Monday, January 21, 2013

Flashback: Mark Yudof

take a look at two key interviews during his term

this one from the LA Times with Pat Morrison


one from San Francisco Magazine written by Peter Schrag
see this section:
"When I asked Yudof whether he would have taken the job had he known then what he knows now about California’s fiscal mess, his first answer was “no answer.” Then he phoned the next day to say he’d thought about the question overnight. He’d had a call from an administrator friend at Notre Dame that morning, he said, who’d told him that “the nation needs you to succeed.” It sounded vaguely apocryphal, even self-serving. But it resonated with a man who had made up his mind, as he neared his 65th birthday, to assume a larger mission. In this recession, UC is hardly the only college or university system in the nation suffering severe budget cuts. In Florida, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, classes and sometimes whole programs have been suspended and students pushed out for lack of adequate state funding. “People are watching,” Yudof told me, “because we are the best.” Yet at that moment, as he began his second year in the job, it seemed clear that despite his determination, political smarts, and tough skin, he was still feeling his way."

there are two terms being floated around, just some impressions:

1- Micromanaging- as in the Governor is micromanaging UC-
opinion: This does not seem like the right approach to counter the Governor's actions. If education is widely considered as a national security issue at the federal level, what is it at the state level? A Governor of a state is not micromanaging when he is taking on access, and the online push is about access, or being framed as about access.

2- Innovation- a term being thrown around injected into everything - sometimes so messily-- talking about different things sometimes--important to properly frame it, and early on...

Today, MLK National Day of Service. Here is more info on the National Day of Service.

(since this is a Mark Yudof flashback there is also

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