Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Little Hoover Commission on CA Higher Education Aug. and Oct. 2012

see: Video: The Little Hoover Commission on Higher Education August 2012

- Charles Reed and UCOP's Dooley are in the first panel and give extensive comments. (Reed is on the left hand side and Dooley is on the right- their backs facing the camera.)
-Statewide online comes up at the 1:19 mark and at 1:36 mark with comments about U Maryland and CSU agreements
- Privatization of professional schools and the UVA model and U Mich model come up also a few minutes later. Interesting exchange b/ween a Boalt alum (Jonathan Shapiro?) on the commission and Dooley.
-Intellectual property, patents come up at around the 1:30 mark.
-Structural governance and Academic Senate at the 1:39 and comes up again toward end.
-The concept of sabbatical at the 1:44 mark, 'has the idea of sabbatical aged out?' is asked etc. Is sabbatical wise investment?
-Tuition subsidizing research at the 1:46 mark. Differential Tuition at 1:47 mark.
-Social engineering of degrees re: STEM at the 1:50 mark. Dooley on Humanities comes up at this point- he has a sentence about how some students are not majoring in things in order to get a job...

This first panel runs until the 1:53 mark.
The whole thing runs almost 4 hours, maybe take it in pieces- several important areas.
and: Here is the second set of video of Little Hoover Commission October 2012

Here also is the agenda with several electronic format items also in it, including:

New Approaches to Higher Education in California John Aubrey Douglass, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley


A Regional Look: The Long beach College Promise Program Robert Tagorda, Assistant to the Superintendent, Long Beach Unified School District; Eloy Ortiz Oakley, Superintendent and President, Long Beach Community College District;
F. King Alexander, President, California State University, Long Beach

Setting Goals, Fostering Accountability and Transparency, Implementing Outcomes-Based Funding Dennis Jones, President, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems Brenda Bautsch, Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State

On a side note (that really should not be a side note): The lack of diversity re: commission members in the video etc. should be noted and addressed.

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