Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UC Regent, Purveyor of Fine Wine, and Student of 15 Minute Orgasms says...

Dec 11, 2012
"As member of #UC Board of Regents, I agree with petition, new logo is a disaster. Sign the petition. http://t.co/F1gPpD3T"

on: the wine and the tantric stuff

Petition is about to hit 50,000

-- just wanna add that all of this is recalling the pepper spray at UCD and the petitions of that time, does UCOP really want to make folks recollect those memories?!

- and now there are groups of religious faith based UC community members who view the fiat lux removal as 'intolerant' and is being coupled with the Cal Salvation Army stuff

-and the colors with emphasis on UCOP using something more like/but not quite UCLA's blue rather than Cal's (described by wikipedia as Yale Blue and California Gold) just builds animosity b/ween campuses rather than unites 'the UC system'- so this is just ratcheting up, not down...

SF Chronicle has finally decided to cover it

and LA Times did a thing on it this morning.

Mockery and more mockery- how long must UC endure it?

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