Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Miracle...

Compliance and Audit UC Regent meeting has been Archived and is available for viewing at this link -- So, that means you can watch it at your convenience. A Miracle.
It runs about 1 hr 53 minutes.

Highlights (just a brief, brief skim)

there were only two public comments
the first concerned SHIP (student healthcare) accounts and its compliance or non compliance with Obamacare Affordable Healthcare Act and how that might seriously impact chronic ill students. (Later, Regent Ruiz tried to ask this question to UCOP staff to get an answer but they deferred on answering until the SHIP people can come to a meeting and present to the regents.)

the second comment came from a student from UC Merced who wanted to encourage and thank on sustainability/green efforts in building construction and maintenance at UC

Taylor Presents on RFP for outside firms to do external audits for UC- it is being developed and interviews will occur in Spring with a hire to conduct the 2013-14 audit. Taylor invites Regents to participate along in this effort to the extent that procurement and CA laws allow. Regents say they want to be involved in the recruitment as much as possible --not just introduced to the final candidates or some newly hired firm.

Also, firms will be allowed to give RFP that are both comprehensive and targeted. In other words, if a firm wants to offer RFP for one component of audit they will be allowed to do so, if they want to address everything that will be allowed as well. This will help inform UCOP of what the industry can offer, what's out there as possibility for compare and contrast purposes.

Vacca Presents --Audit Language System (ALS) and IDEA are compared and contrasted. Surprisingly, they say UCB and UCLA use IDEA b/c it is more 'user friendly' but less comprehensive-- UCOP's audit and advisory says ALS is more comprehensive. The flagship (UCB) and the largest campus (UCLA) use the less comprehensive package b/c it is more user friendly, easier. Wwhhaa?!

UC Davis offers some examples from their campus.

Brostrom presents --UC Path is running behind schedule will not be ready by July as planned and it has used up 6% of contingency funds (which are 10% of the overall). It had a planned cost of $175 million and Brostrom refused to give a ballpark or ETA on when it will be ready- it just will not be ready by July as planned is all he will say. He also says it turns out it was more complicated than previously thought. He says they are 'moving at warp speed' and faster than other firms -- as though he is not telling the Regents that it is running way late
(this calls to mind the delay at UCB that was discovered during curtailment-- how do you discover a delay during the end of December curtailment when the due date is in January? just weeks away?!) - it sounds like...anyway...

Regent De La Pena asks what the Regents can do to help them meet their UC Path deadline more closely but Brostrom just kind of puts him off.

Regent M is not thrilled with delay.

Taylor- who is co sponsor along with Brostrom of UC Path project- says he wants UC Path as soon as possible b/c the current system is continually breaking down to the point that he is dealing with emergencies on a regular basis (some of the emergencies were pretty ridiculous, it was helpful to hear him say this- messed up withholdings, having to develop a plan to possibly sit at a stand and hand out paper cut checks during one pay period etc. ).

Brostrom and Ernst's replacement gave presentation IT and systemwide IT. There was much to be gleaned about the "the culture" - resistance to change that UCOP feels it encounters.

Regent M asks about the shared services move to UC Riverside and what will happen with the 'old staff'- the staff that will no longer do the work that is moving to UC Riverside. Brostrom says that it will be cost savings for the campus and other efficiencies but does not talk about the "people" aspect directly.

Regent Ruiz says he thinks he and the Compensation Committee he chairs may be obsolete. He says this b/c the new HR systems and recruiting are handled by others or have become more sophisticated. This was not reassuring and it also looked bad for the UCOP staff to try and assuage his fears on this matter.

It is 5pm and the UCOP staff start acting like they are going to turn into pumpkins so things stop being presented in an extensive manner it becomes more of a rush.

Discussion of Mandated Reporting re preventing child abuse on campus-locating programs on campus that require oversight on this matter - and still figuring out who is a mandated reporter etc. is going on... Regent Feingold makes an excellent point to get some critical things on paper. UC Whistle blower policy and protocols comes up as a part of this and also General Counsel mentions that the reporting has to be made to appropriate authorities. This is all in light of Penn State.

Zettel asks on behalf of Lozano about the status of international audit efforts.

You should watch it for yourself.
PS you may recall this concern posted at UCLA Fac Blog, well, there is this update -- this is the same vendor that UC has chosen for UCPath.

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