Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coverage of Jan 15-17 UC Regents Meeting

will post coverage of specific items here and update it. so far, see:
UCSB's Bottom Line Faculty Diversity Serious Point of Contention During UC Regents

UCB's Daily Cal Regents discuss systemwide auditing, shared IT governance

San Jose Mercury News Online education is in UC's future, but how it'll look is anyone's guess

and the Associated Press says "University of California wants more classes online"
Morning session of today's UC Regents meeting can be viewed on demand here. The UC Regents are at lunch right now (they began lunch late at around 1pm PST) but coverage will resume at around 2pm PST -you can watch it live and view agenda or other sessions here. Update they came back from lunch and opened session for about 8 minutes then they moved into closed session - they will reopen later today for buildings and grounds (don't know when that will begin) and then adjourn and meet again tomorrow morning. You can now view the UC Regents meetings on Jan 16th on demand at this linkwatch the committee on The Labs (for the first 8 minutes)-- there is a section of dead air/closed session that you have to scroll through and then you hit the Buildings and Grounds portion at the 1:36 mark- Regent M also asks really good questions on utilities as well. Here is another related story, that for some reason goes back to 2004 as a benchmark for a big savings story- it seems like the timing of it is a response to Brown's call for efficiencies. Regent M is still concerned about the bidding process for UCLA building at the 1:56 mark, he keeps raising it at various UC Regents meetings but UCLA does not come to him with new better numbers. They say they understand Regent M's directive but they address it in a kind of murky way. Schilling announces she will not be at the March Regents meeting and Regent M thanks her for her efforts. They put off the sustainability item til a future meeting.

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