Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simon Says...

and a few others offer more defiant BS on the new logo/monogram...

One minute they are saying it has been in use six months, then they say a year...

Simon says there is "nothing to bring back"- but this seems disingenuous b/c no one is asking for a 'bringing back'.
Everyone is asking for a removal of the toilet flush monogram/logo designed by his team.
Thinkin' this is not what Gov. Brown meant when he spoke of UC needing to be more elegant etc.
The petition has now hit 50,000 -- (what was the number that was hit asking for the removal of Katehi after the pepper 100,000+?, 200,000+? is that count still going on?)

Defiant- it is not like defiant as in Syria, North Korea, or Michigan Governor - just UC admin defiance...
Oh, and there's something out now about UCOP shenanigans via a CA State Auditor's Report - it starts at page 49 and runs just a few pages. It leaves things "unnamed" --but it is easy to connect the dots. More later.
Updated the FAQ links (tab above) and updated the vacancy signs on the UC Regent positions - an explanation is given if you click on the 'vacant' tabs above- and yes, alphabetized, %$#& it.

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