Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baker's Dozen, Or a Coven

13. Take your pick.

There is this post on UC and the Fiscal Cliff

Remaking the University with several new posts including the latest on Trends in Higher Ed in 2012.

Changing Universities has this invite to an upcoming event-- CA State Senate's Steinberg seems to have great interest in higher ed (textbooks, online etc.) ...

Is that LA event happening around the same time as Birgeneau's and Berdahl's LA event on the future of Higher Ed with the U Michigan Regents, Stanford's Hennessy, and unnamed others? Is Steinberg in on that too?

Here is UCOP's chart on CA Legislation re: UC for 2013-14

HuffPo's way of trying to let Yudof bask in some of Jerry's glow on Prop 30? btw, they did this to Berdahl's U. Oregon and this to (now CSU's) White's UC Riverside.

--where is Mark Yudof these days? Is he going to be at any of these LA events?

UC Agri and Natural Resources FB page has some interesting stuff to look through.

If you focus on the positives this reads as so very, very appealing.

All the talk about online and how we -right now- have the tech we need to do x,y,z etc. - yet, many are still left behind on having the basic set up necessary.

Is it a certainty that state sponsored/public U/legislature-driven online is the future of online anyway? why- in the longer term- would it be? If it's that online route-- wouldn't most prefer non/less politicized environment? Pols and your transcripts forever?

Hear this was the DC drink last night and they are doing another round before tonight's 9pm EST vote...
The N.Y.E Cliff Jumper
highball glass rimmed with pulverized Red Hots candy
fill glass with crushed ice
three fingers Wildberry Tea Kool Aid* (*made with top shelf vodka, not water)
dash of Bitters, lots of bitters
two unflavored Alka Seltzer
top off with splash of Jägermeister
twist of lemon

The House Margarita
Might explain why some are not thinkin' so straight today...
Either way it goes, try to make it a
Happy New Year.

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