Saturday, December 22, 2012

U Mich and UC Meeting Behind Closed Doors On the Future of PUBLIC Higher Ed

oh, and some folks from The Farm too...
here is: the story from Detroit Free Press

U Mich on the down low at UCLA, and Birgeneau, Berdahl and Google along for the ride:
The University of Michigan’s Board of Regents and four top administrators will spend two days in Los Angeles next month, meeting behind closed doors with donors and a variety of experts on the future of higher education.

Also going on the trip will be U-M President Mary Sue Coleman; Provost Phil Hanlon; Sally Churchill, vice president and secretary, and development head Jerry May, for sessions with donors.

According to state law, the board is able to meet in what it calls informal sessions behind closed doors. The board is not allowed to take votes in these informal sessions. The board generally meets once a month in formal session, which is open to the public. The formal session for January has been cancelled because of this trip.

In addition to meeting with donors, the board will also meet with:

Robert Birgeneau, chancellor of the University of California-Berkeley.

John Hennessy, president of Stanford University.

Robert Berdahl, chancellor emeritus of UC-Berkeley. He also has served as president of the University of Texas, president of the University of Oregon and president of the Association of American Universities.

Dan Russell, a Google research scientist who focuses on Google Apps for education and other education issues.

“As the board looks at the major issues facing the future of higher education — issues such as affordability and access, the changing nature of how students will learn, changes in health care delivery at academic medical centers and ever-increasing competition for research dollars to name just a few — we can benefit a great deal by talking with others who are wrestling with similar issues,” Ilitch said.

Parent Matt Erickson, 48, of Farmington said he’d prefer the regents did that talking in public.

Is this some kind of Dragas behavior? Birgeneau has connection to U Mich also through his (not thoroughly talked about) Toronto days... Berdahl and Birgeneau are not exactly remembered for being IT wunderkinds at Cal re: admin ops... Hennessy is another matter. Hennessy gets the kind of press that just loves to love on him, how much of it is true/real hard to tell.

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