Tuesday, January 8, 2013

20 Million Millimeters

20mm...Minds, meant to write m-i-n-d-s. Today, it will be streamed live here, and below is the schedule (PST time for you American eastcoast-centric types):

9:00am -9:10am
Darrell Steinberg-Senate President Pro Tem

Setting the Stage
9:10am -9:25am
Jeff Selingo-Editor at Large Chronicle of Higher Education Online Educational Delivery Models

9:25am -9:35am
Phil Hill-Educational Technology Consultant & Analyst
Scaling Education, Maintaining Quality

9:35am -10:05am
Candace Thille-Open Learning Initiative,Carnegie Mellon
Mo Qayoumi & Ping Hsu-San Jose State University
Michael Feldstein-Educational Technology Consultant & Analyst

Moderated Industry Panel
10:05am -11:45pm Sebastian Thrun-Udacity
Burck Smith-Straighterline
Daphne Koller-Coursera
Phillip Regier-ASU Online
Dr. Andreea M Serban-Coast Community College District
Chari Leader Kelley-Learning Counts
Ray Cross-University of Wisconsin Colleges
Steve Klingler-Western Governors University

11:45am -11:55am

Student Experience (lasts 15 minutes haha)
11:55am -12:10pm
Andrew Litt-UCLA
Martha Harding-College of the Canyons
Hillary Hill-Sonoma State University

CA University Policymakers Perspective
12:10pm -12:40pm
Keith Williams-Interim Director UC Online
Barry Russell-California Community Colleges Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom-UC Regent, CSU Trustee, (Father of Three To Be)
John Welty-Chair CSU Online

Moderated Faculty Panel with Questions to Providers
12:40pm -1:40pm
Michelle Pilati-President, Community College Academic Senate
Diana Wright Guerin-President, CSU Academic Senate
Robert Powell-Chair, UC Academic Senate
Bob Samuels-President, University Council AFT
Lillian Taiz-President, California Faculty Association

1:40pm -2:00pm
Rest in Peace Huell Howser, he visited several UC campuses and research centers and tried to share his love of California with the world.

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