Saturday, January 26, 2013

Elections mean something

or they don't...

WaPo on Jerry Brown education policy

Here is what Jerry Brown ran for Governor on:

-The introduction of online learning and the use of new technologies explored to the fullest.

-Focus on Community Colleges.

-Overhaul of the state testing programs by focusing on career readiness and providing results to parents and educators in a timely fashion.

-Extra funding for English language learners and low income families.

-A more balanced and creative school curriculum.

and here is: an eight page Jerry Brown for Governor campaign pdf for more detail.
This is what CA Speaker John Perez said previously:

also see UCLA Faculty blog for:
the endless construction with funky numbers and 'campus visits'

UC Student Medical Insurance Limits

and on the student voice and online

and for more on Speaker Perez and Governor Brown

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