Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CA Community College, CSU, Higher Ed Reforms and Jerry Brown

Editorial: Gov. Jerry Brown's Smart College Reforms
"Since budget problems began with the recession five years ago, there are about 500,000 fewer community college students than before. Fortunately, the passage of Brown's Proposition 30 means about $200 million annually in additional funding for the two-year system. But there are still 2.4 million people enrolled at 112 campuses -- the biggest system of higher education in the world. And it is still hard to get the right courses at the right time in order to move on."

It focuses on the CA community colleges. So does this Carla Rivera LA Times piece.

And, the Governor attends CSU trustees meeting this week. here is more on CSU issues.

WSJ is finding the exchange b/ween the Gov. and UC regents interesting, too.
"Of course, the universities by design operate independently from the state and regents don't have to do what the governor asks. Then again, they probably can't afford not to."
UCSB's The Bottom Line channels a little bit of Arnold in their headline: UC President Mark Yudof Will Terminate Tenure This August, UCSB Student Leaders Weigh In
(btw, that former "President of the Regents"- his latest movie bombed but he still loves Maria... And, a Newsom, the one married to an ex officio UC Regent, is up for an Oscar. so, the Oscar-loving Chair of the UC Regents and UC Regent friends of Arnie and Maria are either thrilled with all of this or...)
on UCR see:
Governor and UC Regents Clash Over Budget

UC Riverside Medical mentioned at the 8:15 here...

wonder if (former UCR Chancellor) now CSU Chancellor White will bring any of it up with the Gov at this week's CSU meeting?

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