Friday, January 18, 2013

"By managing $2.5 billion of the state’s debt, the UC could save $80 million since the University has a better credit rating than the state, officials said."

Daily Bruin: UC Regents discuss University future with state leaders at board meeting

and this opinion piece there: California governor’s budget offers only short-term solution for UCs- Dumping more money into system is a short-term solution for cultural shortcomings, state’s unreliability as partner for UCs
Daily Cal UC Regents voice concern over budget demands
Daily Nexus: UC Board of Regents Debate Financial Strengths, Weaknesses Encompassing Online Education

Regents Kick Off Meeting With Debates on Health Care, Audits, Eco-Friendly Buildings

UC System To Reconsider Viability of Online Classes
The Aggie: they are trying again (but why on a Friday?) UC Student Regent, Regent-designate to visit campus Friday
The Synapse UC Students Announce Plans for Future Advocacy while Taking Issue with the Lack of UC Diversity
and SF Chron: Online Courses Seen As Inevitable "Brown said the argument for online education can be summed up by the fact that while UC says it needs 12 percent more funding, he can only offer 5 percent.

"Let's get real," said Brown, a regent himself. "There's a brute reality out there. There's not a luxury of sitting in the present trajectory unless you want to pay ever-increasing tuition."

As if listening to the discussion from afar, Moody's Investors Service warned Wednesday that "most universities will have to lower their cost structures to achieve long-term financial sustainability."
"figures from UCOP may not be identical to those provided by UC Berkeley, due to differences in when the data were collected, among other factors."
Why the discrepancy, shouldn't they explain it fully? If they are going to use these numbers to try to advance the online push-- they should break these numbers down: how many met the qualifications, what states or countries applied, etc. etc.

More than 67,000 apply for freshman admission at Cal

(but, here goes 2011 final data just to see how the numbers break)

Campus by Campus "report" from UCOP

take a look at this story from NYT blog just to see how confusing the numbers get

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