important to keep this aspect in mind as well:
"Given all the concerns about unfunded liabilities in the retirement system – including the 100% unfunded retiree health plan – it is a bit surprising (no?) to find this item in the pay package in footnote M:

Item M. As an exception to policy, eligibility to participate in the University’s insured retiree health-care plans on an accelerated eligibility schedule (subject to changes in the law), receiving 50 percent of the maximum University contribution after completing five years of service. For each additional year of service completed, the percentage will be increased by ten percent, thereby making Mr. Dirks eligible for the maximum University contribution upon completing ten years of service."

Gov. Brown: "The University of California as a whole needs to be restructured as part of that process, he said."
see how the comments flowed

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