Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UC Principles of Community and UCOP Personnel

being discussed:
Open Letter to President Yudof on UC Logo Fiasco

it involves tweet exchanges (some of them now deleted) like these from a UCOP creative director and the lack of outreach UCOP engaged in w/ regard to the UC logo:

@vanessa_correa based on your replies and tweets, I would like to give you the same advice
14 Dec what_the what_the ‏@stopthelogo

@BMadMon @vanessa_correa Why is a UC employee so rude and condescending to people? This is wrong.
15 Dec Michelle S. Michelle S. ‏@metshell

@stopthelogo @BMadMon @vanessa_correa Her earlier tweets (now deleted) were like this too. So unprofessional.

15 Dec Vanessa Correa Vanessa Correa ‏@vanessa_correa

@metshell @stopthelogo @bmadmon I think tweeting about a logo whe a national tragedy happening is something you shld think about.
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Jeffrey Beebe Kirill Mazin

10:10 AM - 15 Dec 12 · Details
15 Dec m.l. m.l. ‏@lozano_mj

@vanessa_correa lolololololol unlike you, I attend a real UC, so I know fallacious logic when I see it, @metshell @stopthelogo @BMadMon
15 Dec ecb ecb ‏@ecb17

@vanessa_correa @metshell @stopthelogo @BMadMon You were doing that too..
15 Dec mister lister mister lister ‏@theMisterLister

you're right @vanessa_correa, what you do is unimportant and does not deserve to be discussed, will you be returning your 6 figure salary?
15 Dec Jeff Tedfurd Jeff Tedfurd ‏@jeff_tedfurd

@vanessa_correa wow that was uber- classy... invoking the massacre of kindergartners as a shield against criticism.
10:08 PM - 15 Dec 12 ·

(Heba Abedin in the mix of those tweets too- she is the sister of Huma, the wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner,recall his experiences w/ social media...)
The hard feelings might have to do with the industry's acknowledgment of how bad it all was with the new UC logo rollout , just the latest

but it also ties in to this Inside Higher Ed post: Administration and Critique
Sometimes it is best to place certain administrative work- like creative etc.- under contract, not career permanent positions. B/c the approach might need to part ways suddenly, aesthetics involved, and the temperament of designers etc.
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